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Book Review : The Yellow Light Theory (CJ Cord #1) by RK Buhman

Synopsis : 

CJ knew that his supervisor at the US Attorney’s office in Denver saw him as a malcontent and he was tired of balancing one set of orders from Washington and a second set from the Denver office. He regretted his decision to resign from the Navy and go to work for the US Justice Department. Unhappy at work and at home, he was tired of hiding his real work from his family and friends. CJ was ready for something more while the men in Washington figured out his role and where to put him to work. Better get home, he thought as he pulled out into the street. 

The light turned red and CJ slammed on the brakes, a car flashed by on his left, running the red just as a kid sprinted across the street. Bent over a little, the boy’s head was down and his arms were pumping hard like a sprinter in a forty yard dash. CJ’S heart pounded, sure that the kid would be sent flying on a one way trip, but the car missed him and continued on its way. The few seconds that the scene took to unfold was unnerving. The boy's father, standing on the corner, looked disappointed. It wasn’t fear or shock or the horror a father might feel when his child is nearly killed right before his eyes. His expression portrayed disappointment...why? CJ had an undeniable sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something was not right. 

When a young boy is killed at the same intersection a week later, the police write it off as an accident. CJ didn’t believe in coincidences and knew it was something more than a mere accident. He remembered the expression on the man’s face, disappointment! CJ wasn’t a cop, he was military and had never investigated a traffic accident but, trusting his gut, he knew he had to find the truth. Was it really an accident or something more ominous? 

In Mexico, Anna Maria Zapata, a wealthy ranch owner was searching for her son's kidnappers and murderers. She had already lost her husband and now her son was gone. When his small, sexually abused body was found in a shallow grave outside of Acapulco, she wanted more than justice. She wanted revenge and vowed to find and kill the people responsible. The thin trail of clues left behind in Mexico leads her to America where the hunt becomes more dangerous and the huntress becomes the hunted. 

When Anna crosses paths with CJ Cord’s spiraling hunt for the missing parents of the boy killed at the intersection, they discover that they might be hunting the same people. Reluctantly, CJ agrees to join forces in the search for the boy’s missing parents. As they follow the clues on an increasingly dangerous trail, they learn to trust each other and they find that ranchers from Mexico and Wyoming have much in common. When hired guns cross their path, Anna and CJ hand out justice the only way they know how. 

Review : 

First I am glad that I find this book. The tittle and cover itself is quite unique. I mean "Yellow Light Theory", who can guess it was mystery thriller story. I forget where I get this book but I am glad that I read it. The story is simple but enjoyable. It's different from your typical thriller. 

Basically the story is about two people looking for the same couple. This couple involved in criminal action in which they make children run across the street in order to get hit by rich people. Then, they get money from the settlement. You can bet it was very evil. I like the way the author introduced CJ Cord. He is not your typical macho gung ho character. At first he was introduced as computer expert and then lately we know that it was only a cover for his actual job. Soon we understand his character and motivation. The same with Anna. At first we thought that she is cruel killer but slowly we know her as good and kind woman. They both complement each other very well. The dynamic relationship between CJ, Fran, and Lenny is nice addition. You can say that Lenny is character foil for CJ. The other characters are also very nice. I love Gary, Billy, James, Komoko, Jessie, etc. It may looks like simple role but it makes the story more lively. 

The story is enjoyable. I really mean it. It's not thrilling in a sense like action thriller. But I love the way the author unravel the story and alternate POV between CJ and Anna until they meet each other. The pace is quite good. Unfortunately it was quite anti climax at the end. I kind of hoping big show down after everything, but that's not what happened. Still I really appreciate the ending, especially the way author try to close the tragedy. It was nice to read the story in which the author pay attention to small detail and not just let it go. Anyway, I really recommend this story for people who want to read crime and mystery thriller.

Rating : 5 of 5


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