Sunday, June 12, 2016

Be Strong, Stay Strong

Today is sunday afternoon here. its so sunny here that remember me what i ever read that God give sun to both good and wicked. It reminds me that everything changes and we just need to make adjustment to those changes. Changes are inevitable. Second changes, minutes changes, hour changes, day changes and weather changes. We changes, husband changes, siblings changes, parents change, people change and everything changes. Its unpredictable sometimes, like when we were young, we are eager to live boldy, stay easy to those hurtbutts stuffs and easy to let go, as the time flies, our endurance is slowly decreased little by little. We are feared and become really careful because we made mistake and that mistakes that create regrets and those regrets that chained us so badly. We have to free ourselves. There is no one to help ourselves except us alone. 
I remember i read somewhere that at the end the ones that we have are me and God only. Everyone else can leave us either we want it or not. Remember nothing is guaranteed in this life. 
Boyfriend, partner and hubby that once loved us can changed 180 degree. it will and i did not say this because negative thoughts, i said this based on my experiences. Parents changed too. Once we adult, they want us to be dependable and reliable. Siblings changed too, once they found what their life is, they will split ways from us and eventually live separately from us. nothing is holdable. 
We have to struggle our life. determine what yourself, believe in yourself and chasing your happiness. Remember nothing really made ourself unhappy beside ourself and nothing really take our happiness beside ourself. and i should be happy i am going through all this shitty things because these made me strong, stay strong and have extraordinary patience, i should remember that i can’t bought these hard times using money. So, i should be grateful whatever life throw at me. I believe sometimes i win, sometimes i learnt and those lessons can’t be bought by money. never.
These made me trust that whatever happens, my creator and my God will always accompany me and teach me that what trust and love really meant are. I believe that everything happens to me at the end bring goodness to my life. being grateful and happy whatever happens. Because life is only once and i deserved to be happy whatever i choose in this life.



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