Saturday, June 30, 2018


You told me once
You never believe karma
You always believe 
What you do want to believe

Yet I believe 
What goes around comes around
No matter what we did
It's always come back to us eventually

Life is not about showing yourself
Comparing that yourself is highter than others
It means nothing beside your pride
Pride that doesn't benefit others

I hope that oneday
You learnt your lessons
Life isn't always about yourself
Life is about giving and loving


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Book Review: Eligible (2016)


The Bennets family had heart attack and this caused all their five daughters to come back to Cincinnanti and figure out their life afterward.


This is the modern story telling of Price and Prejudice. I did not quite remember the last time I watched that movie. It's been a while and now there is the modern story telling of the story. Actually the story is quite fairy tale, but the idea of the story is classic and entertaining. The writting itself is good and has good plot to bring you to keep flipping the pages until the end.

Mr and Mrs. Bennet had five daughters, all are looking for better life, because Mr. Bennet had heart attack and it caused five of them to come back to Cincinnanti to help their father. Jane is the oldest, she really wants to get pregnant and she did the sperm insemination program and she's pregnant afterward. Jane later fall in love with Chip Bingley, who appeared in Eligible program. Liz Bennet is the second daughter is the journalist and she never want to have children. She is the financial helper for the family and she take care of all the family members. Liz attracted to the cool and best brain surgeon named Fitzwilliam Darcy. Starting from their hate sex until they become fall in love with each other. Mary is the third daughter. Mary is introvert and secretive. Mary join bowling  league which she always keep it secret even from her family. Mary's doing college seriously and she likes her status single, she's just not ready to share or accept someone to her private place. Then comes the fourth daughter, Kitty. Kitty interest in openning beauty salon, because she likes doing manicure pedicure and even take the short course for that. Later Kitty date Shane, Liz' house agent friend. Shane had black skin and this caused her mother Mrs. Bennet to dislike Shane. Kitty and Mary share their apartment which is paid by Liz in the beginning until they find jobs and settled. The last daughter, Lydia. Lydia dated Hamilton, her CrossFit gym instructor. Later they want to elope after Ham' transgender status known by the family. Mrs. Bennet is depressed and cried for days. She can't accept that her daughter is married to a transgender.

Though a lot of things happen, they keep the family together at the end. Liz is the one that really help her family a lot. She even left Darcy because she need to help her family. Though her love story with Darcy is sweet. The whole story itself is just a fairy tale. yet this book still good for weekend escape. I recommend this book if you're looking into sweet and lighthearted romance. I prefer the story would be more realistic, but it is what it is, it's just the modern story telling of Jane Austen' book Pride and Prejudice.

Rating: 4/5

Kind regards,


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Book Review: All the ugly and wonderful things (2016)


Wavonna Quinn is the daughter of drug dealer and addicted mother, She trusted no one, even her own parents. She hardly talk since young age. Oneday she met tattoed ex-con who also her father' thug named Kellen, she felt her whole life changed. She can feel how good his heart and they developed love for each other despite their differences.


I just finish this book. This book took longer than I expected. This is the first time I read book from Byrn Greenwood. The story is about a little girl named Wavonna Quinn who is the daughter of Liam and Val. Both Liam and Val has abusive relationship. Val is sick and hurt of Liam' cheating and abusive behaviour. Liam is drug dealer. Liam often hit her mother, so Wavy can't trust her own parents. Sometimes she'd been located at Val' sister, aunt Brenda together with her brother Donal.

Oneday, after staying at aunt Brenda place and when she and her brother get return to their home, they find Val and Liam are dead and Wavy herself found naked with Kellen at his desk and her brother Donal went missing. Kellen get arrested because of this and sentenced to six years in jail. Wavy had to live with aunt Brenda and Donal is claimed to be Sean Quin' child, so Wavy had to live without Kellen and Donal, the two persons that she loved the most.

She feel lonely and pain but she'd survived. Until oneday at college, she found out that aunt Brenda never told her about Kellen' last court hearing. After release from jail, Kellen had to report to sex registry in his area and he is banned from seeing Wavy. Yet, Wavy did not give up. She sent letters the to judge requesting to remove the ban, so she and Kellen able to see each other.

I liked the love between Kellen and Wavy and I liked how's the story written, it is beautiful and smooth. I was enjoying reading every chapter, it was told in several character point of view. This book leaves good impression and I think I am interest to read her other love novels.

Rating: 4/5

Kind regards,


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

An Obidient Child

You told me
I have to be strong
I have to be independent

Life is very hard
that I need to be tough
I need to be on my own
You keep telling me those

I have my own thoughts
Anything that reverse of what you thought
The underlying basic that always be the same
I want to live simply

There might be oneday
That I can reach my dream
Dreams that beyond your understanding
Because you never understand a single thing about me

I can't be your obidient child anymore
It's weird even to myself
I can't feel sorry anymore
I guess I am grown up more than I know

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Who knows

Once upon a time
There are two roads in front of us
Some people say choice is dangerous
Because it means you cannot turn back
Still we choose to be brave
And belive in our hearts
One day we can reach the stars

But all who enter the stars dies
For the truth it belies
We were trapped in fate
Unable to be truly free
Even though our hearts are right
Still we commit the sins
The sins cannot be forgiven
But we can only move on because of that sins.

No words can express the feelings
Not even the fallen tears 
There are too many things to be said
But don't know how to say it
Everythings stay in my heart
But it's okay
Because you can say it

There's no end to sadness
Only an everflowing pain
Pain that we know very well
But will never get used to
Because this heart will never accept nor denied
These shattered feelings
Tear each other apart
Only you want everyone to get along

We want peace
But these hearts won't let go
Our fate cannot be changed
Still we never give up
Chasing our dreams mean suffering
Too many things have been broken
Except you choose to leave the past behind

Can we enter the stars ?
Can we still be alive and achieve our dreams ?
Is this all fate ?
Can our hearts be truly free ?
These lingering questions
And our contradictory life
Our contradictory feelings
Who knows the answers