Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Book Review: Eligible (2016)


The Bennets family had heart attack and this caused all their five daughters to come back to Cincinnanti and figure out their life afterward.


This is the modern story telling of Price and Prejudice. I did not quite remember the last time I watched that movie. It's been a while and now there is the modern story telling of the story. Actually the story is quite fairy tale, but the idea of the story is classic and entertaining. The writting itself is good and has good plot to bring you to keep flipping the pages until the end.

Mr and Mrs. Bennet had five daughters, all are looking for better life, because Mr. Bennet had heart attack and it caused five of them to come back to Cincinnanti to help their father. Jane is the oldest, she really wants to get pregnant and she did the sperm insemination program and she's pregnant afterward. Jane later fall in love with Chip Bingley, who appeared in Eligible program. Liz Bennet is the second daughter is the journalist and she never want to have children. She is the financial helper for the family and she take care of all the family members. Liz attracted to the cool and best brain surgeon named Fitzwilliam Darcy. Starting from their hate sex until they become fall in love with each other. Mary is the third daughter. Mary is introvert and secretive. Mary join bowling  league which she always keep it secret even from her family. Mary's doing college seriously and she likes her status single, she's just not ready to share or accept someone to her private place. Then comes the fourth daughter, Kitty. Kitty interest in openning beauty salon, because she likes doing manicure pedicure and even take the short course for that. Later Kitty date Shane, Liz' house agent friend. Shane had black skin and this caused her mother Mrs. Bennet to dislike Shane. Kitty and Mary share their apartment which is paid by Liz in the beginning until they find jobs and settled. The last daughter, Lydia. Lydia dated Hamilton, her CrossFit gym instructor. Later they want to elope after Ham' transgender status known by the family. Mrs. Bennet is depressed and cried for days. She can't accept that her daughter is married to a transgender.

Though a lot of things happen, they keep the family together at the end. Liz is the one that really help her family a lot. She even left Darcy because she need to help her family. Though her love story with Darcy is sweet. The whole story itself is just a fairy tale. yet this book still good for weekend escape. I recommend this book if you're looking into sweet and lighthearted romance. I prefer the story would be more realistic, but it is what it is, it's just the modern story telling of Jane Austen' book Pride and Prejudice.

Rating: 4/5

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