Thursday, June 21, 2018

Book Review: All the ugly and wonderful things (2016)


Wavonna Quinn is the daughter of drug dealer and addicted mother, She trusted no one, even her own parents. She hardly talk since young age. Oneday she met tattoed ex-con who also her father' thug named Kellen, she felt her whole life changed. She can feel how good his heart and they developed love for each other despite their differences.


I just finish this book. This book took longer than I expected. This is the first time I read book from Byrn Greenwood. The story is about a little girl named Wavonna Quinn who is the daughter of Liam and Val. Both Liam and Val has abusive relationship. Val is sick and hurt of Liam' cheating and abusive behaviour. Liam is drug dealer. Liam often hit her mother, so Wavy can't trust her own parents. Sometimes she'd been located at Val' sister, aunt Brenda together with her brother Donal.

Oneday, after staying at aunt Brenda place and when she and her brother get return to their home, they find Val and Liam are dead and Wavy herself found naked with Kellen at his desk and her brother Donal went missing. Kellen get arrested because of this and sentenced to six years in jail. Wavy had to live with aunt Brenda and Donal is claimed to be Sean Quin' child, so Wavy had to live without Kellen and Donal, the two persons that she loved the most.

She feel lonely and pain but she'd survived. Until oneday at college, she found out that aunt Brenda never told her about Kellen' last court hearing. After release from jail, Kellen had to report to sex registry in his area and he is banned from seeing Wavy. Yet, Wavy did not give up. She sent letters the to judge requesting to remove the ban, so she and Kellen able to see each other.

I liked the love between Kellen and Wavy and I liked how's the story written, it is beautiful and smooth. I was enjoying reading every chapter, it was told in several character point of view. This book leaves good impression and I think I am interest to read her other love novels.

Rating: 4/5

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