Sunday, January 21, 2018

Film review: The Man from Earth: Holocene (2017)


University students found out that their professor John Young is the same man as another John Oldman from their research that live for more than 14,000 years.


This film was uploaded to the pirate bay on 16th January 2018 for the creator themselves for legal download. You can download the film for free, of course you can donate through the website.

This film itself has unique plot as university professor who is very knowledgable is already lived for more than 14,000 years. The for university students aim to find the truth about their professor.
The ending itself is hanging and is open to many conclusion. I think this can open to be new series. The story is pretty interesting and good to watch.

I recommend this film if you like science fiction drama film. This film really entertaining.

Rating: 7/10

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Game Review : G-Senjou No Maou (The Devil on G-String)




Dear All, 

Now I would like to review one if not the best visual novel that I ever played until now. The game was called G-Senjou No Maou (The Devil on G-String). Well, here we goes

The story is about cat and mouse fight between "Maou" (terrorist that plot to destroy Sannou corporation) and Usami Haru (girl that want to catch Maou). Between them, there's Azai Kyousuke (Yakuza's foster son that was adopted to pay his family debt). What kind of relationship that will be made between Maou, Haru, and Kyousuke ?! That's the premise of this game.  

Some people say that G-Senjou No Maou was death note for visual novel. Well, I can say that it was quite right. I mean mind battle between Haru and Maou certainly remind us about Yagami Raito and L. It certainly make us tense about who's gonna win at the end. But somehow, we know that the good guy will triumph the bad guy. Anyway, it was good except for the last ending (before the epilogue). I mean I prefer Code Geass ending instead of Death Note ending. But of course, it was much more satisfying than Death Note. Personally I feel it was a little too rushed but the epilogue made up for it. Anyway, the epilogue is very nice. It was sad and beautiful, unfair and also "fair" at the same time. I find that I am crying at the end especially when the song is very sad. 

Anyway, the music is very good. and The graphic is outstanding. The characters are amazing. They have their own problem and psyche. Unfortunately I only play the voiceless version. But if you were gonna play it, I suggest play with the voice version, especially since the voice actor is none other than the famous Jun Fukuyama. Still personally I prefer if they use Kousuke Toriumi because I think his voice is more suitable for calm and collected "Maou" than Jun Fukuyama deep voice. I don't know why but at the end, his voice is quite deep. 

There are 4 heroines that you can choose in this game. But only 1 that will led to true ending. And you will know who. Personally, I haven't play the other routes besides our main couple because I want to know true ending. I can say that the writer know human psychology quite well to make twisted story like this. I am glad that Sekai Project decide to translate this game into English. I mean it was quite shame for great game not to be known and appreciated worldwide. 

I really recommend this game for people who like Death Note. Hope the game writer make another great game like this. From what I know, Sekai is already in the process of translating the other game from the same writer and company which is "Sharin No Kuni". I am really looking forward to the game. I know that I am not alone. 

Rating : 10 of 10 stars


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Film Review: The Battle of Sexes (2017)


Billy Jean King is not number 1 woman tennis player after Margaret Court beat her. Yet, she struggles for the equality of man and woman rights in tennis world. She felt insult when Bobby Riggs beat Margaret Court and proclaim that man is above woman and that woman should be in kitchen. She challenges Bobby and both of them have Battle of the sexes to thave equal rights between man and female tennis players.


I have to admit that it is hard to find good movies these days, yet this film is stealing my heart. Beside Emma Stone' outstanding acting in this film too. This film tells about Billy Jean King' love life and her career. This film exposed Billy Jean' lesbian with her hairdresser too. She challenges Bobby Riggs and She wins all the three sets.

She proved that all Bobby Riggs' said all was wrong. Women should have same chance in tennis career and that man and woman are equal. I liked the idea that she raised. The message of this film is well delivered and the struggling feeling you could sense from Billy Jean.

I really recommend this film if you are looking for good movie.

Rating: 7/10

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2018

Dear all,

It's have been a long time since I last read my books. Then no wonder, I fail to meet 2017 reading challenge in Goodreads. I am affraid that I forget how many books I read in 2017 and my goals. Such a shame. I have no excuses. Many things have happened and I think I just lost a little passion to read a book. Instead I gained passion for playing visual novel games. But if you see it from another point of view, actually I am still reading. Still I hope that in 2018, I will read some books again. Hopefully more than 2017. 

Anyway, for Goodreads reading challenge 2018, my goal is 24 books. I know it was half from 2017 reading goal. But I think it was realistic for me right now. Of course, I can always adjust it later. Anyway, reading is good. So, for you book lovers, please keep up your reading, okay ?!

Best Regards, 

Film Review: Kingsman The Golden Circle (2017)

First I want to say Happy New Year 2018. Sorry for late post. I wish you had a good year this year and everything will going well with you.


The whole country was threatened by the deadly virus that caused symptomps such as blue rash and later losing mind by doing something like dancing out of control and later dead. The Kingsman want to find the antidote for this crazy virus.


Honestly, I don't enjoy the madness of this movie. It was weirdly funny, a lot crazy deadness. I don't enjoy it. The story itself is pretty interesting which peoples who use drugs get the virus such as blue rash and dancing out of control and terrific dead. The acting for the actors are pretty good, especially psychopath Poppy and her weird jokes. But really, It is just not fit in my cup of tea.

If you like weird jokes or psycho jokes, this film is for you.

Rating: 6/10



Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Dear All,

I would like to say Happy New Year 2018. May the year of earth dog bring all of us happiness and joy. Love you all ^^

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

People : Alan Yu Meng Long

Dear All,

Now I would like to introduce my new idol. Well, actually idol is not really correct. Let's just say that I like him and want to support him. You maybe ask why ???? The answer is simple. It was because for some reason I cannot explained I am attracted to him. He is not handsome, not good singer, not charming but I can say he is hard working and mysterious. 

His name is Yu Meng Long (Alan Yu). He was born on June 15, 1988 in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China. Maybe you can guess that he is Dragon and Gemini. Don't know whether this is good combination. Anyway, he is very shy. I am serious. To be honest I am a little surprised to find very shy Gemini. Anyway, he was graduated from Beijing Institute of Performing Arts. From what I heard, he has good academic performance. He likes to sing and become top ten in Super Boy competition in 2013. I really like his voice. Not the best but I really like it. Here is one of his song that I really like. 


There's another song that I really like but unfortunately I cannot find it again on youtube. I will post it when I find it. It was really sad but not mellow. I really like the melody. 

I know about him from Xuan Yuan Sword Han Cloud. I really like his character and acting there. I can see that he really works hard. Not to mention about his accident because performing dangerous stunt himself. There's rumor that he is gay but personally I don't care whether it is true or not. I mean even if he is gay. And still more bad rumors but I will still keep supporting him. To be honest, I am scared for him. China entertainment industry is very notorious for black campaign and the so called "keyboard warriors" to hurt rival from other companies. Many actress already become the victims of it. Hope his company can protect him. 

Anyway, cannot wait to watch his next TV series. Wish him successful in his career both as actors and singers.  

Best Regards, 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

TV series : Xuan Yuan Sword Han Cloud

Dear All, 

It's been a very long time since I last review my favorite TV series. Now I want to review another great one. I really like this show. It was called Xuan Yuan Sword Han Cloud. Yes, it was China period TV series, more likely fantasy period series. It was adapted from popular game. This is the sequel from Xuan Yuan Sword Rift of the Sky. But personally I like this one much better because the story is mature and sad. Now what's special about this TV series ? Let's get to it. 

Xuan Yuan Sword Han Clouds tell story about Xuan Yuan Sword. Basically, the famous divine sword used by Xuan Yuan Emperor to seal Demon lord, have been shattered into 2 parts and become human. They are Fen Yang from Fei Yu (Yao Han) and Muyun from Tanque (Xiao Yue). The only way for the sword to become one again is for both of them to kill each other. Tragically, both of them are siblings that have been separated since childhood. Their journey in this story is full of pain and suffering. There are many people die in this story. But fortunately, at the end, they can overcome their differences and bring peace to the world. 

I really like the characters. I mean all characters really served their purpose. And the actors really play it very well. One character I like the most is Muyun, played by Alan Yu Menglong. I think he is the most sympathetic character in this story. His life is tragic and you can feel his pain and feelings. Besides, the actors have an accident when filming. From what I heard there's accident involving flying scene and as the result, he has 5 fractured bones. And only after 1 week that he already back to work. What dedication. I really respect that. 

About the song, I don't quite like the opening. It's not bad but not great either. It was unfortunate. But I really like ending song. Quite sad. One thing I like about the production team is they let their actors song the sound track. I really respect that whether I like it or not. 

Even though I really like it, there's certain aspect that can be improved. It was the animation. Seeing that this is adapted from game, I can say that standard is quite good but of course below high budget TV series. Still, I take what I can get. I am glad they make this series. I really like it. Hope someday they can make another great story like this. 

Rating : 9.5 of 10 stars


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Simple Words

Dear All,

I really like this words from Lucid 9 so I want to share it.

I think ... I've been here before
That's right. This ... is a familiar road
There's a sign at an intersection. I think. It's rickety and rusted.
Worn from use
There's no words on it. Just two arrows: one pointing forward, one pointing backward.
I'd ... just like to stay here.
A fork in the road... is such a dangerous thing
Left. Right. A one-time decision. And -- if it turns out that you run into an obstacle - then you'll find yourself wishing that you made the other choice
Then... don't you start overthinking everything ?
What if I'd taken the other road ?
What if the other road was worse ?
What if there was another road, if only I'd looked harder ?
What if I hadn't taken a road at all ?
What if I'd gone backwards ?

"Two words diverged in a wood and I -
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
A poem written by Robert Frost, originally intended to be a simple teasing joke.
A hint of playful satire at indecision
But people saw it as something else.
Even though they weren't poets, they started adding their own kinds of verses to the composition.
Independence. Individualism. Science, discovery, curiosity.
Free will and the human condition.
Poor Robert Frost. Suddenly, he had written an entirely different poem even without touching his pen.
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took --

"Here comes a candle to light you to bed.
Here comes a chopper to chop off your head
Chip chop chip chop, the last man's dead."

Sometimes ... I really wonder about children's nursery rhimes
Why do we let young kids listen to such twisted ideologies ?
Children aren't supposed to deal with that kind of stuff
They're supposed to be innocent...
Supposed to be ... innocent...

"Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and ..."
... ?
My world ... suddenly feels warm
What is that ?
Why is it happening ?
...I suddenly get the impression that I'm awake
I think someone's holding my hand. The tips of my fingers feel warm, like they're being cradled in a loving palm.
Everything else is blinding light that drills into the back of my eyes.
Home. Home is here.
Home ....

... I dream a little longer
My dreams are softer, now. A little more delicate, like lace instead of sandpaper.

... My eyes peel open, sluggishly, like they haven't done so for a decade.
My muscles feel weak and lifeless. Spindled slugs on a sidewalk. My throat's dry and my head is smarting.
So. Looks like I'm in the hospital.
I notice that a nurse is at my bedside, fiddling with the IV drip on the table. She seems... tired. Drawn eyes, tight frown.
I clear my throat to get her attention.


It's not my fault
I decide to say this to the mirror every morning, even if I don't believe it.
Maybe if I say it enough, maybe if I raise my chin and put my hands on my hips, maybe if I act like I believe it--then I'll believe it.
It's not my fault, it's not my fault, it's not my fault
I stare into my reflection, meaningless words pouring from my lips

Mirror, mirror, on the wall.. who's the most broken of them all ? 

It seems to whisper back

Broken you maybe, young man -- but I see one broken more still.
Someone with nothing but blood in his eyes and no person to love. Someone who fell into darkness until, one day, to ease his pain, he had suddenly become a serial killer.

Mirror, mirror ... Couldn't I have become that man myself ?

In another world --  a boy, damaged by an accident, growing up alone and reserved, with nothing but the shadows as his constant companion.
That boy could grow into a twisted teenager, who could grown into a twisted man.

... But I think I understand
None of that happened. What more do I need to worry about ?
Maybe I disfigured an innocent student. Maybe I stabbed a human being. Maybe I took part in a nightmare that never should have been dreamt.
But in this world -- in this circumstances -- I'm not a twisted, lonely little boy.
I grew up showered with love, surrounded by friends, given an ordinary school life.
The me standing here and now... wouldn't voluntarily lift a pipe or a knife to hurt someone without purpose.
Because I'm ... not anyone else.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Book Review: The Vastness of Us (2017)


When India Maxwell' mother Hayley decide to married a guy, India have to follow her mother plan. There she will live with her new stepfather Theo and his daughter, Eloise. Unexpected things happen and Finn, Eloise' boyfriend seems disliked her very much.


I think this is more likely as fiction novel than a romance novel from one of my favorite author, Samantha Young. The story is India is moving to Boston with her mother, Hayley. Hayley decide to married a wealthy man named Theo Fairweather and lived with him and his daughter Eloise. Eloise' boyfriend Finn Rochester seemed to disliked India and Eloise' friend seemed to back Eloise very much.

At first, India feels really lonely but as time passed, she started get to know Finn, Eloise' boyfriend. I feel like India is a bit aggresive to be Finn' friend because she felt she felt Finn had the same abusive father as she had. she had they had similar past and can be good friends because of that. Of course Finn seemed shocked. Later, when they kissed and India started to get away because she realize Finn is Eloise' boyfriend and she did not want to hurt her stepsister, Finn told her that Eloise is a gay and they just pretend their relationship because Finn want to put his father behind his back and Eloise can hide the truth that she is gay.

When things get tough because everyone accused India was stealing her stepsister' boyfriend, she asked Theo to help Finn. Theo decide Finn had to stay with his grandparents. It means that India had to have long distance relationship with Finn. She accepted it because she thought the most important things that Finn had the freedom from his father. That the right ending can be the happy ending too.

What confused me is the way Bryce, Eloise' friend can eavesdropped what Eloise talked to India in India' room and know that she is gay and spread the news through social media. It is kinda really nuts for me. I hope there is another drama, they all get to know about Eloise' sexual orientation than this way. Other than that, I think this is a pretty good frienship family drama book you can read this year. I recommend if you like frienship or family fiction book or if you like high school life book, You can try this. The writting is good, as usual. Samantha is good at the story plot. I enjoyed the story plot.

Rating: 4/5

Best regards,