Monday, May 13, 2019


There’s one sinner
Deaf to all true words
Take all the risks
Based on her belief

One sin lead to another
Until it hits it’s rock bottom
Life is hard
Words are harsh

Universe has punishments
I seem on my very limit
Tears poured out
My heart broken to pieces

I shout my agony to you
My deep sorrow and repentance
It’s all killing me inside
All the best I had is gone

You’re the only one I had left
Purify me heart
Wash my dirty soul
There I could be pure to you


Tuesday, April 2, 2019


You just need to stop doing
You need to stop thinking
Just look out
and take a deep breath
Everything will be vanished one day
There is nothing..
Refresh yourself.


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Game : 9-Nine episodes 1

Dear All, 

I know that it seems that I have abandoned this blog. But please rest assured, I still need this blog to share my passion about game and other things. It's been a long time since I finished visual novel game. That game is 9-nine episode 1. Maybe from the name, you can infer that this game will have several episodes. But don't worry you can still enjoy this game separately. 

You can find about 9-nine episodes 1 summary using wikipedia. Basically 9-nine episodes 1 is game with magic and fantasy theme. It is chunige. The story itself is quite ordinary. But of course like every other chunige game, the point lie in the execution. Personally for me one of the reason that I choose game to play is the art and story. And I can say that art in this game doesn't disappoint. I mean the game really put the efforts to make great arts. I cannot say that it's that "real" but still quite good. The characters itself is quite good. I mean cliche and yet also not cliche. I can say that I like certain characters better than others. The song itself is quite ordinary. I don't remember anything special that I want to download and listen repeatedly. Despite not so good song, I appreciate that you can choose to hear main characters voice. It makes the game more enjoyable. 

As with any my chosen visual novel game, the most important part is the story. Personally I really like the story. It was genuinely interesting. It tries to create engaging story that keep our interest. Unfortunately because of the setting, this game only serves as the prologue for subsequent episodes. That's the reason why developer choose that kind of name. So, player will know that the story is not over. They even make third wallpaper for the subsequent episodes but you cannot play the game with that wallpaper because well the game has not been made yet. It functions like teaser. Talk about tricking people LOL. 

Anyway, despite all of it, I still recommend this game for chunige lovers. But for people who want to play the game from the beginning until the end of story better wait until all the episodes have been released. I give this game 7 stars rating because it was quite short. 

Rating : 7 of 10


Wednesday, March 6, 2019


People say I am special
I have power to see destiny
And so I begin my journey
To create my own country

I need power
To protect my beloved ones
Sacrificing other people
I lose my innocence

Wonder where it gone wrong
I fulfill my dream
And left with deep regret
To gain something mean lose another thing

Doing the right thing
Protecting the weak and find peaceful world
How can that be wrong
Even if there's countless sufferings in the way


Saturday, March 2, 2019


Your words are empty
It was all lies
I fall into your sweet words
And then I was broken 

You hurt me
and left me behind
With life full of sorrows
I know I really was broken

You broke me
Thorough and thorough
With nothing but hollow inside
Cannot feel and yet full of pain

Still even then 
This broken body and hearts
Will find the way
To become whole again


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Your mate

Your Mate..

Since the moment I know you
I know you are one of a kind
Some people said
Mate is destined to be for us

It is true that
when we're looking
we find nothing
It will come
when we expect nothing

I don't know
how long our destination will be over
but one thing I know
I'll cherish our moments..


Saturday, October 6, 2018


You warned me
I ignored
I was flooded with my imagination
Beliving myself
that I was living my dream
A dream that lead me to nothing
A void dream that give me
Now I am sitting alone
looking at the sky with contrite heart
realizing I have to live with the consequences


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The blame game

It is one of your speciality
Blaming other people
Showing them
You are always the right one

You keep blaming me
For everything that happens
It’s always been me
Your favorite words

It’s dancing between us
Rocking us Upside down
Should we put an end
Or resume this game...


Friday, September 21, 2018

Game Review : Island

Dear All,

I just finished playing game Island by Frontwing. I can say that I am really happy and satisfied with this game. At first I thought this game is just your typical moege. But it turns out like Himawari Sunflower by Frontwing too. I don't know what kind of genre this game is. It looks like combination between romance and science fiction. Anyway, let start for it. 

Island tell the story about a man named Setsuna that washed ashore at Urashima Island without his memory. With him, there's CD with the tittle Island. In that island there's also a girl named Rinne. What's more there's a sad legend about people name Setsuna and Rinne. They love each other. Unfortunately since they are family, it is forbidden relationship. So, witch curse Rinne and Setsuna have to find way to break Rinne from the curse. Coincidence ?! You have to play the game to find the answer for that. 

I really like this game because it involved time travel and time paradox. I mean I really learn a lot about it whether it is true or not. Anyway, there are several routes that you can choose in this game. You have to finish the first two route which is Karen route and Sara route before you can play Rinne route. After that you can play Winter route. The last, you can play mid summer route to get the True Ending. If I have to choose I really like Rinne route and Winter route. Maybe because it's the most heartbreaking one. 

Anyway, as expected from Frontwing, the story, art, music, and voice acting are top notch. The characters are quite lively. I really like all of them even annoying one like Karen's father. Unfortunately, the ending itself is quite little weak. I mean there are many mystery but at the end there is still things I don't understand. You have to try to understand it by yourself. But maybe it's also one of its biggest strength because it's a mystery. Anyway, I really like this game. It's really heartbreaking and touching. There is one OST I really like. Its name is Power Out of Pain. Unfortunately, I cannot give the link for OST because I cannot find it on Youtube. Hope someone will upload for it soon. 

I really recommend this game for people whom like romance and science fiction genre. But it can be a little heavy because it's quite long. So, for newbie, I suggest to find lighter game first. For information, there is also anime adaption for about 13 episodes. But I don't know which route they will adapt for the story. 

Rating : 9 of 10


Thursday, September 20, 2018


I want to change fate
Break free from the chains of past
Even when the whole world against us
Shattering me into pieces

I only want to see her smile
Free her from the curse
Wading through thousands of years
Searching for happiness

My hands were tainted
Living an unforgivable life
Trapped forever within past, present, and future
Still this heart cannot give up

Like unreachable stars in the sky
Our long journey is beautiful
With many precious memories
Transcending time and space

Our feelings cannot be broken
We will overcome these trials
We will wait for each other forever
and bring an end to this legend