Thursday, August 17, 2017

Game Review: Mobile Legends


This is not so new game moba 5 vs. 5. This game is booming right now and getting bigger and bigger. They will conduct the grand final southeast asia at Mal Taman Anggrek 1-3rd September. They already have qualification later in each country to have total 8 teams. The total prize is $100,000 USD total. Which details as below:

Prize Pool Distribution:

Champion: US$50,000

2nd Place: US$25,000

3rd Place: US $ 10,000

4th Place: US$6,000

5th-6th Place: US$3000 * 2

7th-8th Place: US$1,500 * 2

I thought it should be divided by 5 as each team has 5 members. Lets say US50,000, so each member will earn US$10,000. It is quite a lot for gaming competition.

Last time when elimination contest to select 2 teams in Jakarta, Gandaria. The champion no 1 get IDR40,000,000, so each member can earn IDR8,000,000 (8 million IDR), 50,000 diamonds (to buy skins and stuff in game) and handphone OPPO. It is quite a lot for gaming competititon. This game is absolutely earn a lot that they can give total price USD100,000 in competition.

I played this game since around february and I have to say I enjoyed pretty much. But lately I have burn out to play rank games, because it seems hard for me to continue to raise my star ranks. Especially if I have bad teams or rude teams. Currently I am at Epic rank and I want to take rest, because no matter how hard I tried to push Legends, I am always stuck at Epic. I am grateful to be at Epic, at least I tried hard to be in Epic :)

This game is pretty competitive and need right teammate and strategy. When you lost rank game, you will lose stars too. I recommend this game if you really liked dota. I never played dota but I heard it is similar to dota, the difference that this is mobile, so you could play anywhere you feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, though this game is pretty competitive and addicting, the lagging always bother me. I need to stay near to the wifi router everytime I played this game, because this game need really a lot of internet data bandwith. Some friends decide to retire this game because they can't afford to purchase a lot of data internet.

My rating: 8/10.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Film Review: Everything, Everything


Madeline had immuno-deficiency disease  meaning she can't go out from the house this 17 years because she will die if she affected with virus or bacteria from outside. Later she saw a guy from neighbourhood named Olly, he gives her his number and they begin to contact each other since.


Maddy likes Olly, the boy from neighbourhood who likes to notice her since the first time. He sent the cake to her house and gives her his number. Since then they contacted each other. Olly always convince her that although she sick, she still can experiences what healthy people experienced, love.
they're kissed and they texting each other.

Oneday, Maddy said to Olly that she wanted to see the ocean. Later, Olly decorated her room with all of oceans wallpapers. Maddy run from house to Olly and they both go to Hawaii. Maddy became sick in Hawaii and have to go hospital, later she come back home. Maddy received call from hospital from Hawaii and she found out that she never really had STID the autoimmune deficiency disease, it is just her mother scenario that she sicked and she need to be always at home. Her mother become protective of her because she did not want to lose Maddy again after losing her father and sibling. Later Maddy come to New York to reconcile with Olly.

I thought this story is too impossible to be true. I mean what kind of mother to treat her daughter that way, her daughter not even can have proper school. I don't think Maddy' mother really care the future of her daughter. This is the teenager love story, this is still good love story, with good actor and actress, this is entertaining love story. I recommend any teenager who likes love story to watch this film.

Rating: 7/10

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

TV series review: Big Little Lies (2017)


One dead body found on the bottom of the stair and there is no suspect behind this incident. This series based on the novel Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. Madeline Mackenzie, Celeste Wright and Jane Chapman are friends, they have kids whose go to the same school. One day Anabelle found get hurt, and she point at Ziggy, which is Jane' son. There is no real evidence of who really hurt Annabelle.


This is the best tv series I watch in 2017. The characters are detail and so real. The plot and the story are unique and really good. It makes me want to watch each episode without bored and want to finish this series, because it is just so good.

Madeline Mackenzie is full time mom with two daughters, Abby which she shared custody with ex husband Nathan. Madeline often get annoyed seeing Nathan with new wife Bonnie. Later Madeline has affair with a married man but decide to come back to her own family, because she thinks she has happy family. Madeline is a good friend for Celeste and Jane. Even introvert Jane can open to Madeline.

Celeste Wright think Perry Wright is a wonderful husband. She always describe her husband is wonderful. Perry Wright has good career and they both are passionate for each other, have wonderful home and twin kids. Whereas look like wonderful family, Perry Wright has his own demon, he likes to abuse Celeste to get him enjoying sex in anger with her. He always initiate physical abuse before having sex with his wife and Celeste thinks she enjoyed it because she thinks Perry really passionate of her and love the family. Perry always gave her many gift as remose compensasion but after Celeste' bruise dissapeared, he starts the violent behaviour again and again.

Jane Chapman just moved in with his son, Ziggy. Ziggy' father is not in the picture, because Jane was raped by one man which she did not remembered. Jane always worry Ziggy has violent soul from his father. Jane is introvert and she often had nightmares. She likes to run or just some me-time alone to release her stress, especially dealing with Ziggy violent accusation from school.

This is unexpected, I did not realize who is behind Annabelle' bully until it reveal by itself. Perry Wright is deserved to have the consequences of his act. He is an abuser and a liar who put many womans in danger. Lucky for Jane, of course Perry lied his name, but if Perry get married with Jane, her life would be like Celeste. This is good story actually. I really can't wait for season 2. I absolutely gonna watch season 2.

My rating: 9/10

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Game Review : Fault Mile Stone One and Two


Review : 

Fault Milestone One and Two is two visual novel games. I play these games on PC (Steam). For the sake of this review, I will review both of them together. Maybe for people who have read my review about Cinderella Phenomenon will understand that currently I have fever addiction for visual novel game ^^. Thanks for Humble Bundle Sekai Project, I can buy many great visual game for $12. For that, I will be grateful for Humble Bundle and Sekai. First I want to say that I really like this game. The story is about the journey of Princess Selphine and her bodyguard Reighnvasta to escape from Kingdom Rughzenhaide after have been attacked by powerful shadowy group. This game is treat for people whom like science fiction and fantasy story. It was quite rare for that kind of story after all.

I have to say that the animation, visual, music, story, etc is amazing. I cannot find anythings to complain besides the short story ^^. Fault Milestone One tell story about girl named Rune and tragic story within it. It was located on Outer Pole. The story is very sad. I will be honest, I cried when I play the game. Fortunately, it ends with happily ever after type ending. Meanwhile Fault Milestone Two located on Inner Pole. It tells story about twins that was played by fate. In Fault Milestone Two, we also know more about Selphine other "path down personality" named Lady Rhegan, Second Queen of Rughzenhaide and other characters from Rughzenhaide. Both game have great and sad story. But I prefer the first one. Just my preference though. 

Unlike Cinderella Phenomenon, in this game you don't have a choice. It was quite linear. It was an adventure type story after all. Some people will call it kinetic novel games. Still, it was amazing. Even until today, I still like to play the song directly from the gallery. I really like it. Maybe if I have to point the negative is it was quite short and doesn't have any replay ability value.  I mean after you finished it, you don't have a feeling to replay it again. Overall, I really recommend this game for people who like to play visual novel game or just read beautiful and sad story. Anyway, cannot wait for the next sequel. Hope developer will release Fault Milestone Three not too long in the future.

Rating : 9 of 10 stars


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Book Review: Stuck-up Suit (2016)


Soraya Venedetta saw suit guy in the train which he left his phone behind, when Soraya returned his phone, he figured out that Graham Morgan does not even want to thank her in person. Both of them engage in a relationship. Later Graham found out that he had a daughter from his ex fiance and his ex fiance is just being a widow. Graham need to sort out his mess between his feeling as being a father to Chloe and his feelings to his ex fiance who betrayed him and his love for Soraya.


The beginning of story was interesting, I get caught up in the beginning when Soraya had trust issue to Graham over her past trust issue with her father. Soraya' father left her mother to remarry and had new family. She still had pain in her heart when her father chose to accompany Briana, his step-daughter over to accompany her to school event.

When finally, Soraya feel she can trust Graham. Problem comes from Graham side, that he just found out he had a daughter named Chloe from his ex-fiance Genevieve. Genevieve betrayed Graham and marry his best friend, Liam. Genevieve hide the truth that Graham is the father of her child for four years. After Liam' death, Genevieve tried to get Graham to be a family again with Chloe as his biological' daughter.

Soraya had to decide whether she can accept Graham and Chloe or to cut Graham from her life and move on. Soraya did not want what happened to her life, happened to Chloe. Soraya felt that her father forget about her and her sister and give more care to his new family and Soraya did not want that happened to Chloe. She wanted Chloe feel safe and loved from her and Graham.

I have to admit the writing and the storyline is pretty interesting and caught me up. I read this quite fast, because it is a easy reading novel and what Soraya do will have my mind wandered time to time. There are few things I wondered about the main man, Graham Morgan.

Graham is an asshole, no doubt. He is no hero role for me. he had changed 42 secretaries in 2 years! What a prick, of course. This man is not capable of respecting other people, can't even keep someone capable under his wing. Mostly his subordinates just resigned within short period of time and he keep nagging there is no one competent to work for him. His receptionist just work for 2 years. I get the impression that 2 years is impressive period of time to work under Graham.

Honestly, I don't believe that a man who can't respect his staff with respect can give his respect much to his girlfriend. I don't talk about love here, I talk about respect here. You don't need to be in love to respect someone else. Although the receptionist mention that he changed a bit while in good relationship with Soraya, but keep his anger and hard attitude back once he is in bad mood and causing his staff to resign. I mean, for real how long the sexual tension between Soraya and Graham can last? Seriously, this guy need to sort his shit out, better have professional if needed and not sex.

I am happy when the story ended with them having a son together, but still I can't believe Graham really changed to be less asshole or less prick. Soraya just accept it when Graham said, he did not treat her like he acted asshole to his staff. I mean, can you really just trust the asshole acted man in short period of time? I still wonder how they assume they are soulmate for each other in short period of time and a lot of sex.

The conclusion is Graham is not my favorite hero character. This book is worth to read, you will get caught up in the story and the plot and writing will never get you bored, it will get you hooked. Yet, since Graham is not my favorite hero man, I decide to write this right away because I think I might want to forget him soon as I can.

Rating: 4/5

Best regards,


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Book Review: Until it fades (2017)


Catherine Wright save Brett Madden' life from tragic car accident. Later she found that Brett is Hockey captain star and her life is changed much after that. Although being chased by reporter is not a life for Catherine yet she could not resist her feeling for Brett Madden.


I want to write this book review after I finish this book, I keep the feelings for days because I have not find right time to write this review. Let me start now..

Catherine is a 24 years old single mother who works as a waitress, she has difficult past time, she dropped out from high school due to incident with Scott Phillips, her art teacher. Which caused her to drop out from high school and works as waitress because she found out she pregnant with baby girl Brenna.

Seven years laters, she saved Brett Madden in tragic car accident after her horrible blind date with Gord Mayberry. She lost her car because her car is burned together with the accident car and her wrist is sprained, so she find hard to continue work as a waitress. Later, Brett Madden come to her house personally and show his grateful.

Since then, they keep contacting each other. It's just sweet looking their text each other. Brett is handsome and flirty, while Catherine is careful because she does not want to fall in the same hole like her past. Catherine does not want Brett to be her side because he feel obligated. She wants Brett by her side because he wanted to.

I really like Brett Madden character, he is kind, funny, generous and flirty. This is a fairy tale romance but it is well written and good story line. I think this is one of the best romance book I read in 2017. K.A Tucker is definitely one of my favorite author.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Film Review : Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

Review : 

I want to say that I quite like the trailer and it was beautiful. So I decide to watch it. But my opinion is that the story is less beautiful than the visual. I don't know what happen but it was less satisfying watching the movie. The story is simple despite the impression the trailer give. You think it was the fight between evil dark force and civilization. The truth is it was simpler than that. Well, I cannot share much without spoiling it. The fight is pretty bad (well the budget goes for the visual after all). 

Despite the story, the other characters make nice impression except the bad guys. They are quite outstanding in their own rights. Valerian is womanizer but dependable and Laureline is smart and tough woman. There are also some funny moment with Bubble (Rihanna). Unfortunately that was not the case for the bad guys. If they place more emphasized for the bad guys, it will make the fight much more interesting. Not too mention, the music basically non existent to support the climax scene.

Anyway, the movie is quite unnecessarily long. I mean I like long movie but not when it was unnecessary. You can still enjoy the movie even if certain scenes were removed like the whole arc about glamopod and wholan bateur (forget the name). Anyway, I have soft spot for scify. So, I don't hate the movie. It was quite enjoyable if you can just not think too much about the movie and some of its disbelieve moments. 

Rating : 6 of 10 stars


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Film review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)


Sarah Marshall dumped his 5 years boyfriend Peter Bretter. Sarah moved on with her new boyfriend, Aldous Snow. Later When Peter Bretter decided to go to Hawaii to release his stress, he met Sarah and her new boyfriend Aldous Snow. They both tried hard to make each other jealous just trying to get the winner.


This film is entertaining, I like Jason Segel as Peter Bretter, he is really hilarious. I liked when he cried over Sarah. Later Peter meet hotel concierge Rachel.  At first, Peter just use Rachel to move on from Sarah, but later they become engage in serious romantic relationship. Later Sarah Marshall had ugly fight with Aldous Snow that caused them to break up and when Sarah tried to get back to Peter, Peter denied her, saying they are over and she caused big damage to him.

Overall, this film is sweet and entertaining. You should watch it if you liked romantic comedy film like I am.

Rating: 7/10



Friday, July 28, 2017

Book Review : Quantum Space by Douglas Phillips

Synopsis :

A trillion neutrinos just passed through your body. You might want to buckle up...

High above the windswept plains of Kazakhstan, three astronauts on board a Russian Soyuz capsule begin their reentry. A strange shimmer in the atmosphere, a blinding flash of light, and the capsule vanishes in a blink as though it never existed.

On the ground, evidence points to a catastrophic failure, but a communications facility halfway around the world picks up a transmission that could be one of the astronauts. Tragedy averted, or merely delayed? A classified government project on the cutting edge of particle physics holds the clues, and with lives on the line, there is little time to waste.

Daniel Rice is a government science investigator. Marie Kendrick is a NASA operations analyst. Together, they must track down the cause of the most bizarre event in the history of human spaceflight. They draw on scientific strengths as they plunge into the strange world of quantum physics, with impacts not only to the missing astronauts, but to the entire human race.

Review :

It have been long time since I last read and review any book. Maybe I am just too tired or what. Don't feel like reading much, let alone review it. But now I am back with this book.

First I have to say that I don't really like the cover. Too simple for my liking but I like the tittle. The story itself is quite simple. It was about missing Russian Space capsule when trying to reentry earth after some time in the space. Everyone was waiting for the ship to arrive but it just missing and no radar can find it. It was as if they just vanished out of nowhere. Our main characters job are to investigate it. There are 2 main characters. The first are Dr. Daniel Rice, scientist and Marie Kendrick, NASA analyst. Why not law enforcement ?! Maybe you ask. You have to read the novel to know why. Hehe

Anyway, I really like the novel. I will concede that it doesn't really hook me because the story is very simple. I really mean it. Despite one or two mysteries and "bad things", nothing really happen. I kind of understand why. This is not crime thriller novel after all. The focus are into the investigation and the science fiction technology. Still it was quite unpredictable and twisted regarding the ending. Some will like it and some will not. Personally for me, I don't really like it. But I respect the decision. The characters itself are quite nice (except canon fodder bad guys). Not the best but okay, no super human, one man team. I see that this novel have side story aka novella. But right now I am not too incline to read it because of the ending. The ending made me realize that it was not my typical science fiction novel that I usually read. Different taste. Over all, I recommend this story for science fiction lovers that want to read about science fiction technology and not too invested with crime aspect of it.

Rating : 4 of 5 stars


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Film review: Spider-man homecoming (2017)


Peter Parker returns home and live with his aunt May. He becomes neighbourhood spiderman under Tony Stark guidance. He has crushed on Michelle his school friend, he later found out that vulture is michelle' dad has terrible plan and peter determined to stop his plans.


Watching this spider-man is like turning back time to spiderman before andrew garfield era. Maybe around tobey macguire era. The spiderman suit he had is just like cosplay contest and later tony stark gave him better spiderman costume.

He is acrobatic and he able to make spiderman liquid chemical for the spiderweb. What I like about this film is that this film is like down-to-earth storyline, the story is pretty clear in this film without super hi-tech weapon or enemy. What I don't like is this film is too old fashion, I expect this film to be more modern or at east better than andrew garfield spiderman era.

I think this film is suitable for kids and pre teenager. This film is for introducing spiderman to those who never exactly knew who spiderman is. Yet, I think if you watch tobey macguire or andrew garfield spiderman, you will not surpise of this film. I think this film is still good to watch because it has good storyline and plot, actors also good and entertaining.

Rating: 7/10