Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Game Review : 9-Nine Episode 2

Dear All, 

This is the first visual novel game that I've finished after a long time and I am so happy about it. Let just get to it. The game is 9 Episode 2. This game is the continuation from the visual novel game that I've played a while ago. At first I thought to wait until all the episodes have been completed but now I am glad that I play this one. The story is much better than the first one. 

The story continue from the first one in which our MC is trying to find who is the user of Evil Eye. In this story, we get more information about the legends from the anime. Unfortunately certain things are still being kept secret but I prefer that way since this story is not finished yet.

Now we get name and face for our "boss". And I can say that the villains are quite interesting even though they are not living up to the potential. I mean it could have been much better but I supposed it was done to make the story in episode 3 better. Anyway, I really like the graphic. It feels much better than the first one. And the MC feels more mature too. I have better impressions toward the characters compare than the first one. The story have good pacing too so you don't get bored in the middle of the story. But the ending is a little anti climax. It is a little simple for my liking though.

Personally I really like how they make the story stand on each own between episodes while still part of the same big story. That way you don't feel any cliffhanger toward each story. Of course, it would be much better if you play the game from the first one so you can understand the story better. I cannot wait to play 9-Nine episode 3 when it goes out. Hopefully it won't be too long. 

Overall, I really recommend this game for people whom have play episode 1 and people whom just want to enjoy story with combination of magic and little romance. 

Rating : 8 of 10 stars


Saturday, August 17, 2019


Once I have a dream
Dream to reach the sky
Seeing the world
Not from a far 
But side by side

But dream is just dream
It began beautifully
And end painfully
Leaving behind past memory
And deep regret

I want to achieve my dream
But it was not possible
It's beyond my reach
No matter how hard I try 
It just never be mine

I have to wake up 
And face reality
That I fail to achieve my dream
Live a miserable life
I cannot forgive myself

A path open in front of me
With no way to achieve my dream 
I can only follow with empty heart
And fill it with new memory 
Even though I cannot break free

Unable to truly accept nor deny
What supposed to be my reality
Hiding my pain 
Hiding my dream 
I lose myself