Wednesday, November 30, 2016

NEX Logistic Poris Tangerang

Dear All, 

Diinformasikan berita menggembirakan, teman dekat saya baru saja membuka sebuah usaha franchise di bidang jasa pengiriman barang dan logistic. Franchise itu adalah NEX LOGISTIC.  Sedikit informasi NEX LOGISTIC merupakan usaha yang didirikan oleh Bu Noni Purnomo selaku pemilik taksi Blue Bird, so tentu saja kualitasnya sudah tidak perlu diragukan lagi. Lokasinya ada di daerah Poris Tangerang. Pelayanan memuaskan dan harga sangat bersaing. Untuk tahu lebih detail mengenai NEX LOGISTIC bisa mengunjungi website resmi NEX LOGISTIC. NEX LOGISTIC Poris Tangerang buka setiap hari dari jam 9 pagi hingga 10 malam. Bagi yang tidak ingin repot keluar rumah, bisa menghubungi nomor telepon NEX LOGISTIC (62-21) 2906-0470, dan barang akan diambil oleh kurir. 

So, bagi yang membutuhkan jasa pengiriman barang, bisa langsung ke Ruko Poris Paradise Ekslusif Blok C3 No 5E, Jl. Maulana Hasanudin, Batu Ceper, Tangerang. Bingung alamat pastinya ? Semua bisa cek di Google Map karena NEX LOGISTIC Poris Tangerang sudah terdaftar di Google Map. Saat ini sedang ada promo diskon 10% hingga akhir tahun 2016. So buruan datang dan manfaatkan segera promosi ini. 

Have a nice day, everyone ^^ 


Review TV Series: The Fall


Paul Spector is a serial killer who commit to kill several woman with the same method. Detective Stella Gibson is assigned to capture Paul Spector. Gibson hunted each evidences until it is enough to charge Spector. Gibson has to act faster to avoid more victim coming. Rose Stagg gone missing and Gibson has to move quickly to save Rose' live from Spector.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cuci Gudang Akhir Tahun Kompas 2016

Dear all, 

I would like to share about book promotion that was held at Indonesia for year end 2016. I will talk in Indonesian since it was held in Indonesia. 

Mungkin banyak teman-teman yang sudah mengetahui bahwa saat ini Gramedia lebih tepatnya sedang mengadakan promo akhir tahun 2016. Buku-buku yang dijual berkisar antara Rp 5.000,- s/d Rp 10.000,- dan Diskon 50%. Di samping itu, bagi para pengguna Gramedia Value Card akan mendapatkan tambahan diskon 10%. Terima kasih Gramedia muach ^^. 

Book Review : Big Data by Mr. Lucas Carlson

Synopsis : 

Luna Valencia is the founder of the hottest artificial intelligence startup in history. She’s about to become incredibly rich and powerful. But just when she’s about to take her company public, her world begins to fall apart.

On the day of her startup’s IPO, a stock exchange shooter plummets Luna into a downward spiral toward a threat more menacing than she ever imagined possible. Faced with losing her company, her entire world, Luna searches for answers to a series of terrifying accusations. Failing to uncover the truth could destroy her company… but success would get her killed.


poor seems lost to rich ones
peoples said money can buy you everything
money will give you happiness
there is nothing money can not do

we worked so hard to get money
lots of money makes us rich 
rich makes us with success logo on our forehead
everyone worked so hard to be rich in this world

some peoples stay by our side because of money
we are all what we are because of money
imagine if one day money is not in this world anymore
will you stay by your loved one?

Kind regards, 


Book Review : Serenity (Shelby Alexander#1) by Craig A. Hart

Synopsis : 

Shelby Alexander is an aging ex-boxer and retired fixer, whose activities often flirted with the wrong side of the law. Looking for a little peace and a slower pace of life, he moved to Serenity, the small Michigan town where he grew up. But trouble follows men like Shelby, and he finds himself embroiled in an underworld of drugs and violence that may prove to be his undoing. The first book in the new Shelby Alexander Thriller Series, Serenity is an action-packed read with a lovingly rendered cast, witty dialogue, and a main character who doesn't know when to quit.

Review : 

I am glad that I managed to finish this book quickly. I mean sometimes I need several days to finish one book. Thanks for Mr. Hart efficiency for writing short but lovely story. 

My first impression when I read the tittle is this is romance book. But no, it is not quite romance even though there’s romance element in there. This is crime thriller book. And from what I know, it could be series. I have been reading quite long book so when I read short book, it was refreshing. 

The main character is Alexander Shelby. He is nearly 60 years old. Quite unusual for crime thriller book to have an old man as main character. But this won’t be the first and the last one. But according to his background he is former boxer so he is still a fit man despite his age. I know it was very convenient. Someone can call it plot device too. For the story itself, it was quite interesting. I mean very simple for crime thriller. But don’t know why maybe that’s simplicity make it refreshing read. It was easy to be understood. So, that was a plus one. I also like the structure. Make it easy to pause and resume at later time. 

The story flow naturally. I mean there’s not many scene but when there is, it really have an impact. There’s no unnecessary scene. Some people won’t like it but I prefer this over unnecessary action. Despite everything, I still think it could have been better. Because of its short page, we don’t get alternate point of view from other characters. So, beside Alexander, we don’t really understand other people characters. Basically it was quite 2 dimensional. Anyway, I like it because it was a change from my usual reading and it was a good one too.  

My rating : 4 of 5


Movie review: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Synopsis: Newt Scamander has just completed a global excursion to find and document an extraordinary array of magical creatures. He arrived at New York and here the story begin, He met a No-maj (American for muggle) named Jacob. Some of Newt' Fantastic beasts escaped and causing many scenes and problems for wizard world and muggle world. When senator Henry Shaw Jr is killed, Macusa investigated who is involved. Tina, which brought Newt' suitcase to Macusa summon both Newt and Jacob. They get arrested for this. Newt helps his friends to get away from this trouble and help to solve the case.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Book Review : Seed of Control : Generations to Execute by Lawrence Verigin

Synopsis : 

Seed of Control is the explosive sequel to the award-winning, high-concept thriller Dark Seed. Journalist and author Nick Barnes is back, finding himself quickly thrown into a chain of events which uncovers a plot so beyond moral comprehension that it will affect Earth's entire population. The plot has taken generations to develop and in on the cusp of being fully implemented. 

Book Review : Written In Fire (Brilliance #3) by Marcus Sakey

Synopsis :

The explosive conclusion to the bestselling Brilliance Trilogy

For thirty years humanity struggled to cope with the brilliants, the 1 percent of people born with remarkable gifts. For thirty years we tried to avoid a devastating civil war.

We failed.

The House is a smoking ruin. Madison Square Garden is an internment camp. In Wyoming, an armed militia of thousands marches toward a final, apocalyptic battle.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Book Review : A Better World (Brilliance #2) by Marcus Sakey

Synopsis : 
The brilliants changed everything.

Since 1980, 1% of the world has been born with gifts we’d only dreamed of. The ability to sense a person’s most intimate secrets, or predict the stock market, or move virtually unseen. For thirty years the world has struggled with a growing divide between the exceptional...and the rest of us.

Now a terrorist network led by brilliants has crippled three cities. Supermarket shelves stand empty. 911 calls go unanswered. Fanatics are burning people alive.


Forgive and forget
That is formula of life
It takes years to understand
A whole life to make it worth

Forgetful is an option
Ignorant to feel the pain
Keep the faith while life makes us cry
Still smiling to sky each day

Forget what happens yesterday
Forget what happen to us in the past
Have hope for the future
Believe tomorrow will be better than today

Kind regards,


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Book Review : Brilliance (Brilliance Saga #1) By Marcus Sakey

Synopsis :

In Wyoming, a little girl reads people’s darkest secrets by the way they fold their arms. In New York, a man sensing patterns in the stock market racks up $300 billion. In Chicago, a woman can go invisible by being where no one is looking. They’re called "brilliants," and since 1980, one percent of people have been born this way. Nick Cooper is among them; a federal agent, Cooper has gifts rendering him exceptional at hunting terrorists. His latest target may be the most dangerous man alive, a brilliant drenched in blood and intent on provoking civil war. But to catch him, Cooper will have to violate everything he believes in - and betray his own kind.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Film Review : Marauders (2016)

Dear All,
Yesterday, I decide to watch the movie tittled Marauders. To be honest I don't know what film this is. I don't even read the synopsis. It was just a momentary decision. So, I watch it without any expectation. Actually I have conflicting feeling about this film. I mean it's not bad. Actually I really really love it. I just don't really like open ending in this film. This film tell story about robbery case involving Hubert National Bank. It looks like this professional robbers targeted Hubert National Bank not just because of money, but also personal vendetta. This case was investigated by FBI chief (I forgot his exact tittle) named Montgomery. He knows that Hubert (owner of Hubert National Bank) is dirty person. But at the same time, he also doesn't want to justify the robbery and killing to catch Hubert. It was very interesting to see the dilemma that befall Montgomery.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Book Review : Huntress Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

Synopsis :

A Thriller Award nominee for Best eBook Original Novel... Book 1 in award-winning author Alexandra Sokoloff's riveting new Huntress FBI series about a driven FBI agent on the hunt for that most rare of all killers: a female serial.
FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke is closing in on a bust of a major criminal organization in San Francisco when he witnesses an undercover member of his team killed right in front of him on a busy street, an accident Roarke can’t believe is coincidental. His suspicions put him on the trail of a mysterious young woman who appears to have been present at each scene of a years-long string of “accidents” and murders, and who may well be that most rare of killers: a female serial.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Goodreads Choice Award 2016

Dear all,

Time have passed so quickly. I still remember the day when I quit my job on January 2016 and now it was already the end of year. I still remember most of the time what I did or do not did. Full of up and down. Stop talking about me. Now talking about the end of year, once again it was the time for "Goodreads Choice Award 2016". Every year I try to vote the books in category that I am interested. But now, I am gonna try to vote in every category based on synopsis, rating, cover design, etc. I believe great book should have the complete package. My best friend "Selene" also vote this year. This is the first time she vote on Goodreads and I am really proud of her.  Now, there are many great and interesting books in this award. Some of them have been eliminated in previous round. Whichever book win the award, for me every book is the winner because I can feel the love and hard work from its authors, editors, publishers, reviewers, designer, and other people involved. To date, there's already 3,000,000+ votes and it will keep increasing until the end. The final round voting will last until Nov 28, 2016 (more or less) because I don't live in US so there must be difference in time zone. 

So, for all book readers, you may like or don't like Goodreads Choice Award and it was understandable. But for book readers that want to vote in Goodreads Choice Award, you can go to Goodreads Choice Award 2016. Anyway, please don't take it seriously. Just be yourself and choose the book that you like. Have a nice fun everyone ^^


Book Review : London 2012 What If (Part Two) by Ian CP Irvine

Synopsis : 

Contemplating having an affair, bored with work, and convinced there must be something more to it all, James Quinn is a man just about to enter a mid-life crisis. James leads a successful life. But is it the right life? Instead of a Product Manager in Telecoms, should he have been a plumber, an Olympic athlete, or an artist? Life, as they say, isn't a practice run. This is it.

Convinced the 'grass is greener' everywhere else, and worried that he may be missing out, James Quinn is a man full of doubts.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Book Review : London 2012 What If ? (Part One) By Ian C.P. Irvine

Synopsis :

Contemplating having an affair, bored with work, and convinced there must be something more to it all, James Quinn is a man just about to enter a mid-life crisis. At the pinnacle of his career, James leads a successful life. But is it the right life? Instead of a Product Manager in a Telecommunications company, should he have been a plumber, an Olympic athlete, or an artist? Life, as they say, isn't a practice run. This is it.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Prose Challenge : Zombie Apocalypse


It’s really a big mess. There are zombies everywhere. Everyone keep saying that Zombie Apocalypse will come but I never believe it until today. I mean zombies are for children right ?! Guess, I am wrong. Now I see zombies with my own eyes. They are roaming in the street and chasing every human beings they see. I should have listened and build the bunker. Now, I don’t know what to do. I should run away but where. I don't want to become zombies. They are ugly as hell. 

“Calm down”

I take deep breath. First thing first, the zombies haven’t enter my house. But it’s only a matter of time before they do. I should find my emergency bag first. Fortunately, I still have good sense to prepare for emergency situation months ago. Let’s check it once again. My clothes, emergency money, emergency food, emergency contact, passport, travel vouchers, etc are still in there. I just need to contact my parents, family, and close friends to let them know about my situation. 

“Tut Tut Tut”

Great, no signal. The zombies couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this, right ?! Of course they can. What am I thinking. Now, I cannot contact anyone. Well, I have to go. I could always contact them when or .... if I am still alive. Wow, way to raise the spirit. Thanks but no thanks. I can do this. I have to do this. This reminds me the day when I got lost in the forest. It was 3 days before I can find my way home. People say it was a miracle that I were still alive after 3 days. It was said that people who stay overnight in the forest were never found the next day. No one could even found their corpses. It feels as if they just vanishes into thin air. Old legend say that the forest are the meeting point for aliens to come back to their homeland planet. So if the legend was true, it could be those people were kidnapped by the aliens. Now is not the time for this. 

“I’ve managed to book the airplane ticket at last”

Don’t ask me how I can book the ticket. I don’t even remember what I did one minute ago. Anyway, maybe this is my last entry. I love this diary. As far as I remember, I’ve been with this diary for my whole life. Unfortunately I cannot bring it with me. I cannot take chance it will get destroyed in my dangerous journey. I will leave this diary in my secret place when I want to hide something. If somehow, someone managed to find this diary. Please read and take care of it. Please pray me luck. Hope you guys are safe too. 


The Prose : New Place for Poem, Poetry, and Story

Dear All,

It's been sometime since I write interesting website. Now I would like to talk about the prose.

What is the prose ? Maybe some of you can guess what is the prose based on its name. The prose is place (website) for people to share their prose, poem, poetry, story, and idea. Then why not using Wattpad ?! Wattpad is much more famous right ?! Yes, that's true Wattpad is like the father of place to share your story, etc. I love Wattpad. But Wattpad emphasized itself more on story and fan fiction. And The prose emphasized itself more on prose. Nothing wrong with using both of them. But for me personally, I prefer the prose to share my poem and poetry. Besides I also like their writing prompt challenge. It was very simply and easy to use.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Night note

I am scattered
fears consumed me thoroughly
I said this thousand times
yet i hear nothing

Many questions in my mind
how long should I keep my agonized soul
truly deeply weary inside
yet i can not see any light ahead

kind regards,


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Prose Challenge #49 : Broken

People say I should finish my journey
But many things stand in my way
The break shattered my heart and crushed my soul

I was too broken to keep following my mind 
I am not gonna be okay

You say everything's gonna be fine
But the truth is nothing ever will
I cannot turn back
Everything was beyond repair

I try to build myself
Slowly pieces by pieces
There's a saying that time will heal everything
The sad reality is nothing gonna be the same
It is what it is

You cannot imagine my pains and regrets
Those feelings stay in my heart
I hope someday you will understand
I really was just too broken 

Nb : I made this poem in response for the prose challenge #49
with theme "We Are Broken". Hope you like it. I welcome constructive feedback ^^


Monday, November 14, 2016

Book review: The Deal #1, The Mistake #2

The Deal#1


This is the first book of the off-campus series by Elle Kennedy. 
This book tells love story between Hannah and Garret
Garret failed in Ethic course and he needs hannah to help him, in exchange he promises to help Hannah get to Justin, the boy whom Hannah had crush on.
During the process, Garret and Hannah had feeling for each other.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

SIM : Sara Is Missing

Dear All, 

I just played very interesting game which is SIM : Sara Is Missing. This is Android game but I read from the website, it was also planned for IOS devices. But fear not for people not using Android, this game also ready in Windows and Mac computers. So, there's no reason not to play this game because it was FREE but you can always donate them. I mean who don't want to donate for this amazing team who make amazing game. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Don't trust anyone

Dear all,

It have been some time since I post my thinking. Even though recently I post many book and film reviews. This is still blog to share my feelings and passion about something. Now I want to share about my principle which is "Don't trust anyone". Yes, I am not kidding. Don't trust anyone including your best friend or your close family members. Why ? I will explain my reasoning in following pharagraph.

Book Review : I Spy, I Saw Her Die by Ian CP Irvine

Synopsis :

In a race against time, it's Ray Luck against the world!
When Ray Luck - a top cyber security expert - accidentally stumbles upon a devastating secret while surfing the web, he knows immediately he is in way above his head and soon he is being hunted by both Mossad and the British Security Services.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Drowning

I Fell into a sea of tears
   and sank beneath its waves,
   each breath I lost, 
   became the cost, 
   I paid for wasted years.

To sink or swim
   a question posed, 
   an answer lost within, 
   a sorrow kept, 
   drowned by regret, 
   cry for you again.

Taken from book Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet.

This is one of my very favorite poem from this book. The book is awesome. 
Every poems are beautifully written and this is one of my fave books.

Book rate: 4.5/5

Kind regards, 


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Book Review : Elusive by Sara Rosett

Synopsis :

If you enjoy Elizabeth Peter’s Vicky Bliss series or Romancing the Stone, Elusive has the same mix of mystery, international travel, and light romance.

Zoe Hunter loves living on the edge. Free-spirited and spontaneous, she’s built a life stringing together various freelance gigs that keep her bank account barely in the black. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Book review: Crossfire series


Gideon Cross, a multibillionaire who has dark secrets about his past and he loves Eva Tramell, who is also have dark secrets about her past. Together they overcome their past trauma together and find happiness and joy in their relationship. 

Book Review : Before You Leap by Keith Houghton

Synopsis : 

Peace of mind is all Greg Cole has wanted since the murder of his twin sister, Scarlett.

In his new sun-soaked Florida life, he thought he had found it. But when Scarlett’s killer is released early from prison with a cast-iron alibi, Greg realizes that his past is about to explode into his present, with terrifying consequences.
To expose the truth he must open up old wounds. As a talk therapist, Greg knows all about dark secrets, but when a childhood friendship comes to the fore and the police turn their spotlight on him, the thought of analyzing his own psyche is a disturbing prospect. How far can he trust his own memories?

Book review: Tangled


Typical bastard guy like Drew Evans finally lay his heart to Kate Brooks. Kate finally break up with her more than 10 years fiancee prior to her attraction to Drew Evans.

Book Review : The Term Sheet by Lucas Carlson

Synopsis : 

David Alexander, a young programmer in Portland, Oregon, loathed his job. Computer programming had always come naturally, but being an employee never suited him. So he tried entrepreneurship instead. 

After making a series of embarrassing blunders, David finally hit on a startup idea that stuck: encrypted chat. Sure there were alternatives, but as Edward Snowden has shown us, most of them (willingly or unwillingly) have backdoors for spies and bad guys. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Book Review : Paris Protection by Brian Devore

Synopsis : 

While President Abigail Clarke attends a summit in Paris, an unknown enemy makes a brazen attempt on her life, inflicting horrific losses on her protection detail. Plunged into a battle beyond anything they could have trained for, Secret Service Agents Rebecca Reid and David Stone must find a way to keep the president alive. The attackers have vast resources and would sacrifice everything for a devastating blow against America. The agents must be willing to do no less. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Adult colouring

Book: Secret Garden
Medium: Staedtler colored pencils

Happy Colouring all :)

Kind regards, 


Adult Colouring

Book: Secret Garden
Medium: Maped colored pencils

Happy Colouring all.



Thursday, November 3, 2016

Book Review : Mind War by Douglas E. Richards

Synopsis : 

Nick Hall returns in a riveting stand-alone thriller, set in a stunning future that is rapidly approaching.

From the NY Times bestselling author whose books have been downloaded over a million times.

Nick Hall has revolutionary electronics implanted in his brain that allow him to read minds--including thoughts, memories, and even intent. He can know the passwords, future strategies, and innermost secrets of anyone he chooses, making him the most formidable man alive. But his status as the only mind reader in the world is about to change . . .


I could not change my fate
It have been thoroughly vetted
Things happen for a reason
I wish I could let it go

Good things happen
Bad things happen
I should always be ready
Because nothing lasts forever

People say everyone change
There's no way I can be the same
Many things are just beyond control
I do what I have to do

I choose with my heart
Doing things I believe is right
I should not regret for making mistakes
What don't kill me only makes me stronger


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Book Review : The Dead Key by D. M. Pulley

Synopsis : 

2014 Winner — Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award — Grand Prize and Mystery & Thriller Fiction Winner 

It’s 1998, and for years the old First Bank of Cleveland has sat abandoned, perfectly preserved, its secrets only speculated on by the outside world.

Twenty years before, amid strange staff disappearances and allegations of fraud, panicked investors sold Cleveland’s largest bank in the middle of the night, locking out customers and employees, and thwarting a looming federal investigation. In the confusion that followed, the keys to the vault’s safe-deposit boxes were lost.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Does It Matter ? Should You Care ?

Dear guys,

It have been sometime since I last write regarding my thoughts about things that happen in my life. I was not born in rich family. In fact I feel that I am not lucky in my life. Still I feel the need to be grateful with everything that have happened in my life including bad things. Recently I ask question on Quora whether you want to go back to change your past mistakes. Surprisingly most people answered that they don't want to change their past because it what makes them, the way they are. Only one person answer he wants to change their haunted past mistakes. All of us makes mistakes. Even when you think that you have learned the lesson, you still make the same mistakes. Like gambler, drug addict, drunker, liar, cheater, etc. They keep making the same mistakes again and again despite the consequences.