Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin Wedding (W&R) (Part 1)

Dear guys,

I am sorry it have been a long time since I post an article. Now I would like to share the happy news. Maybe some of you already know that today is Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin wedding days. They are married in Bvlgari Hotel & Resort Bali. Yesterday is their welcome dinner party. Now is wedding ceremony. Many Huomis and Ruby fans are very happy to celebrate today event. They event make video to let Wallace and Ruby know about their blessings. You can see it here

video : Huomis blessing to Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin wedding

Here is some of their photos

Wedding dinner after ceremony

Prewedding Photos

Huan Zhu Ge Ge three sisters

Cocktail party

Hu Ge and FBB fight for the bouquet

Wedding kiss

Wedding ceremony

Wedding bouquet, who will get it ???? The answer is Ruby cousin. Congratulations

Ruby in Chinese wedding dress, very beautiful 

Wallace and his best man (aka his best friend and manager Mr. Lian Jun Jie)

Wallace and his beautiful wife Ruby Lin

Wallace give hongbao about 660 Yuan to reporters

Huomis change their profile into this picture to celebrate Wallace and Ruby marriage

Wedding dinner venue

Their wedding venue 

Wallace and his best buddy (also ex lover) Hu Ge ^^

Bvlgari wedding sign post

Wallace and Ruby with their friends (group photos)

Wedding buggy

The girls villa (with Ruby name in the pillows)

Wedding lovely snack

Wedding gift souvenir from SKII and The Beast

Ruby and the girls at bachelorete party

Wallace introduce his new wife to his relatives and friends

Wedding ring

Wallace and Ruby wedding card

That's just some of their photos. I will update again. Please stay tuned to the update.


Saturday, July 30, 2016


The wind blows very hard
Erase everything in my heart
Still I can't let all go
For the memory was too much

Love is an illusion
Only true love is real
Because what we have is not real
Both of us lose our hearts

It was not supposed to be
And yet it happened very soundly
I don't lose the faith
Even when the hope falter slightly

You and I follow different path
Path that was determined by fate
Even when we hold each other hand
We still reach to different end


Thursday, July 28, 2016


I walk through maze of life
There are many different ways to be chosen
Each way turn to different path
Path will eventually reach its end

I can not wait too long
I am starting lose this faith tremendously
If you keep your silence still
I am worry our track getting far away and disappeared

Love is the only thing I asked
I want to do everything based on love
Your love always best gift ever
Peace comes by sharing it to everyone

I need both faith and hope
The maze of life feel too weary without them
Please hold my hand tightly
Lets walk to this maze of life together


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Only You

I see you
You came to my life
And change my dream
You are in my eyes

You show me the way
Full of sincerity and honesty
Side by side walking together
Still we were not meant to be

I keep seeing you
Following the same path
Even when it was not our fate
You are everything to me

You are the only one
But you never see me
Because I'm not everything you need
Still my heart only for you

Will you ever understand me ?


Sunday, July 24, 2016


Some peoples live in denial
The better way to say is most peoples are
The hard we try to be numb in many ways
Life might be beautiful and painless as they said

Some peoples said happiness is depend on our mindset
Some might find happiness after being hostage of suffering
As what we taught to believe
There is a rainbow after every storm

There is good quotes said
The good news is nothing last forever
The bad news is nothing last forever
We might find hope in this changing world

Many times I found myself in my world
A world that I prefer to be alone
Let me stay in a world that is only me and my beautiful music
I closed my eyes and wish I could live in both hope and denial


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My blue room

I once have a blue room
It is literally blue
It has all blue paint walls and blue curtains
Yet the furnitures, floor and ceiling are not blue

I love my blue room
It always been a gift to me
I find peace and happiness there
As far as I remembered

Mother complains it is too dark for a bedroom
Yet I am happy with the paints
I do not know the reason
It is just me..

I know I would not have that room again
It is now changed to white
I missed the way it looked back then
How precious my blue room to me

The blue room is true witness of myself
All of me..
If that room could speak and feel for me
I wonder what will be said and revealed


Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Silence is not golden
Yet silence is the better way than hurting others
I was being told that I have to stand on my own
Nobody helps even they know

Judging always been easier than understands
Nothing wrongs when you have no way of knowing
Everyone has to reap what they harvest
I have to live the life beyond my understanding

Words sharper than sword
Sword hurts the parts of body
Words hurts the deepest parts of the soul
Sometimes it never been cured

Falling is not an option
Rising is the only choice to survive
Peoples come when you have everything
When you have nothing, do they stay?



You ripped apart my life
Because you never mean what you say 
It was all just a lie
You concocted for your gains

You made me suffer
And I cursed you back
For all the pains you caused
You will experienced it to the bone

You try to cop a plea
But it was already too late 
Too many blood and tears have fallen
For your words to made a difference

People hurt because of your bad deeds
And your life full of mysery
Still you won't be able to atone for your sins
Because you never mean it in your heart


Monday, July 18, 2016


It is night here
Thousand nights for me
Yet you still give me another night

I look at starry night
See the moon smiling back at me
Yet I still feel the same old darkness here

You give me choices in my life
Thousand nights been witness of my regrets and tears
Yet my sorrows stay in my heart

I sent you prayers
Thousand words seem not enough
Yet your answers are the ones i am looking for

I wonder where are you
Are you watching over me?
Yet i feel alone through thousand of nights

Good night,


Saturday, July 16, 2016


I've been crying all my life
You listen to my prays
You know my sufferings
All these pains was too much to bear

I keep staring for the sky
Praying my fate will change
Suddenly the rain is falling hard
And I've got sorry on my mind

Life never been simple
I keep walking
Even when I'm not seeing
This feeling cannot change

I cannot go back
You've made that pretty clear
I can only stay hoping
Happiness will come to my way