Friday, September 21, 2018

Game Review : Island

Dear All,

I just finished playing game Island by Frontwing. I can say that I am really happy and satisfied with this game. At first I thought this game is just your typical moege. But it turns out like Himawari Sunflower by Frontwing too. I don't know what kind of genre this game is. It looks like combination between romance and science fiction. Anyway, let start for it. 

Island tell the story about a man named Setsuna that washed ashore at Urashima Island without his memory. With him, there's CD with the tittle Island. In that island there's also a girl named Rinne. What's more there's a sad legend about people name Setsuna and Rinne. They love each other. Unfortunately since they are family, it is forbidden relationship. So, witch curse Rinne and Setsuna have to find way to break Rinne from the curse. Coincidence ?! You have to play the game to find the answer for that. 

I really like this game because it involved time travel and time paradox. I mean I really learn a lot about it whether it is true or not. Anyway, there are several routes that you can choose in this game. You have to finish the first two route which is Karen route and Sara route before you can play Rinne route. After that you can play Winter route. The last, you can play mid summer route to get the True Ending. If I have to choose I really like Rinne route and Winter route. Maybe because it's the most heartbreaking one. 

Anyway, as expected from Frontwing, the story, art, music, and voice acting are top notch. The characters are quite lively. I really like all of them even annoying one like Karen's father. Unfortunately, the ending itself is quite little weak. I mean there are many mystery but at the end there is still things I don't understand. You have to try to understand it by yourself. But maybe it's also one of its biggest strength because it's a mystery. Anyway, I really like this game. It's really heartbreaking and touching. There is one OST I really like. Its name is Power Out of Pain. Unfortunately, I cannot give the link for OST because I cannot find it on Youtube. Hope someone will upload for it soon. 

I really recommend this game for people whom like romance and science fiction genre. But it can be a little heavy because it's quite long. So, for newbie, I suggest to find lighter game first. For information, there is also anime adaption for about 13 episodes. But I don't know which route they will adapt for the story. 

Rating : 9 of 10


Thursday, September 20, 2018


I want to change fate
Break free from the chains of past
Even when the whole world against us
Shattering me into pieces

I only want to see her smile
Free her from the curse
Wading through thousands of years
Searching for happiness

My hands were tainted
Living an unforgivable life
Trapped forever within past, present, and future
Still this heart cannot give up

Like unreachable stars in the sky
Our long journey is beautiful
With many precious memories
Transcending time and space

Our feelings cannot be broken
We will overcome these trials
We will wait for each other forever
and bring an end to this legend


Wednesday, September 12, 2018


For a long time,
I carry this burden
And live a tragic life
Discarding my humanity
To protect my country

I only have one wish
Wish to redo everything
Wish to save my country
Even when my country destroy me

I cannot save my country
My wish will not be granted
For it is wrong to change the past
And rejecting one own existence

Now I understand,
If I keep doing the right things until the end
I don't need to redo my life
Even if I cannot save my country
I can die in peace


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A while

I have to remind myself
for the thousand times
that life is short

This is only a while
nothing last forever
There is an end for everything

Why takes something seriously
if nothing is belong to me
I will leave everything at the end

I should end my tears
Yet I couldn't
life is getting hard each day

I always get what I don't expect
The one that I wanted always hiding
I really need your help to free me 

I should be grateful 
even for only one good thing in my life
Forgive and forget all the bitterness 


Monday, September 3, 2018

Book Review: The Chase (2018)


Summer drawn to Colin Fitzgerald. Their characteristics are very the opposite. Colin is buddy with her brother and until she need place to stay which her brother put her as Fitz' s rommate.


Summer is someone that dows not fit in Fitzy' s girl criteria. She is pretty, sexy, brave and always catching everyone's attentions. While Fitzy likes to stay in shadows. while Summer had learning difficulties and her own insecurities of being stupid. Fitzy help her to overcome her problems while he'd also need her to express his own feeling and emotion. Its definitely a must read book of Elle Kennedy. Especially if you are a fan of 'The Deal" like I do.

This book tell the whole a lot story about what kind of university life in America and hockey player as well as Summer's extravagant life as a kid of rich lawyers. The sexual tension between Summer and Fitzy is strong. Somehow I am not so sure if Summer attract to Fitzy because he is a man that hard to get or because she's too drawn to his mysterious attitude. Either way, I hope that as they can make the best out of each other, this good trait is strong enough to make their relationship strong and lasted for the long term.

Rating: 4 stars/ 5.



Saturday, September 1, 2018

Game Review : Fate/Hollow Ataraxia

                                                                  Japanese trailer

                                                                   Last Piece OST

Dear All, 

It has been a long time since I really enjoy playing visual novel games. Today I want to review one of the best game that I play. The game is Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. Maybe you know that this game is sequel from the famous game Fate/Stay Night. I already watch the anime long time ago. I can say that the anime is good. First I want to say that I don't finish the game because I think there's something wrong with the game or with my play through so I cannot continue with the last chapters. Anyway, I only watch the last chapters on youtube so I know about the ending and I can say that I am really satisfied with the endings. But the epilogue itself is ordinary. Spoiler beware. I will try to minimize the spoiler as much as I can.

For the synopsis you can read on Wikipedia. Basically, this game happen half year after the event at Fate/Stay Night. Somehow someone try to reproduce Holy Grail War again but only the first four days, after that the time will come to the first day again. So they are in time loop for every 4 days. Our main characters have to solve the mystery behind it. 

The main characters are still have the same personality with Fate/Stay Night. Emiya Shirou being Emiya Shirou, Rin Tohsaka being Rin Tohsaka. But it was quite refreshing to see the servants become normal human and good guy, especially with their back story, except it was quite strange. One of the servant that I find change so much is (spoiler). I mean how the heck that he can change so much with the personality, age, and appearance. Still he is badass at the end so I can kind of forgive it a little. Anyway, don't expect many action because the SOL really dominate the game. I really mean it. So for people who cannot stand SOL, better to leave this game.
I can say the game is top notch from the music and the art. Unfortunately, I don't get the voice acting. I think only the Japanese edition have voice acting or what I don't know. It is big let down because many Slice of life is very boring. I am only interested with the main story but have been forced to play SOL a lot because I am stuck and even then I still cannot continue with the last chapters. The story itself is very good except I still don't quite grasp what's real and what's not real. Some mystery are not explained though. Still I really like the ending. One of the best bittersweet ending that I know and the BGM also amplify it multiple times. Really like BGM last piece. 

I also like the opening. Really catching. I imagine without that kind of opening, I will stop playing quickly. At first I thought it was horror game (unrelated with Fate/Stay Night) but fortunately it is just the opening. For a moment I thought it was Red is for eyes game. Both games have similar feeling for opening. Anyway, sadly you cannot make multiple saves and you also cannot fast forward SOL scene. It is really boring and that's coming from me who like to play visual novel games. Cannot imagine how first timer gamer will survive until the end with that boring SOL. This game also have the same theme with Fatal Twelve which is about defying death and accepting fate; but different ending. Still I like both ending. Both ending really make your heart break (prepare tissue guys). 

Personally I recommend this game for Fate/Stay Night fans and fans of chuunige visual novel. For first timer I suggest play lighter game before to adapt more before playing this game. 

Rating : 8 of 10 (I will give nine if not because of boring SOL)

Best Regards,