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Game Review : Fate/Hollow Ataraxia

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Dear All, 

It has been a long time since I really enjoy playing visual novel games. Today I want to review one of the best game that I play. The game is Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. Maybe you know that this game is sequel from the famous game Fate/Stay Night. I already watch the anime long time ago. I can say that the anime is good. First I want to say that I don't finish the game because I think there's something wrong with the game or with my play through so I cannot continue with the last chapters. Anyway, I only watch the last chapters on youtube so I know about the ending and I can say that I am really satisfied with the endings. But the epilogue itself is ordinary. Spoiler beware. I will try to minimize the spoiler as much as I can.

For the synopsis you can read on Wikipedia. Basically, this game happen half year after the event at Fate/Stay Night. Somehow someone try to reproduce Holy Grail War again but only the first four days, after that the time will come to the first day again. So they are in time loop for every 4 days. Our main characters have to solve the mystery behind it. 

The main characters are still have the same personality with Fate/Stay Night. Emiya Shirou being Emiya Shirou, Rin Tohsaka being Rin Tohsaka. But it was quite refreshing to see the servants become normal human and good guy, especially with their back story, except it was quite strange. One of the servant that I find change so much is (spoiler). I mean how the heck that he can change so much with the personality, age, and appearance. Still he is badass at the end so I can kind of forgive it a little. Anyway, don't expect many action because the SOL really dominate the game. I really mean it. So for people who cannot stand SOL, better to leave this game.
I can say the game is top notch from the music and the art. Unfortunately, I don't get the voice acting. I think only the Japanese edition have voice acting or what I don't know. It is big let down because many Slice of life is very boring. I am only interested with the main story but have been forced to play SOL a lot because I am stuck and even then I still cannot continue with the last chapters. The story itself is very good except I still don't quite grasp what's real and what's not real. Some mystery are not explained though. Still I really like the ending. One of the best bittersweet ending that I know and the BGM also amplify it multiple times. Really like BGM last piece. 

I also like the opening. Really catching. I imagine without that kind of opening, I will stop playing quickly. At first I thought it was horror game (unrelated with Fate/Stay Night) but fortunately it is just the opening. For a moment I thought it was Red is for eyes game. Both games have similar feeling for opening. Anyway, sadly you cannot make multiple saves and you also cannot fast forward SOL scene. It is really boring and that's coming from me who like to play visual novel games. Cannot imagine how first timer gamer will survive until the end with that boring SOL. This game also have the same theme with Fatal Twelve which is about defying death and accepting fate; but different ending. Still I like both ending. Both ending really make your heart break (prepare tissue guys). 

Personally I recommend this game for Fate/Stay Night fans and fans of chuunige visual novel. For first timer I suggest play lighter game before to adapt more before playing this game. 

Rating : 8 of 10 (I will give nine if not because of boring SOL)

Best Regards, 

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