Saturday, March 31, 2018


I know
I am really foolish
Keep doing the same things
Keep following the same path
Keep making the same mistakes
I cannot escape

I thought
I can change
The regret
It was trapping me
Unable to break free
I keep hurting myself

I realized
So long ago
I reached my limit
Deceiving myself
Thinking I can change
In fact I am stay still

You know  
I am sinner
Leaving my conscience
Warping my mind
Clouding my heart
Unable to atone
Like shadow in the dark

Still I cannot stop
Everything I did
I did it out of love
Love give me power
To overcome the pain
To live with regrets
To sacrifice my soul
To accept my fate


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Book Review: Dear Aaron (2017)


Ruby Santos join the HaS program (Help a Soldier), she previously joined the program and help two other soldiers. What she didn't anticipated is that she falled in love with the new soldier, Aaron Hall the new paired she get from the HaS program.


As my previous promised, this book is what keeps me going to read and read until 4 am in the morning. My bad, but literally I just can't put this book down. This book are well written and had a nice idea and nice plot too. This is basically one of the best book of Mariana Zapata I ever read.

The idea of the story is pretty simple and really is something that naturally happened surrounding us. Ruby Santos joined the HaS program. She joined because her brother joined marine military and she know from her brother story that a soldier can be bored and lonely, she had urge to reach for them and just to care for them during their deployment. At first letters, Aaron didn't replied but later after 2 months, Aaron started replying her mails/emails and the emails between them are getting intense and both of them feel the need of each other' email just to keep going. Both of them support each other through the correspondences. Until one day, Aaron asked Ruby to join his holiday to Panama beach city in Florida. Ruby flied away from Houston just to meet Aaron and after their love making, they promised each other to make the relationship works and at the epilogue, I get the impression that they both live together and expected Ruby to stop her birth control pills so they can have baby together.

When I was young, I have pen pals, either male or female. That time, internet is not something that easily accessed, so I use postage mail to reply their letters. So basically, I did enjoy the idea of the book. I kind of enjoy reading their email correspondences, stories exchanges and their instant message chats. Aaron is a gentleman that every girl could asked for. He is a hero role for me too. Ruby often had panic attacks, she even had heart surgery because she had those palpitations. I can understand what Ruby'd been through and Aaron is someone who's Ruby can relied. He always calm her and asked her to breathe and relax. He is affectionate, nice, responsible and had good military career. They falled in love through their mails even before they're meet each other. Basically they falled in love with the personalities first before physical contact.

The plot is really good, it leads slowly until reach its climax at the end and had nice epilogue. By the time the story finished, I ended up wanting more.. story of Ruron. Mariana Zapata done it again, this writing also really capturing, it's funny yet sweet and full of emotion. I really enjoy reading it until time passed like blink of eyes. I think I will put this book in my re-reading shelves, so yes I will read again this book in the future. If you never heard Mariana Zapata or read The Wall of Winnipeg and me or you interested in military love story, please pick this book. You won't ever regret it :)

Rating: 4.5/5

Kind regards,



This feeling I can't hold
The melody of madness
Coming from emptiness
I made one wrong move
And lose the whole world

Unable to think
Unable to choose
I were trapped
Between past, present, and future

Not know what's right
nor what's wrong
I can only embrace
Things far beyond my mind

These two roads
One lead to the future
And the other to another life
Creating divergent
Leading to confusion
It's dangerous things


Monday, March 26, 2018

Book Review: Keep Her safe (2018)


Grace determine to clear her father' name after his death 14 years ago.


I was feeling not well, I had bad flu, sneezing and chesty cough few days back and now still I had been not really fit, I just drink paracetamol. During this time, I holed myself with this book and the other book I will review later after I finish reading it. But I think it will takes time to finish the other book because the book is thick enough and a slow burner one, so I takes time indulging myself in that book. As I ever mention, I have bad habit, I read that book until so late last night, because that book was good to keep me reading it, I will review it later.

I finish this book quite fast, I bought this book from amazon in kindle version. I was expecting this book something like Until It Fades that I review it here. Yet, apparently this book is far from Until It Fades. This book is more like suspense thriller rather than romance. I mean, I understand maybe the author tried to mix the romance and the thriller suspense, but in my opinion, this book just did not sit well with me. I mean I didn't get the romance feeling from this book. The suspense thriller itself is just too slow and easily guessed with me. About 1/4 reading, I already guess, Silas as Noah' uncle is someone who is behind Jackie Marshall' death. No surprise for me. The writting itself is good.

Noah tried to find out what happened to her mother death. Her mother Jackie Marshall is the one who responsible for Abraham 'abe' Wilkies' death. Abe tried to find Betsy (Betsy is Gracie' mother twin) in one motel. Betsy who is underage prostitute is together with Silas that night, Silas called his fellow canning who called Jackie Marshall to come that night. Jackie herself just wanted to save his brother, Silas who eventually killed her. It's all just set up between DA officer, Mantis and Stapey and FBI officers who had call record evidences about Abe Wilkes and Jackie Marshall. Ah really why the FBI agent Klein didn't show all they had and wait until the last minute to show what they're actually know. I think the story plot is just way too complicated for the simple point.

I hoped her next book is not something like this book, because this book just something I didn't enjoy reading it, I prefer it something more like Until It Fades. Its not like this book is too dark, its just I didn't get any romance feeling or any curiousity feeling of the suspense thriller itself. It's just bring me boredom feeling. I still recommend this book if you liked K.A. Tucker like I do. I still have some hope in her to write more books like Until It Fades. Until It Fades is the best book of her and I think is best romance and sweet antidote if anyone's looking into one.

Rating: 3.5/5




It cannot be true
But the truth's in there
I am not alive
I never alive in the first place 
No meaning for my existence
My crumbling heart was crying out

Being pawn in this rotten world
Played around here and there
I questioned my sanity
Even knowing I cannot quell my anger
My heart guide me to the future

Unable to truly live
Nor accept death 
I need to believe in myself 
Start over and find justice
Even when buried deep in the name of power 

It is not impossible 
To live with imperfect past
Even if it's not fair
And my life have been forsaken
I will keep moving on 



Everything stop
One day one time 
I cannot see
I cannot feel
I cannot live

No way I can forget
Nor I can forgive
I see their pain
I feel their sufferings
And live their curse

Come from the dark
It keeps haunting me
Not letting me go
I was trapped
Between vengeance and conscience

I sold my soul
Abandoned my humanity
To achieve my goal
Sacrifice innocent lives
And paint hell in this unjust world
Not only because of hatred, but love too

I cannot be forgiven 
Nor I can turn back 
Looking for salvation through revenge
I cannot be happy 
Still I have no regret
Taking chance in front of death door
I will apologize in hell


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Game Review : Malus Code

Dear All, 

Another game that I've played until finish. Unfortunately, I don't really have good review for this game. Still a game is a game. And it deserve to be reviewed. 

This game was called Malus Code. And the synopsis really is good and potential. Really remind me about Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. I supposed I will compare horror visual novel game with Higurashi since that game really set high standard. To be honest, I don't know how to begin my review. The graphic is very good. The voice acting quite good too. The story is quite good too. The only problem is The Ending. I really mean it. I mean I hate game with good elements but unfinished ending. More so than the bad story or bad ending. It feels like the writer don't know what to do at the end and leave it hanging like that. Well, it's not fair to review this game without giving at least the glimpse what this game is all about. Basically we are foreign graduate student that come to Japan to study about Thermaphilus organism at Polar Research Laboratory. In this lab, there are 3 heroines. So, there are only 4 members (including us) in total. The irony, 4 of them are the only characters in this game if you don't count other name characters. 

I really really like the opening. I mean the opening is quite standard but not boring. I mean their characterization is quite good. They are your typically good heroines. The problem appears at the end when suddenly the mood become dark and END. Trust me, it really turns out like that without solution or ending whatsoever. Fortunately, it can be forgiven because we continue into Episode 2. Fyuuh. So we began the story once again. But this time, our girlfriend is different. Once again everything is quite good but there's some mystery here that you think gonna be solved at the end. Once again, prepare to be disappointed. Because suddenly it was END. At this time, I began to worry. I mean what the heck with sudden Ending. Still I persevere to episode 3 (the last one). After finishing the game, I can conclude that episode 3 is the worse. Instead of answer, we get the biggest mystery here. I cannot tell more without spoiling the story. Anyway, I cannot spoil the end because there's no END. 

The music itself is very ordinary. Nothing special. There's no character development. But I think it can be expected with short visual novel. Still despite everything, I think it's little better than Doki-Doki Literature Club Ending. Hope someday developer will make the sequel and finish it with proper ending. One can hope though. 

Overall, I think you should play this game only when you prepare that there's no ending in this game. No answer to the mystery except the name Malus Code. 

Rating : 6 of 10 stars


Film Review : Pacific Rim Uprising (2018)

Dear All, 

Now I would like to review another film that I used to anticipate. At last I can watch it. It was the sequel of Guilermo Del Toro Pacific Rim. I really like that film. Now what about the sequel Pacific Rim Uprising ? Can it surpassed Pacific Rim ? 

Actually nearing the film released, I don't plan to watch it simply because I am afraid that this film will make me craved more or stop caring. It turn out neither because this film was created with different producer and different actors. If the first film is Mercedez then this film is Honda. Yes, the difference is that great. I don't know who's idea to change the director. Worse, they use first time director (no offense to Mr. Steven S DeKnight). Next, they use less known actors. Personally I don't mind these change if they can deliver. Unfortunately, that's not the case. I don't say that the film is that bad. It just different film from Pacific Rim. At first, I thought maybe they have less budget or something. But when I see from Wikipedia that the budget is 150 million dollars. It really blows my mind. How could 150 million dollars budget create this average film. I mean even the CG is very ordinary compare to other sci-fi film. Not to mention, they nearly don't use any song at all. I remember that Pacific Rim is very loud film. So loud that you can hear the sound from outside the studio. Really that's not the case here. 

Let's talk about the story. I don't really know how to comment it. I mean the addition of Shao industries is quite forceful. Yes I know Legendary was bought by Wanda and Pacific Rim is famous in China. Personally I don't mind it if they execute it perfectly but don't know I think Jing Tian is not the right actress for the role. Or maybe the role itself is not good. It would be better if Liwen is the bad guy or mysterious guy instead of CEO from some company that coming out of nowhere. There's no chemistry at all. Next, I don't even want to talk about the Kaiju. The Kaiju in Pacific Rim is quite good. But in this, I think it's lame. The way it dies. You thought three combined category 4 and 5 Kaijus will be much tougher. Nope, it really anti climax. I remember it was very difficult to kill even one in Pacific Rim. And the biggest one is Jaeger itself. I really like Jaeger in Pacific Rim. The director really make me feel that Jaeger is special and humanity savior. But in this, Jaeger is no more than ordinary robot. The way it is, I doubt Gypsi Abyss (the main character Jaeger) merchandise will sell like cake.

Now the last part, all of this maybe can be tolerated if the actors somehow with their good acting can make us really immersed with the story. I don't say the acting is bad. No. It just ordinary. There's no chemistry whatever between the main characters or between characters at all. The good news is some actors from Pacific Rim like Mako Mori, Burn Gorman and Charlie Day (That I still remember) appear and I think they have more impact than the main characters. In different alternate story, I imagined Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori come back and save the day. No wonder, Guilermo Del Toro said that this sequel is different from the sequel that he planned even though he is the producer. Yes the producer. 

Anyway, despite everything, I still think that it could have been much worse. I hope this film become successful simply because if it end like this, it would surely tarnish Pacific Rim name. I wish they would make another sequel and make it trilogy. Of course, my hope is with Guilermo Del Toro in charge or at least another good veteran director with good actors.  

Rating : 6 of 10 stars


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Game Review : Magical Eyes Red is for Anguish

Dear all, 

I am glad that at last I can finish another good game. At first I plan to play light game but it looks like that light game or pure moe game is not suitable for me. So, I try another chuunigame which is Magical Eyes Red is for Anguish. I find this game have similar feeling with Sorcery Jokers.

Maybe from the name you can infer that this game is about magic and battle. When I play this game, I already know that this is not a complete game because another game Magical Eyes Blue Indigo Heaven are being developed. So, I try to lower my expectation. Still I find it quite good. I mean it's similar with clockwork Ley Line that even though it is just one part, it still feels like complete game. Anyway, the story tell about battle between Disobeyer and Variant. You can call Disobeyer an entity that solving problem created by Variant. And it's not clearly explain what is Variant. But from what I know, Variant is death human that still have big emotion when they died, so the "feeling" become variant and possessed other living humans to wreak havoc in the world.

The game have quite unique opening. I mean the opening is quite mysterious that your instinct know that you gonna play it until the end. I really like it. To be honest, I don't quite understand what the opening is about. Since this is not the complete part, I can guess it tell about origin of Disobeyer or Variant. But that's just my guest. The graphic is quite good too. Remind me about Dies Irae graphic (someday I will play and review Dies Irae but not now since it is a very heavy game).  And the game play remind me about Sunrider Liberation in which we can choose to just play the main game or also other scenarios. I like it. There's also reasoning mode. I don't understand why the need for reasoning mode. I thought it's gonna be challenging. But no, it is very easy. The game itself is not too long considering it is just one part. Still I think it was shorter than Clockwork Ley Line one part. It is quite let down. But don't mistake it with being shallow game. I find the story is heavier than some other visual novel that I play. Even the ending show bigger things will gonna happen. 

I really like all the characters even the bad guy. I mean for me there aren't annoying characters. Even the heroine and kids are quite lovely. But if I have to choose, Azuma (police) take the cake. I think he is quite badass in his own way. The song itself is quite ordinary. But some scene has very nice song. Unfortunately there's no song in extra after I finish the game. It's worse than Sorcery Joker. Hopefully, someone can upload it in the youtube. Anyway, some of you may wonder what the tittle "Red is for Anguish" mean. At first I thought it was about the main character eyes turning red or something like that. But it was nothing like that. The truth is quite sad though. You will have to play the game until the end to know the meaning. It really worth it.

Overall, I really recommend this game for chuunige visual novel lovers. It is very good. Cannot wait for Magical Eyes Blue Indigo Heaven.

Rating : 8 of 10 stars


Friday, March 23, 2018


It's been a long time
So long I thought I cannot feel 
Nor I want to feel 
Still the tears fallen through

The pain was too much
It pierced through my heart
Nevertheless I cannot turn my eyes
For it is unforgivable sin
To not let the dead rest in peace
And forget the one left behind grief and anger

I vow I won't stop
Even when there's no hope
For that my only salvation
Revenge against the enemies
And make them understand what they deserve

People say not to despair death
And make your sacrifice worthwhile
Because someone will remember it
And you live in their memories

Best Regards,

Thursday, March 22, 2018


You're gone again
It's been so many times
I even could not count it
You treat me as I am a robot
Robot with no feeling
You made me get through all alone
for thousand days and nights
You have your reasons
Reasons that will be your company forever
Because I can't be your company
You made feel worthless
That is more than enough
I hope oneday
When you're in there and go nowhere
You'll wish I was there
Because I will live miles away from you

~Selene (A-22/03/18)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Face

There's nothing I can say 
You know clearly how I feel 
It's been a long journey
You might already see the real me

It may looks like a lie
It can also be a lie
Still it's not like what it seems
The answer lie deep down in my heart

People say lie is lie
And truth is truth
But there's lie in truth and truth in lie
We cannot know everything

I am not real
I cannot be real
Only my heart is real 
And one has to embrace their own hearts

Best Regards, 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Broken Promises

Leaving you is my wish
I have reasons for it
You are fulled of lies
Your mouth full of empty sweetness
You are so contradictional
Your promises are as empty as your heart
You never love someone
Love is just manipulation weapons
You never sacrifice for someone
All you cared just how much someone sacrificed for you
You think life is created for you
You never know being in pain
You are a liar
That word decribed you precisely
You burned all your promises to ashes
I prayed that one day
Life turned away its face from you
Then you will understand
The feeling of being fooled and hurt
I hope you get your karma
Because you made me live in lies
day after day
for the rest of my life..

~Selene (A-19/3/18)

Film Review: Crooked House (2017)


One man died in the house after being injected insulin by his wife. Charles Hayward determined the killer before innocent people get arrested


Charles interview all peoples in the house to determine the killer of Aristide Leonides. After his wife being arrested, the house is in chaos, Charles himself in distress, because he feels his wife is not the killer. Eventually It was Josephine who killed Aristide because he refuse to pay for her ballet reasons.  Josephine also faked the attack on herself and poisoned her nanny when she suspected her. Lady Edith read Josephine' notebook and want to spare his granddaughter life in psychiatric institution and save the rest of the family. Edith herself is diagnosed with cancer earlier, so she drives her car over the clifftop and quary killing herself and Josephine.

This is one of the best story by Agatha Christie. I always admire work by Agatha Christie. I started suspicious Josephine is the suspect after seeing his weird and too smart and critical behaviour as a kid.

This is a good detective film, the plot is good and easy to follow.  I recommend this film if you liked detective or investigation film.

Rating: 7.3/10

Best regards,


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Film review: Christmas Inheritance (2017)


Ellen Langford has to deliver special Christmas card to her dad' former partner in Snow Falls, she has to do this in order to inherit her father' gift business.


Ellen Langford wants to show to her dad that she can be humbly live without her dad' grand facilities.
Her father was angry after seeing Ellen' party accidents which earned her as party heirness title. Her father asked her to go to Snow Falls to deliver special Christmas card in order to inherit the family gift' business. Ellen went to Snow Falls, the hometown she never knew just with $100 to meet Zeke, her father' former partner. Shortly after arrive at Snow Falls, she meet Jake, whom later they're fallen in love with each other. She find her love to Jake, she find him more understanding than her fiancee, Gray.

This story is pretty simple. I think this story is more suitable to be watched on Christmas season. I just watched it now because I am interest of the love story they're advertised. Actually the love story itself is pretty simple. Its just about Ellen found her love in Jake and they both finding happiness together. Jake made Ellen a better person than she thought she would be.

If you're looking for simple romance drama, this is for you. If you missed this film, you could save this film for this year' Christmas season maybe.

Rating: 6/10

Kind regards,


Game Review : Muv Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol 1 and Vol 2

Dear All, 

Now after playing amazing game Muv Luv Unlimited and Muv Luv Alternative, I would like to review about side story game which is also part of Muv Luv universe. It was Muv Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol 1 and 2. Actually there are 4 volume, but right now I will only review vol 1 and 2. At first I thought I will hate it. I mean I already love characters from Muv Luv game but I decide to give it a try. And the result was I am glad that I play it. It was really superb. I mean I cannot believe this is just side story game. Age (as Japan developer) should make this for another sequel actually. It was really that great, especially the part of Muv Luv Unlimited The Day After. 

Well, since this is just side game, so don't expect full story here. In this game, there are several short side story. In vol 1, you get Muv Luv Unlimited The Day After vol 0, Rain Dancer, and Chronicles 1, and some extra like Wallpaper, Radio interview, etc. Muv Luv Unlimited the Day After tell story after Alternative V activated. 100.000 chosen person have migrated to another planet (to be honest we don't know their fate, we can only assumed it was successful). And the rest will try to live in the earth after military G-bomb all BETA hives. Unfortunately, because of massive G-bomb, there's bad side effect in which the sea collapse and many inhabitant area lose or become salty dessert. The situation is very bad. There are not enough food for everyone and resources are very limited. Even Canada and France are very angry with America for G-bomb the planet. Not to mention the worse, BETA is still alive. 

Basically, in these several side story, you see the point of view from another pilot from another countries. It really expands your horizon. You get to know about orbital divers. Still I don't really understand the function of orbital drivers. Still it was an interesting read. 

And I think the most interesting is in Muv Luv Alternative Chronicles 2. In this game you get the continuation from Muv Luv Unlimited The Day After. We see that the point of view have changed from US Marine into Japan that have lost their lands and have to depend on American. In this story, Instructor Marimo Jinguji have gone back into military and now have rank of Major. We see how she and her personal team (newly made wardog squadron) deal with internal politics in Japan. I really like her here. The story is quite good and interesting. Unfortunately, from what I know, the best part will be in vol 3 and 4 (cannot wait for that). 

The second story is Muv Luv Chronicles Aspiration. The setting of this story is in Eurofront before Alternative V activated. Another character from Makabe house, Makabe Seijurou still a cadet was going to Dover Base in Britain to learn from the famous West Germany, Zerberus Battalion. At first, he is quite disappointed to know that the discipline is very lax in this famous battalion. He also thought that their skill is only above average with normal pilot TSF, until he see them in action to save another unit from BETA.  

After playing all of it, I can see that Mr Koki Yoshimune is really very creative and thorough with his story. My hope is he and Age keep making these great games. I mean even though the main story is finished. This side story is very interesting. To be honest, I find the side story is more interesting than the main one because of its own tragedy for the whole world. But what attract me the most is Zerberus battalion. I mean I never thought that there are another great battalion that can rival special task force A-01, especially since most of its pilot are German noble. No wonder they have been called elite pilot of elite squadron. 

Anyway, I really recommend this game for Muv Luv lovers. It has the same intrigue and feeling with the main Muv Luv game. The only reason I give this 9.5 stars instead of 10 is because it is not finished yet. I will change my rating after I finished the game. Because only then, I will feel this is complete and whole game. 

Rating : 9.5 of 10 stars. 

Best Regards, 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Film Review: Murder on The Orient Express (2017)


A man is killed on the train and the famous detective Hercule Poirot who is on the same train will reveal the killer.


Mr. Ratchett was asking Hercule Poirot to be his bodyguard for the three day journey, which he declined. Later, Mr. Ratchett was killed on the train and Hercule Poirot determined to find the killer.

When I was a high school student, I started to read Agatha Christie novels. At the beginning of this film, I just know this is one of the Agatha Christie novels based on 'Hercule Poirot' name. As I remembered, Mr Poirot is Belgian detective who ocassionally showed his french language. He has best friend named Mr. Hastings, who helps him a lot for his cases. Poirot himself is famous belgian detective and solve a lot of complicated cases. I liked how detail and intuitive Monsieur Poirot when he read his suspects.

This film is good. the plot is good too. Yet, I don't like the ending of this film. I preferred one person suspect and blamed for the crime, as in its usual ending of his cases. This ending include so many peoples who actually be blamed for Mr. Ratchett' died. I mean one person's planning the whole scenario, still a lot of peoples did harm to Mr. Ratchett. The interrogation itself is bit rushed and not detail as in the novel.

I still recommend this film if you like Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie' novels. This will raise some sense of nostalgia.

Rating: 7.5/10

Best regards,


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Film Review: Red Sparrow (2018)


Russian agent Dominika Egorova who falls in love to CIA agent Nate Nash.

Dominika Egorova was Russian ballerina, she had accident which caused ending to her ballet career. Later, she was approaced by her uncle Ivan, who works in Russian Intelegence. Ivan asked her to seduce Dimitry Ustinov. She need to replace his phone with state-provided phone, in exchange her mother medical bills will be covered. While Dimitry raped her, Dimitry was killed by Simyonov. Later, Ivan her uncle told her that he was intented to kill Dimitry Ustinov but there wold be no witness, he threat Dominika to work with Russian Intelligence or be executed.

Nate Nash is CIA agent operated in Moscow. While meet an asset in Gorky Park, Nash need to create diversion to help his asset named Marble to escape from detection. He later assigned in Budapest to regain contact with Marble.

Dominika is sent to Russian operative train school. She is trained to become sparrow, learning how to seduce her target. Dominika is assigned to Budapest to gain trust from Nash and reveal the identity of Marble.

After arrived at Budapest, Dominika lived with Martha, another sparrow. Dominika started make contacts with Nash. In the process, Dominika learnt that Martha had contact with Stephanie Boucher, a staff who works for US senator. Martha is assigned to gain information from Boucher. Dominika reveal this to her uncle Ivan during his visit and this makes Martha angry. Later, Dominika found Martha is brutally murdered by Simyonov to warn Dominika to protect Russian secrets.

Dominika offers her service to be double agent for CIA. Dominika is continued with Martha' task to meet Boucher and exchanged the supplied information for CIA-floppy disks. CIA operatives are sloppy while monitoring and approaching Boucher, which makes Boucher agitated and run to traffic, getting killed.  Russian intelegence realize that Dominika has compromised their task with Boucher, they sent Dominika back to Russia to be tortured and interrogated. She repeatedly denied compromising Boucher and she convinced Ivan that she is now can be credited to liase with American as she is tortured but she did not reveal any information. She is later back to Budapest and meet Nash, she told him to help her with her mother to go to America.

She spent the night with Nash and wake up in the middle of night to find out that Nash's been tortured by Simyonov to get Marble' true identity. She at first work together with Simyonov but later killed the Russian operative to save Nash. At the hospital General Vladimir Korchnoi revealed that he is Marble. He offered Dominika to reveal this secret to her uncle Ivan to get the high-ranking position in order to replace him as Marble and to keep contact with CIA. Yet, when contacting her superiors to reveal the identity of the mole, she framed her uncle Ivan rather than betray Korchnoi. Ivan is killed by Russian side. Dominika get promoted.

Back home in Russia, while living with her mother, Dominika received phone calls from unknown person who played ballet music that she had listened during her affair with Nash.


I find this film is disturbing with sadistic torturing and unnecessary sexual scenes. Maybe I am not really into Russian-American spy agent life. I have to admit Jennifer Lawrence give her best performance in this film. She is really stand out from her previous characters in any film. I praised her bold acting to expand her sexual appeal in this film.

As a sparrow, Dominika is trained sexually and mentally to seduce her targets but I find that Dominika did not really used that "skill" to perform her assignments. When she's asked the bank staff to open bank account, she'd only asked him for a coffee and later when Martha asked about her approaches with Nash, Dominika revealed that Nash wasn't that "easy' type to be seduced. So I think basically Dominika used her brain more than her sexual appeal.

Based on the ending that Dominika is framed Ivan her uncle is because she feel hatred towards him. She felt because of him, she trapped in Intellegence dark world. Somehow I still confused why she preferred framed her own uncle to save General Korchnoi. I mean because of Ivan, Dominika is saved during her last torturing, the gunshoot threats as final death sentence. I believed some part of it, Dominika is saved because her uncle Ivan is working with Russian Intelligence. Well maybe she still feel that her uncle Ivan is the root of her own problems now. If her uncle helps her mother' medical bills sincerely without asking troublesome tasks, she won't ever join the Russian Intelligence. Thus she framed Ivan and get promoted in her career.

Basically, Dominika preferred to lived in Russia, in the country that she is praised for her loyalty and her work, despite her own heart. Truthfully said, she denied many things in her heart, like she betrayed Russian to help America (CIA). She is double agent for both Russia and America. Yet she preffered to stay in Russia, the country which praised her for her work, despite her betrayal.

This film has good plot and pretty intense. If you liked the secret agent life or Jennifer Lawrence' fans, I recommend this film for you.

Rating: 7.3/10

Best regards,


Monday, March 5, 2018

Game Review : Stay! Stay! DPRK

Dear all, 

This is the second time I play tour game. The first is First Trip To Japan (Go Go Nippon). And now Stay Stay DPRK. You will now why "Stay Stay" when you get one of the bad ending. 

Well, to be honest, when I play this game. I feel a little strange because we were supposed to be American trips visiting North Korea and get cute military girl as our tour guide. More over sanctioned by North Korea government. Imagined that in real life. You'd think that America and North Korea are best allies. Still it was a parody. So, you should just enjoy it. 

The story is quite short. I mean unlike First Trip To Japan. (disclaimer this game has no relationship with First Trip to Japan nor Devgru has relationship with Overdrive and MangaGamer). There's no DLC to enrich the story. The place we can visit is low. And there's nothing interesting there. Basically it was just beach, museum, studio, amusement park, etc). Still some place are more interesting than others especially Pablo. I laugh a lot here. It was quite funny. The hot spring is also nice. But I don't understand what's the matter with the strange woman at hot spring and karaoke. Is she lesbi or what, not clear. 

Anyway, despite the comedy nature in this story. The ending is quite serious and sad, especially if you get the bad ending. It is very tragic. Even the good ending is quite tragic. I cannot say more without spoiling it. But no matter what, don't take it seriously. 

The graphic is so so. It's not bad but I feel like it's old. Don't know why. The music also ordinary. Sometimes I feel the music hurt my ear. It was quite loud. Still it was quite an interesting and new experience for me visiting North Korea, even just in the game. It would have been much better if they add more substance to the story. 

Overall, I recommend this game for people who want to play comedy game involving North Korea and funny girls. 

Rating : 6 of 10 stars. 


Friday, March 2, 2018

Book Review : Time Frame by Douglas E Richards

It's been a very long time since last I read novel. Maybe around 6 months. For avid readers, it's really ancient. LOL. Anyway, I intend to read more often again since reading book is my passion. Now I would like to review another book from my favorite author Mr. Douglas E Richards. This book is Time Frame, the sequel of Split Second. You can read my review about Split Second in this blog. 

Synopsis : 

A daring attempt to go back a split second in time to destroy Kim Jong-un. A discovery so consequential it dwarfs even time travel. And a treacherous enemy bent on revenge. 

Lee Cargill is the head of Q5, a secret organization that can send objects a split second back into the past. And while this seems utterly useless, it turns out to be the most powerful capability the world has ever known. Those who control it can transform civilization—or destroy it entirely. 

When Cargill sends Aaron Blake, his most formidable operative, on an unauthorized mission to destroy Kim Jong-un, all hell breaks loose. As Blake battles for his life, his chances of thwarting the North Korean tyrant plummet. But they’re about to get far worse. Because China has learned of Q5 technology, and they’ll stop at nothing to hunt Blake down . . . 

And all the while, a powerful enemy has reemerged. An enemy who seeks time travel technology to achieve a twisted, psychopathic vision that will leave millions dead—starting with Lee Cargill and the entire Q5 team. 

Review : 

First I want to say that I really hope Split Second make sequel. And my dream comes true when I see Time Frame. In fact it was perfect except for one thing. Now I regret for wishing the sequel. I don't know what happen. But I feel that this book is not like his writing. I don't know what's wrong but it just feel empty. Really empty. I find that I finish this book just for the sake finishing it. I gained no pleasure no sadness about it. The characters are not like their old self in Split Second. In fact it was better if they are new characters. Then no one will compare them. I cannot tell more without spoiling it. It really a disappointment.

I don't even know where to begin with the story. The opening is really good. Wonder where it gone wrong. I think the biggest mistake from Mr Douglas is using real characters and blend it with fiction story, worse with science fiction. You feel the credibility was outstretched beyond limit. No more the battle of wits. No more gray area. Instead we have a lot of plot hole and plot device. How to defeat the enemy ? Suicide attack. How to escape from the enemy ? Suicide attack. And I don't even know what the point of using Chinese characters when they were not involved in the main conflict. You'd think they play some role but I suppose it is what it is. Of course, it could be for another sequel. But at this point I doubt people will remember nor care about them. 

Worse the romance looks cheap. I don't know how to say this but I feel sorry for Nathan. it feels like the girl say I love you but you are not macho enough so I also don't love you. It would be better if they broke up for good. Really leave the bad taste. I don't even want to talk about the bad guy. Talk about being cheap copies. Not living up to the expectation. 

I know that I rant a lot. but it was because I really really have high expectations for this sequel. The strong point from every Mr Richard book is the capability to immerse reader in grey area and combined it with emotional story and science fiction theory. But there's none in Time Frame. It pains me to give this book low rating. Still Mr Douglas remains one of my favorite author. Hope he can make better book next time. I know he can do it.  

Rating : 2.5 of 5 stars

Best Regard, 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Game Review : Miniature Garden

Dear All, 

I thought I would like to review this game right now because I am free. Fyuh. Free is certainly quite nice. Not to mention the game is quite short so I finish it in one play. And I really mean it. It really is very short. Still I take what I can get. 

Miniature Garden tell story about seven mystery that happen in school named Miniature Garden. Believe it or not. It was called like that because the school was located in the forest. It was very very isolated. And famous for its mystery. One of the most well known mystery is when you are trapped in the school at night after certain festival (sorry forget the name), you will turned up death in the next day. And straight to the point, our protagonist and some of his friends get trapped in the school. Don't ask me how. That just the way it happens. And so the mystery begin. 

At the beginning, the game is very potential. I mean good characters, good graphic, good song, and good story. But, of course, the developer have to make bad ending to ruined everything. I don't know whether to laugh or cry with the way it ended. Nothing solved. I mean yes some of mystery were solved but it was not enough. I don't know how to describe my feeling. It was worse than ACE Academy ending. At least ACE Academy have good slice of life to support it. I don't know why MANGA GAMER choose to license it. The price really not worth it. I feel they try to emulate Higurashi but fail miserably. One of the good point is I really hope that someone will make the sequel one day to finish the story. 

Anyway, my suggestion is get this game only if you want short mystery story that may or may not make you satisfied. I know for me, it was not. I doubt I will read another visual novel from this developer MUZINTOU. 

Rating : 6 of 10 stars. 

Best Regards, 

Never be there

You give me stuffs
It's all fancy
Yet you forget one thing
You never be there
Whenever I need you the most


(taken from my personal collection)