Monday, March 5, 2018

Game Review : Stay! Stay! DPRK

Dear all, 

This is the second time I play tour game. The first is First Trip To Japan (Go Go Nippon). And now Stay Stay DPRK. You will now why "Stay Stay" when you get one of the bad ending. 

Well, to be honest, when I play this game. I feel a little strange because we were supposed to be American trips visiting North Korea and get cute military girl as our tour guide. More over sanctioned by North Korea government. Imagined that in real life. You'd think that America and North Korea are best allies. Still it was a parody. So, you should just enjoy it. 

The story is quite short. I mean unlike First Trip To Japan. (disclaimer this game has no relationship with First Trip to Japan nor Devgru has relationship with Overdrive and MangaGamer). There's no DLC to enrich the story. The place we can visit is low. And there's nothing interesting there. Basically it was just beach, museum, studio, amusement park, etc). Still some place are more interesting than others especially Pablo. I laugh a lot here. It was quite funny. The hot spring is also nice. But I don't understand what's the matter with the strange woman at hot spring and karaoke. Is she lesbi or what, not clear. 

Anyway, despite the comedy nature in this story. The ending is quite serious and sad, especially if you get the bad ending. It is very tragic. Even the good ending is quite tragic. I cannot say more without spoiling it. But no matter what, don't take it seriously. 

The graphic is so so. It's not bad but I feel like it's old. Don't know why. The music also ordinary. Sometimes I feel the music hurt my ear. It was quite loud. Still it was quite an interesting and new experience for me visiting North Korea, even just in the game. It would have been much better if they add more substance to the story. 

Overall, I recommend this game for people who want to play comedy game involving North Korea and funny girls. 

Rating : 6 of 10 stars. 


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