Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Film review: Christmas Inheritance (2017)


Ellen Langford has to deliver special Christmas card to her dad' former partner in Snow Falls, she has to do this in order to inherit her father' gift business.


Ellen Langford wants to show to her dad that she can be humbly live without her dad' grand facilities.
Her father was angry after seeing Ellen' party accidents which earned her as party heirness title. Her father asked her to go to Snow Falls to deliver special Christmas card in order to inherit the family gift' business. Ellen went to Snow Falls, the hometown she never knew just with $100 to meet Zeke, her father' former partner. Shortly after arrive at Snow Falls, she meet Jake, whom later they're fallen in love with each other. She find her love to Jake, she find him more understanding than her fiancee, Gray.

This story is pretty simple. I think this story is more suitable to be watched on Christmas season. I just watched it now because I am interest of the love story they're advertised. Actually the love story itself is pretty simple. Its just about Ellen found her love in Jake and they both finding happiness together. Jake made Ellen a better person than she thought she would be.

If you're looking for simple romance drama, this is for you. If you missed this film, you could save this film for this year' Christmas season maybe.

Rating: 6/10

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