Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Game Review : Muv Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol 1 and Vol 2

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Now after playing amazing game Muv Luv Unlimited and Muv Luv Alternative, I would like to review about side story game which is also part of Muv Luv universe. It was Muv Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol 1 and 2. Actually there are 4 volume, but right now I will only review vol 1 and 2. At first I thought I will hate it. I mean I already love characters from Muv Luv game but I decide to give it a try. And the result was I am glad that I play it. It was really superb. I mean I cannot believe this is just side story game. Age (as Japan developer) should make this for another sequel actually. It was really that great, especially the part of Muv Luv Unlimited The Day After. 

Well, since this is just side game, so don't expect full story here. In this game, there are several short side story. In vol 1, you get Muv Luv Unlimited The Day After vol 0, Rain Dancer, and Chronicles 1, and some extra like Wallpaper, Radio interview, etc. Muv Luv Unlimited the Day After tell story after Alternative V activated. 100.000 chosen person have migrated to another planet (to be honest we don't know their fate, we can only assumed it was successful). And the rest will try to live in the earth after military G-bomb all BETA hives. Unfortunately, because of massive G-bomb, there's bad side effect in which the sea collapse and many inhabitant area lose or become salty dessert. The situation is very bad. There are not enough food for everyone and resources are very limited. Even Canada and France are very angry with America for G-bomb the planet. Not to mention the worse, BETA is still alive. 

Basically, in these several side story, you see the point of view from another pilot from another countries. It really expands your horizon. You get to know about orbital divers. Still I don't really understand the function of orbital drivers. Still it was an interesting read. 

And I think the most interesting is in Muv Luv Alternative Chronicles 2. In this game you get the continuation from Muv Luv Unlimited The Day After. We see that the point of view have changed from US Marine into Japan that have lost their lands and have to depend on American. In this story, Instructor Marimo Jinguji have gone back into military and now have rank of Major. We see how she and her personal team (newly made wardog squadron) deal with internal politics in Japan. I really like her here. The story is quite good and interesting. Unfortunately, from what I know, the best part will be in vol 3 and 4 (cannot wait for that). 

The second story is Muv Luv Chronicles Aspiration. The setting of this story is in Eurofront before Alternative V activated. Another character from Makabe house, Makabe Seijurou still a cadet was going to Dover Base in Britain to learn from the famous West Germany, Zerberus Battalion. At first, he is quite disappointed to know that the discipline is very lax in this famous battalion. He also thought that their skill is only above average with normal pilot TSF, until he see them in action to save another unit from BETA.  

After playing all of it, I can see that Mr Koki Yoshimune is really very creative and thorough with his story. My hope is he and Age keep making these great games. I mean even though the main story is finished. This side story is very interesting. To be honest, I find the side story is more interesting than the main one because of its own tragedy for the whole world. But what attract me the most is Zerberus battalion. I mean I never thought that there are another great battalion that can rival special task force A-01, especially since most of its pilot are German noble. No wonder they have been called elite pilot of elite squadron. 

Anyway, I really recommend this game for Muv Luv lovers. It has the same intrigue and feeling with the main Muv Luv game. The only reason I give this 9.5 stars instead of 10 is because it is not finished yet. I will change my rating after I finished the game. Because only then, I will feel this is complete and whole game. 

Rating : 9.5 of 10 stars. 

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