Sunday, March 25, 2018

Game Review : Malus Code

Dear All, 

Another game that I've played until finish. Unfortunately, I don't really have good review for this game. Still a game is a game. And it deserve to be reviewed. 

This game was called Malus Code. And the synopsis really is good and potential. Really remind me about Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni. I supposed I will compare horror visual novel game with Higurashi since that game really set high standard. To be honest, I don't know how to begin my review. The graphic is very good. The voice acting quite good too. The story is quite good too. The only problem is The Ending. I really mean it. I mean I hate game with good elements but unfinished ending. More so than the bad story or bad ending. It feels like the writer don't know what to do at the end and leave it hanging like that. Well, it's not fair to review this game without giving at least the glimpse what this game is all about. Basically we are foreign graduate student that come to Japan to study about Thermaphilus organism at Polar Research Laboratory. In this lab, there are 3 heroines. So, there are only 4 members (including us) in total. The irony, 4 of them are the only characters in this game if you don't count other name characters. 

I really really like the opening. I mean the opening is quite standard but not boring. I mean their characterization is quite good. They are your typically good heroines. The problem appears at the end when suddenly the mood become dark and END. Trust me, it really turns out like that without solution or ending whatsoever. Fortunately, it can be forgiven because we continue into Episode 2. Fyuuh. So we began the story once again. But this time, our girlfriend is different. Once again everything is quite good but there's some mystery here that you think gonna be solved at the end. Once again, prepare to be disappointed. Because suddenly it was END. At this time, I began to worry. I mean what the heck with sudden Ending. Still I persevere to episode 3 (the last one). After finishing the game, I can conclude that episode 3 is the worse. Instead of answer, we get the biggest mystery here. I cannot tell more without spoiling the story. Anyway, I cannot spoil the end because there's no END. 

The music itself is very ordinary. Nothing special. There's no character development. But I think it can be expected with short visual novel. Still despite everything, I think it's little better than Doki-Doki Literature Club Ending. Hope someday developer will make the sequel and finish it with proper ending. One can hope though. 

Overall, I think you should play this game only when you prepare that there's no ending in this game. No answer to the mystery except the name Malus Code. 

Rating : 6 of 10 stars


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