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Book Tour : Melancholy Ghost by Kat Mayor

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Melancholy Ghost
by Kat Mayor
Genre : Supernatural

This is my stop during the book blitz for Melancholy Ghost by Kat Mayor. This book blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 21 till 27 February. You can see the blitz schedule here.

Melancholy GhostMelancholy Ghost
By Kat Mayor
Genre: Paranormal
Age category: Adult
Release Date: 14 February, 2017

From ghost hunter to ghost, haunted.

Barrett has a plan—help Austin regain his memory, surround him with his friends and loved ones, and lead him into the light. Unfortunately, the tragic investigation of a melancholy ghost derails everything.

As new lead investigator, Thai struggles to maintain the high ratings SCI has always enjoyed. After a few subpar investigations, the network execs demand results, even if it means the team must put their lives on the line for a house more deadly than its dead occupants.

There are worse things than being dead.

Austin knows something is wrong. Most people ignore him, time eludes him, and his hands are basically worthless. If only he could remember what happened, he would have the answers he so desperately seeks. He’s sick of Barrett’s lies and Casey’s deflections. Austin will have to figure this one out on his own. Will the truth set him free, or destroy his soul?
While the others were in the back storeroom, Bob and Luis investigated the front of the store. Bob’s spirit guides led them over to an old Victrola. An apparition in a three-piece suit materialized in front of them. Bob couldn’t see the solid forms of ghosts the way Casey and Barrett did. He saw them as clear beings with bright edges. But if a spirit was strong and determined, it could convey its thoughts and words to Bob. You, sir. Might I have a word?
            Professor Charles Bowen. The translucent apparition held out his hand in introduction.

            Bob made the motion of shaking his hand. “Pleased to meet you, Professor. How can I be of assistance?”
            The professor pointed with his translucent pipe. On the floor were shards of broken teacups and saucers. That was Lady Jane Carraway’s collection of fine, English bone china. It was then that Bob noticed the silhouette of a feminine spirit. Her clear being was outlined in a Victorian era tie-back blouse and skirt. She stood behind and to the side of the professor, clutching a lace handkerchief and weeping soundlessly. A mute spirit, Bob realized. Somehow her silent sobs were more sorrowful than if she had been wailing loudly. The professor pushed his wire-rimmed glasses up higher on his nose. Now what is to be done about them?
            Those hoodlums. It’s one thing to endure their practical jokes. But Lady Jane is a kind soul. She didn’t deserve this.
            He’s sweet on her, a young male spirit taunted. Then he made smooching noises. A couple of other spirits with him began to laugh. They blurred into one as they floated off down another aisle.
            Alas, I did not know Lady Jane when we were alive. He patted her arm. I wish I had. His eyes narrowed at Bob and Luis. You must make them leave. They are turning this fine establishment into a rowdy, ill-managed ale house.
            “We’ll do our best, Professor.”
            One more thing.
            Bob turned to face him. The ginger boy is the ring leader. If you cross him over, they’ll all follow.
After a short break, Thai decided they should all regroup in the storeroom. He slowly pushed the door open, so as not to run into a heavy piece of furniture again. No sooner had they entered than they heard a creaking sound from the right side wall. Barrett and Thai ran over, and Gary followed, pointing his camera. The drawers of a Danish modern china cabinet slid open and shut, open and shut. The lights flicked on an off while the lingerie swayed back and forth, moved by invisible hands. 
Thai rubbed his forehead and groaned. The lights blinking off and on reminded him of his pre-teen days at the roller skating rink. It was fucking annoying. To the average observer, it looked like a scene from any B horror movie ever made. But unlike the movies, Thai could see the cause for the light show—a short, pale aura standing on top of the chair, playing with the wall switch.
Bob felt an unseen hand tugging on his braid. “Hey,” he yelled and started toward the spirit with a menacing glare.
“Let it go, man,” Thai told him. “They’re just kids.” Just then a violent crash near the back wall made them all jump. The large oak shelving unit, holding kitchen crockery and knick-knacks, was lying face-down on the floor. “Did you catch that, Gary?” Thai asked as he ran over to check it out.
“Got it,” Gary told him. Thai bent down to examine the damage. He shrieked as he felt a stream of ice-cold liquid hit the back of his head and shoulders. “Son of a bitch!” He turned just in time to see three auras float off in the opposite direction.
            “What happened?” Luis asked a shivering Thai.
            “The turds are spraying me with ice water.” His teeth chattered as he unconsciously reached for one of the shirts hanging on a hanger to dry off with. Then his arm retracted. Ghost water wasn’t wet; it just felt that way.
            “I don’t think you’re that lucky,” Bob told him.
            “What do you mean?” Thai asked.
            Bob chuckled. “Ghost piss is cold, too. I saw them pulling their pants up, just before they took off.”

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Kat MayorAbout the Author:
I am a native Texan, wife, and mom. In addition to The Spirit Chaser, I have written a young adult series, The Circle. I’m a full-time reader, part-time writer, and when I’m not kicking a story around in my head, I love to read and review books on Goodreads.

You can find and contact Kat Mayor here:
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