Monday, February 20, 2017

Book Review: Alex Cold fury hockey


Alex is captain of ice hockey. Due to his bad attitude, the board wants him to do social work such as anti drug ambassador to clean up his image. Then unexpectedly he meet Sutton Price. Sutton likes Alex but she doubt if she could live in the spotlight as Ice hockey professional' girlfriend. Could their love survive against all the challenges.


The first thing that attract me to read this book because this is ice hockey love story theme. Personally I think Ice hockey is a way cooler than football. Both of these are popular in America.
At first, I like the story because its explain both Sutton and Alex point of views. In the middle of the book, I start to lost my interest because there are so many unnecessary drama between Alex and Sutton, like when Alex meet Sutton' ex boyfriend and the jealousy stuff between Cassie, Alex' casual hook up and Sutton.

The drama is pretty sweet like when Alex tried to get Sutton back after their break up. But honestly I don't feel touched or feel so much emotion when reading this. If you really like Ice hockey love drama, you can try this one.

My review: 3.58/5

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