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Film Review: Fifty Shades Darker (2017)


After 5 days break up with Anastasia Steele, Christian Grey showed up at Jose photography exhibition, he later asked Ana for dinner together to ask her to reunite again, Ana agree with no rules, no punishment and no more secret. Grey agreed. Ana started get stalked by Leila, Grey' ex submissive. Ana later get meet Mrs. Robinson a.k.a Elena at ball masquerade party at Grey' parents house. Elena accused Ana only wants Grey for his money not really love Grey. Another issue come from Jack Hyde, Ana' boss who get attracted to Ana. With their deep love and neediness of each other, they could overcome these issues and move to the next level of their relationship.

My Review: 

If you already read the Fifty Shades Darker novel, like I did, some of you might compare the film and the novel. Ok here is my points between novel and film, that I wished they were showed in the film:
  • In novel, Grey is the first one to sent Ana email about Jose Photography exhibition and asked her if she need transport to go there. They later take helicopter to Portland for the exhibition. In film, this is replace by Grey that suddenly showed up at Jose photography exhibition. Grey later jealous Ana hug Jose and Jose affectionate toward Ana, Grey said few words to Jose that showed his jealousy, yet this is not showed in the film.
  • In novel, Grey told Ana that he bought Seattle Independent Publishing, Ana angry and jump out of the car and Grey go out of the car and chasing her to make up the fight with Ana. This is one of my favorite scene at novel which is not showed in the film. In the film, they just talking and argue about this in either Grey or Ana place.
  • In novel, Ana went to drink with Ethan (Kate' brother) when Grey calm down Leila after the attacked attempt. There is no Ethan in film.
The sex scenes were simplified in the film, compared to the novel but this is understandable. They still look genuine and true to the novel.  

Honestly, This film is better than the first one, Fifty Shades of Grey. I like how grand the masquerade party and how beautiful the sailing view. Frankly said, the sailing view is my favorite scene in this movie. This film just visualised well what I have in mind of Fifty Shades Darker novel.

I have to give more credit to Dakota Johnson, I have to admit, she really perform much better than in the first film and she is well dressed and her makeup and hair do just matched it. While Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey still consistent of his billionaire style but this time is more natural and his connection with Dakota is much better and more natural. Although Jamie Dornan in suits is really cool but I still prefer his performance at The Fall or 9th life of Louis Drax.

Like La La Land, this film is showed in several cinemas only. I have to go the cinema in big shopping centre in town to watch this movie. I don't really know the real reason behind this, it could be it rate R21 or any unclear reason. I don't blame this, they might not want underage audiences to watch this film at cinema nearby.

If you watched Fifty Shades of Grey film and disappointed, I think you will feel better after watching this film, because it's better than the first one. I recommend this film to whoever likes the Fifty Shades series or just looking to film for Valentine's day or just like romance erotic drama film, this film just be good company.

My rating: 7.5/10

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