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Book Tour : Bound Souls by ND Jones

Bound Souls Book 1 Forever Yours
by ND Jones
Science Fiction Romance

Publisher: Kuumba Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9975293-5-7
ASIN: 978-0-9975293-6-4
Number of pages: 292
Cover Artist: Wycked Ink

A supernatural love triangle that tests the bounds of science, truth, and faith.

Regent Lela of Asiya is the most powerful person on her planet but she is powerless to save the life of her beloved soulmate—Zion Grace. For thirty years they lived as husband and wife, but Zion’s time is at an end. Lela must go on without him.
“There will never be anyone else for me.”

Despite having died, nothing can keep Zion from his soulmate. He’s back but not as the man he once was. Zion must help Lela move on with her life, lest he lose her forever. But how can Zion convince Lela to accept the love and affections of another man when he still wants her for himself?

"I love you, Lela. My heart is forever yours.”

Lela and Zion are bound souls, destined to live eternity together. For these lovers, death is not an end, but a fateful beginning.

This novel includes “The Garden,” a bonus short story.

Guest Post

A Mother’s Lesson

Bound Souls is the first book in my Forever Yours science fiction romance series. While I enjoy science fiction movies and television shows, with Aeryn Sun and John Crichton of Farscape my favorite science fiction couple, I’ve only ever written paranormal romance. Well, that is until Bound Souls. For those familiar with my novels, bonds of family are important to the hero and heroine. And family bonds are just as important to me.

Now, I have a fifteen-year-old daughter who loves to read. But I’ve never allowed her to read—fully—any of my novels. Why? Because they are written for adult readers who, like me, enjoy more than fade to black love scenes. My paranormal romance novels, while full of magic, mystery, and mythology, include scenes of intimacy meant for mature readers. And while the themes of Bound Souls are geared to the adult reader, I wanted to write a series that my daughter could read without caution, as well as a heartwarming series for those adult readers who prefer a more subtle presentation of physical intimacy than what is found in my
Death and Destiny Trilogy and Winged Warriors Series.

Months ago, my daughter found out that her school library has books written by family and friends of the school. She asked if she could donate one of my books to her school library, which, coming from a teenager, made for a cool parent moment. But there was one problem. You’ve probably already figured it out. Up until that point, all my novels contained graphic sex scenes. Nope, no way was that donation going to happen. Remember that thing I said about the importance of family bonds? Hence, part of the motivation behind the writing of Bound Souls. Now, for all those parents reading this post who’ve ever gone a bit to the left for their child to make them happy, keep the ending to this story in mind. Once the first draft was written, I asked my daughter to read a few chapters and give me feedback. After reading a small portion, the child had the nerve to tell me the book was too emotional and heavy for her taste but that it was well-written. There’s a lesson in there somewhere. I just have to find it.
She’s still alive.
I’m not in jail.
The family bond is still intact, and I’m praying karma is real.
- ND Jones -
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About Author

N. D. Jones lives in Maryland with her husband and two children. She is the founder of Kuumba Publishing, an art, audiobook, eBook, and paperback company. Kuumba Publishing is a forum for creativity, with a special commitment to promoting and encouraging creative works of authors and artists of African descent.

A desire to see more novels with positive, sexy, and three-dimensional African American characters as soul mates, friends, and lovers, inspired the author to take on the challenge of penning such romantic reads. She is the author of two paranormal romance series: Winged Warriors and Death and Destiny. N.D. likes to read historical and paranormal romance novels, as well as comics and manga.



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