Sunday, February 19, 2017

Book Review : The Senator by Ken Fite

Synopsis : 

On the evening that Senator James Keller is set to receive his party's nomination for President of the United States, a kidnapper initiates a brilliant plan to stream the senator’s execution for the world to see. Ex-Navy SEAL and federal agent Blake Jordan sets out to rescue his friend and mentor along with his partner, Agent Jami Davis. Against all odds, Jordan must untangle the web of confusion to find the senator before it's too late. 

In this action-packed debut novel, Ken Fite has written a roller-coaster of a thriller sure to keep you turning the pages late into the night.

Review : 

I don't remember what makes me pick this book. But I like it. At first it looks like political thriller but not really. More like action thriller with politician as character.

The book tell story about SAIC named Blake Jordan. He works for DDC (CIA branch that focus into Domestic Terrorism). The funny thing is the author doesn't forget to insert the rivalry between FBI and CIA because FBI relocate their office just to keep taps DDC. Strangely enough the supposed politician choose DDC to protect him instead of Secret Service. Guess what happen when you choose non expert for your supposed big event. The rest they say is history in the book. Cannot spoil the story, can I ?!.

I like Blake Jordan. He is simple character. Unlike most your typical main character, he is not superhuman. Most of the time he is on the "losing" side. But that's what makes me love him. The other characters are also nice except Jordan boss Shapiro. You just love to hate him. The story is simple and yet unpredictable. It was not grand, instead unbelievable simple. The ending also predictable and a little sad. But nothing that annoy you. I just wished it turned out to be more strong. Anyway, I like the story despite its flaw. I recommend this story for people looking for simple action thriller.

Rating : 4 of 5


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