Sunday, February 5, 2017

Book Review : White Jaguar by William Appel

Synopsis : 

Ava Rush, a dedicated herpetologist, has lived with Amazon Indians in orderto research the curative effects of snake venom and coca. While working on a snake farm she discovers the enormous cocaine smuggling operation of Carl Buchreiser whom the Indians call The White Jaguar.

Ava sends emails to her brother Michael, a successful Wall Street analyist which reaches him after she has been murdered.

We follow Michael into the lush, treacherous Amazon jungle where disease and death lurk everywhere. Michael is aided by Nicole,an American gymnast whose crippling arthritis was cured by Ava’s snake venom and coca.

Against overwhelming odds Michael and Nicole pit themselves against the brilliant and savage White Jaguar and all the many resources of his cocaine empire.

The New Yorker called The White jaguar ”...A riveting read.”

Review : 

At last I can finish this book. It was slow journey for me. I don't know whether to like or dislike it based on my slow reading. It was an interesting and yet ordinary book. I will be honest the story was very slow. You could just skip it and miss nothing. It is something you will like or hate. The main character is Michael, successful Wall Streeters. One day he get strange email from his sister Ava. And then he goes to find her. The rest they say is in the book. Once again I don't really know how to review this book because I don't hate or like it particularly. Not your best book but also not the worst. If you already read many similar genre book, you can finish it. But I have to warn though, the story is unbelievable. I really mean it. The characters don't help either. I don't particularly like the ending nor hate it. It just doesn't stay in my head nor heart for long. In another sense, I am glad that it was finished at last. 

Anyway, I cannot really recommend this story nor against it. Read it when you have time and enjoy it. 

My rating : 3 of 5


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