Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Book Review: The Wall of Winnipeg and Me


Aiden Graves is a best defensive football player and Vanessa Mazur is his assistant for two years. After having enough saving to be independent designer, Vanessa quit her job. Later, Aiden asked her for special agreement. Aiden want them married to get green card and in exchange, Aiden will pay Vanessa' student loan and buy her house. The arrangement last for five years, in five years they could divorce and both get what they're agreed.


Mariana Zapata is a great story teller. Honestly I spent few weeks to finish this book, but I just enjoy pretty much. This is a slow burner love story. The point in this story is process, love needs time and process. It does not happen overnight. This book made me look at love at different point of view. This book tells details about Vanessa and Aiden, the process of their love story. How Vanessa from hating Aiden then become madly in love with him and vice versa with Aiden.

Aiden is devoted, silent and strong guy. This characteristic is cool in its own way. How he encourage Vanessa to pursue her dream. How he supports Vanessa very much. How he understands Vanessa pain towards her sisters and mother. He respects Vanessa very much until he did not force anything between them to move instant. He patiently wait until they both ready to move to the next level.

I like how Mariana Zapata describe their daily life routine. It is so realistic and detail. Although in the beginning I start to get bored of how slow the story is but I really can't put down this book, the story line and her writing is so good. I like it, the more I read it the more I like it.  I can't put this book down until I finish it, not only because the ending but I really enjoy the slow process of connection between Aiden and Vanessa. I just need time to read this and enjoy their slow process.

My rating: 4.5/5

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