Thursday, February 23, 2017

Book Spotlight : The Steps by Iveta Redliha

The Steps 
by Ivetha Redliha
Genre : Mystery, thriller, and suspense

Bradbury is a gorgeous property that stands amidst dark secrets. One fine day a young reckless woman Leonora, driven by desire for easy money that a rich couple would offer their surrogate mother, comes to live at the mansion, unsuspecting of the paths this seemingly carefree life and lust for money will bring to.

Meanwhile, Reyna’s steady life is turned upside down the moment her mother dies in suspicious circumstances and leaves her an unknown property and dark secrets from her turbulent past. Around that time handsome yet secretive Lucas comes into Reyna’s life. At the end the truth about the young man and the horrors of his past that haunt him, not allowing him to give in to his feelings, serves a final blow to Reyna.


“Savoring his own mind's resilience, Lucas drew a long breath of cool autumn air once again. His eyes were fixed on a woman who was bending down to pick some fallen tree leaves. A shiver ran through his body at the thought of the self-imposed task that awaited him. He knew it wouldn't be pleasant, but in most cases the end justifies the means. Lucas felt absolutely prepared. He took one step, kicking some swooshing leaves up in the air and expected the woman to notice his presence. With his eyes still fixed on her he took another step on the leafy carpet. The rustling of the leaves on the ground must have alerted her attention to the stranger's approach but she seemed to pay no attention to it. Lucas stopped and observed her rich red hair that, pulled into a ponytail, fell over her back. In a flowing motion the slender hands were picking one fallen maple leaf after another. Her black coat was so long it spread on the ground like a blanket every time she lowered herself. Suddenly, she jolted upright and looked at the stranger with apprehension. "Finally!" thought Lucas and proceeded towards the woman, with a wide grin.”

“Shivers ran down Reyna's spine. For a moment she thought his last words were meant as a threat. The stranger's look had been so sharp and penetrating, horrifying and exciting at the same time. She embraced herself and shuddered once again. This time it was due to the pungent wind that was becoming stronger as the evening grew closer. For a while she stood there watching Lucas walk away, then finally looked away.”

“It's important to leave a good first impression. The door opened, and the woman adjusted her skirt once more before springing up from her chair. She wasn't too sure her choice of clothing was appropriate for the occasion, maybe she should have worn something more formal.

- Hello! Kurt Bradbury, - the man greeted her and reached out for a handshake. - This is my wife, Nelly Bradbury. With an elegant hand movement Kurt embraced the woman next to him. The women shook hands.

- Leonora Watson, - she replied, slightly timidly. An awkward silence followed. The three adults were looking at each other, as if waiting for someone to speak first or trying to come up with something to say in such a situation. None of them was experienced in such matters. How do you interview a potential surrogate mother or the family in wish of having a child? Leonora noticed that Kurt and Nelly were just as nervous as she was and realized that not only the married couple had to make a choice, but also she has to decide whether this family is the one she will offer her service to.”

About Author 

My name is Iveta Redliha.I am 39 years old writer form Latvia, who was born in Norway (Svalbard). I am mom of 3 wonderful children and I am married.

We have 2 pets, chocolate Lab named Horton and Birman cat named Smurfette. As you can see we like animated movies.

I have degree in Psychology, and two professional diplomas in Stress Management Coaching and Consultancy, and Neuro Psychological Immunology. I am looking forward to work in my sphere, but at this moment I write my second book, which is almost done.

I enjoy to be in nature and long walks in the forest with my family and our dog. We love to travel and see interesting and exciting places around the world. Although we loved all the countries we’ve been to, but there is one we love the most – Iceland!

I write since I was 8 years old, and besides the prose I love to write poetry as well.

I write fiction in thriller/ suspense/ crime and mystery genres. With great passion I unravel in writing destinies of people of different walks of life, and their entangled feelings. “The Steps” was born out of my imagination and built on inspiration from gothic love and detective novels.

My readers can find me on facebook page:

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