Sunday, December 10, 2017

People : Alan Yu Meng Long

Dear All,

Now I would like to introduce my new idol. Well, actually idol is not really correct. Let's just say that I like him and want to support him. You maybe ask why ???? The answer is simple. It was because for some reason I cannot explained I am attracted to him. He is not handsome, not good singer, not charming but I can say he is hard working and mysterious. 

His name is Yu Meng Long (Alan Yu). He was born on June 15, 1988 in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China. Maybe you can guess that he is Dragon and Gemini. Don't know whether this is good combination. Anyway, he is very shy. I am serious. To be honest I am a little surprised to find very shy Gemini. Anyway, he was graduated from Beijing Institute of Performing Arts. From what I heard, he has good academic performance. He likes to sing and become top ten in Super Boy competition in 2013. I really like his voice. Not the best but I really like it. Here is one of his song that I really like. 


There's another song that I really like but unfortunately I cannot find it again on youtube. I will post it when I find it. It was really sad but not mellow. I really like the melody. 

I know about him from Xuan Yuan Sword Han Cloud. I really like his character and acting there. I can see that he really works hard. Not to mention about his accident because performing dangerous stunt himself. There's rumor that he is gay but personally I don't care whether it is true or not. I mean even if he is gay. And still more bad rumors but I will still keep supporting him. To be honest, I am scared for him. China entertainment industry is very notorious for black campaign and the so called "keyboard warriors" to hurt rival from other companies. Many actress already become the victims of it. Hope his company can protect him. 

Anyway, cannot wait to watch his next TV series. Wish him successful in his career both as actors and singers.  

Best Regards, 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

TV series : Xuan Yuan Sword Han Cloud

Dear All, 

It's been a very long time since I last review my favorite TV series. Now I want to review another great one. I really like this show. It was called Xuan Yuan Sword Han Cloud. Yes, it was China period TV series, more likely fantasy period series. It was adapted from popular game. This is the sequel from Xuan Yuan Sword Rift of the Sky. But personally I like this one much better because the story is mature and sad. Now what's special about this TV series ? Let's get to it. 

Xuan Yuan Sword Han Clouds tell story about Xuan Yuan Sword. Basically, the famous divine sword used by Xuan Yuan Emperor to seal Demon lord, have been shattered into 2 parts and become human. They are Fen Yang from Fei Yu (Yao Han) and Muyun from Tanque (Xiao Yue). The only way for the sword to become one again is for both of them to kill each other. Tragically, both of them are siblings that have been separated since childhood. Their journey in this story is full of pain and suffering. There are many people die in this story. But fortunately, at the end, they can overcome their differences and bring peace to the world. 

I really like the characters. I mean all characters really served their purpose. And the actors really play it very well. One character I like the most is Muyun, played by Alan Yu Menglong. I think he is the most sympathetic character in this story. His life is tragic and you can feel his pain and feelings. Besides, the actors have an accident when filming. From what I heard there's accident involving flying scene and as the result, he has 5 fractured bones. And only after 1 week that he already back to work. What dedication. I really respect that. 

About the song, I don't quite like the opening. It's not bad but not great either. It was unfortunate. But I really like ending song. Quite sad. One thing I like about the production team is they let their actors song the sound track. I really respect that whether I like it or not. 

Even though I really like it, there's certain aspect that can be improved. It was the animation. Seeing that this is adapted from game, I can say that standard is quite good but of course below high budget TV series. Still, I take what I can get. I am glad they make this series. I really like it. Hope someday they can make another great story like this. 

Rating : 9.5 of 10 stars


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Simple Words

Dear All,

I really like this words from Lucid 9 so I want to share it.

I think ... I've been here before
That's right. This ... is a familiar road
There's a sign at an intersection. I think. It's rickety and rusted.
Worn from use
There's no words on it. Just two arrows: one pointing forward, one pointing backward.
I'd ... just like to stay here.
A fork in the road... is such a dangerous thing
Left. Right. A one-time decision. And -- if it turns out that you run into an obstacle - then you'll find yourself wishing that you made the other choice
Then... don't you start overthinking everything ?
What if I'd taken the other road ?
What if the other road was worse ?
What if there was another road, if only I'd looked harder ?
What if I hadn't taken a road at all ?
What if I'd gone backwards ?

"Two words diverged in a wood and I -
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
A poem written by Robert Frost, originally intended to be a simple teasing joke.
A hint of playful satire at indecision
But people saw it as something else.
Even though they weren't poets, they started adding their own kinds of verses to the composition.
Independence. Individualism. Science, discovery, curiosity.
Free will and the human condition.
Poor Robert Frost. Suddenly, he had written an entirely different poem even without touching his pen.
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took --

"Here comes a candle to light you to bed.
Here comes a chopper to chop off your head
Chip chop chip chop, the last man's dead."

Sometimes ... I really wonder about children's nursery rhimes
Why do we let young kids listen to such twisted ideologies ?
Children aren't supposed to deal with that kind of stuff
They're supposed to be innocent...
Supposed to be ... innocent...

"Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and ..."
... ?
My world ... suddenly feels warm
What is that ?
Why is it happening ?
...I suddenly get the impression that I'm awake
I think someone's holding my hand. The tips of my fingers feel warm, like they're being cradled in a loving palm.
Everything else is blinding light that drills into the back of my eyes.
Home. Home is here.
Home ....

... I dream a little longer
My dreams are softer, now. A little more delicate, like lace instead of sandpaper.

... My eyes peel open, sluggishly, like they haven't done so for a decade.
My muscles feel weak and lifeless. Spindled slugs on a sidewalk. My throat's dry and my head is smarting.
So. Looks like I'm in the hospital.
I notice that a nurse is at my bedside, fiddling with the IV drip on the table. She seems... tired. Drawn eyes, tight frown.
I clear my throat to get her attention.


It's not my fault
I decide to say this to the mirror every morning, even if I don't believe it.
Maybe if I say it enough, maybe if I raise my chin and put my hands on my hips, maybe if I act like I believe it--then I'll believe it.
It's not my fault, it's not my fault, it's not my fault
I stare into my reflection, meaningless words pouring from my lips

Mirror, mirror, on the wall.. who's the most broken of them all ? 

It seems to whisper back

Broken you maybe, young man -- but I see one broken more still.
Someone with nothing but blood in his eyes and no person to love. Someone who fell into darkness until, one day, to ease his pain, he had suddenly become a serial killer.

Mirror, mirror ... Couldn't I have become that man myself ?

In another world --  a boy, damaged by an accident, growing up alone and reserved, with nothing but the shadows as his constant companion.
That boy could grow into a twisted teenager, who could grown into a twisted man.

... But I think I understand
None of that happened. What more do I need to worry about ?
Maybe I disfigured an innocent student. Maybe I stabbed a human being. Maybe I took part in a nightmare that never should have been dreamt.
But in this world -- in this circumstances -- I'm not a twisted, lonely little boy.
I grew up showered with love, surrounded by friends, given an ordinary school life.
The me standing here and now... wouldn't voluntarily lift a pipe or a knife to hurt someone without purpose.
Because I'm ... not anyone else.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Book Review: The Vastness of Us (2017)


When India Maxwell' mother Hayley decide to married a guy, India have to follow her mother plan. There she will live with her new stepfather Theo and his daughter, Eloise. Unexpected things happen and Finn, Eloise' boyfriend seems disliked her very much.


I think this is more likely as fiction novel than a romance novel from one of my favorite author, Samantha Young. The story is India is moving to Boston with her mother, Hayley. Hayley decide to married a wealthy man named Theo Fairweather and lived with him and his daughter Eloise. Eloise' boyfriend Finn Rochester seemed to disliked India and Eloise' friend seemed to back Eloise very much.

At first, India feels really lonely but as time passed, she started get to know Finn, Eloise' boyfriend. I feel like India is a bit aggresive to be Finn' friend because she felt she felt Finn had the same abusive father as she had. she had they had similar past and can be good friends because of that. Of course Finn seemed shocked. Later, when they kissed and India started to get away because she realize Finn is Eloise' boyfriend and she did not want to hurt her stepsister, Finn told her that Eloise is a gay and they just pretend their relationship because Finn want to put his father behind his back and Eloise can hide the truth that she is gay.

When things get tough because everyone accused India was stealing her stepsister' boyfriend, she asked Theo to help Finn. Theo decide Finn had to stay with his grandparents. It means that India had to have long distance relationship with Finn. She accepted it because she thought the most important things that Finn had the freedom from his father. That the right ending can be the happy ending too.

What confused me is the way Bryce, Eloise' friend can eavesdropped what Eloise talked to India in India' room and know that she is gay and spread the news through social media. It is kinda really nuts for me. I hope there is another drama, they all get to know about Eloise' sexual orientation than this way. Other than that, I think this is a pretty good frienship family drama book you can read this year. I recommend if you like frienship or family fiction book or if you like high school life book, You can try this. The writting is good, as usual. Samantha is good at the story plot. I enjoyed the story plot.

Rating: 4/5

Best regards,


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Book Review: Play On (2017)


Nora O'Brien had bitter past, she had to take care her sick dad and her mother work double job to cover their life. She married Jim at age 18 without know what she really wanted in life. Later Jim dead because brain aneurysm. She once meet music producer named Aidan Lennox but she married at that time. Later she meet again with Aidan yet after that, there is some issues and Aidan left her. They meet again later after 18 months and Aidan really mad with her and she had no idea what is really going on between them.


I really can't wait to read this book. First it is written by one of my favorite author Samantha Young and second it is the new series after On the Dublin Street series which I really liked so much. What I liked about this book is this book described Nora' thoughts really well, like what Nora really thinks about her future and what her doubts and worry about pursuing her love with Aidan. Nora had mature  thought like she wanted to feel self sufficient and self contentment by herself first. So, she did not seek self contentment from Aidan. Its really mature thought and quite unbelievable it is come from 22  year old girl named Nora O' Brien. I still thinking Nora should be age 27-28 with that maturity.

I like how they meet again at children hospital, while Aidan is Sylvie' uncle and they started to have feeling for each other. Its all sweet until Aidan childhood' friend Laine started created whole lies to separate them. I feel this Laine is really annoying. She disrupted their love-making two times and I can't believe how she created big lies and still both Aidan and Nora just believe her without really doubt and separate them for 18 months. I mean even Seonaid (Nora' friend and ex sister in law) knows Aidan was looking for her but lied to Nora and the next day after that "Big drama lies" created by Laine, Nora went back to Indiana her home at states. Why don't Nora stay at Scotland and wait Aidan at the studio or do some weird stalking to make sure what Laine said is right? I mean Laine is mean woman and Nora knew it. It just does not make sense to me. About Nora' father that keep the big sum of money for himself also did not make any sense to me. How could a father keep his daughter from school and let her waitresses and ruin her future? Honestly this does not make sense to me her father could do that to her, while it is pretty clear her father loved her so much.

Other than that, I enjoyed Nora and Aidan love story. I prefer they played more "love games", because they are sweet together and I prefer the story longer because the ending of this book is pretty rush for me. I hope there is a second book about Nora and Aidan' love story with pretty solid problem. Hopefully the author would continue this series with more realistic and serious problem. I still recommend this book if you liked romance book.

Rating: 4/5

Best regards,


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Game Review : Sunrider Liberation Day Captain's Edition

Dear all,

At last I managed to finish another great game. I really really like this game. I have played many great visual novel games. Still I really appreciate another great game. This is another gem from Sekai Project Humble Bundle. Since then I have buy many other great visual novel game. So their strategy to lure me become another visual novel lovers worked. 

Well, the story is sad and tragic one. Basically, Kayto Shields and Sunrider is the only military carrier from Cera planet that survived attack from PACT. The situation is very dire and it looks that there's no hope for him to survive and free Cera from PACT. But slowly he gain money, weapon, and pilots to plot strategy to free Cera. But most importantly he gained a strong ally in the name of Alliance. And the rest is history. Depend on player choice it can end in one or another way. 

Well, I don't really know how to clearly explain this. But this game was preclude by free game Sunrider Mask of Arcadius. So before someone play this game, they should play Sunrider Mask of Arcadius. Otherwise, they won't follow the story in this game because it was direct sequel. There are many choice that you can make in the game. You can choose to become pragmatist or an idealist. Depend on your choice, it will affect your weapon supply. I mean being nice to alliance will get you another weapon from alliance. But of course, it doesn't really matter since if you choose visual novel difficulty type, the enemy is piece of cake. 

For people worry that this is action type game, you have nothing to worry about. There's plenty slice of life in this game. I mean there's story that make you improve your relations with your pilots (aka harem). I have to warned though from what I heard this is not finished story because the ending is tragic (I refused to accept tragic ending). Hope the developer will make the next game to make official happy ending. But there's alternative story in the name of RETURN episodes. You will know about it when you play it. 

The graphic is good, the music is good, and the story is amazing. I really recommend this game for visual novel lovers or people who just want to play space opera game. Just choose higher difficulty level and it will become a challenge to win each battle. 

Rating : 9.5 of 10 stars


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Book Review: Without Merit (2017)


Merit Voss believe she had abnormal family. Cancer mother who lived in basement, a father who married her mother' nurse, gay brother, jealousy sister until one day she accidentaly want to suicide and that moment leads her to the truth about everything she never known before.


Collen Hoover is one of my favorite author. However, this book is different from her previous books. Seems like she wants to write something out from her usual zone. This books talks about a lot of things, atheism, Syria war, Syria refugee, gay, mental illness, depression and Jesus statue.

Merit fall in love at the first sight from Sagan, but Sagan seemed to be 'boyfriend' of her identical sister, Honor. Actually I feel this book is less romance and more to family issues and reality issues of whats world's had going on at the moment. I think that this book really want to talk a lot of things until it loses the focus of its story.

I can feel when the family start to amend whatever wrong and apologize each other and given hug. Yet other than that, I can't really see the point issue of the story. It is just Merit attempt to suicide because she can't handle the ugly truth of the family.

I did really enjoy Coho' romance book like Ugly Love, but this book really does not meet my expectation as romance book. It is more like family drama book.

Rating: 3.5/5

Best regards,


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Book Review: Hart's Broadwalk series by Samantha Young


Jessica Huntington served as doctor in woman prison. One day she found love letters from Sarah the prisoner to someone in Hartwell. Out of curiousity, she decided to deliver the love letters by herself. In Hartwell, she met the pub owner Cooper Lawson and fall in love with him. She found out what she really want in life.


Honestly this book is different than what I excpected from 'On the Dublin street' series. I love 'On the Dublin Street' series. Still, Samantha Young is one of my favorite author. I like her taste of romance.
I like how sweet the story between Jessica and Cooper. It provokes a lot of emotion here.

The thing that bother me is that I am not really enjoy that the every 'Cooper' chapter is told from third party point of view. I prefer it writes from Cooper' point of view rather than third party or writer' point of view. It is kinda disturbing for me. I prefer it is told from Jessica point of view alone or if writer decide to write from Cooper' POV, then writes it in Cooper' POV.

Rather than that, I enjoyed this book. Even tough I think this is not the best book of Samantha Young asI expected. Cooper Lawson is not hero-ine like Braden Carmichael. He is just ordinary pub owner. As I was reading, I realize he will not be my favorite man. Maybe for Jessica, but not for me.

Rating: 3.5/5


Bailey Hartwell is the owner of the inn she inherited. She disliked arrogan sexy businessman Vaughn Tremaine at first. Yet slowly, they started to love each other rather than hate.


I can see in this book, author tried to create more hero-ine alpha man character like Braden Carmichael in 'On the Dublin Street' series. Yet, I do not think it is success. Frankly said, I feel Vaughn Tremaine character is more likely as Christian Grey in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' series.
I disliked that the character of Vaughn Tremaine is not that strong and even the reason he scared to be fall in love is also not that reasonable enough for me.

The passion of love between Bailey and Vaughn might be the highlight of this book. Yet, I want more than just passion of love between them. I did not enjoy this book as the first book (Jessica and Cooper). The writting of the book is okay as I like Samantha' way of writing. I suggest the next book of this series will be Emery' love story and I expected some story that more original and have strong characteristic. Yet, if you want to know what happens between Cooper and Jessica, you can read this book, because they have the wedding at Vaughn' hotel. You can continue to know their story in this book.

Rating: 3/5.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Book Review: Truly Madly Guilty (2016)


Six peoples at barbeque, threee kids and one big event at barbeque that changed their life.


I was intrigue to read this book because I like tv series Big Little Lies so much. I actually never read the Big Little Lies book. I have to say that Liane Moriarty has good writing skill and good story line, it is smooth and makes you wants to keep reading. The thing that I did not enjoy is that the plot pretty slow and some unnecessary detail character description that I want to skip until I find important points to read.

I have to admit this book really provoke much thoughts and little feelings. The characters are so strong and they are very likely described in this book. I can see Liane is good character observant and she is very detail.

Over one hundred plus page, you still can not find what happens in the barbeque. But the writting makes you want to go with the flow until you find what truly happens in the barbeque. Tiffany, Vid and their kid named Dakota, Clementine and her husband Sam bring their kids Ruby and Holly and Oliver and Erika. One moment, When all adults talking. They shock to find Clementine daughter Ruby was drowning in the fountain. Yet she is saved by CPR by Oliver, Erika and Clementine. Ambulance arrived. Apparently, Holy is the one who push her sister because Ruby stole something belong to Holly. When that happens, There is neighbour who watch the barbeque from afar named Harry. Harry tried to shout to them yet, Erika wasn't aware and freeze in shock. Harry can't let Ruby drowning, so he ran very fast unfortunately he bumped to something and fall to death.

This book talks a lot about marriage, parenting, kids, sex and friendship. Like I said, this book provokes thoughts. Like when Erika, Clementine best friend asked her to help her do IVF, to be egg donor. Clementine agreed to be egg donor for Erika, tough inside her heart, she feel like heavy burden because biologically Erika' child will be her biological kid. Yet, she fill guilty if she did not help erika to be her egg donor, tough inside her heart she feel big dilemma. I personally think, Clementine should not force herself if she is not sure to be Erika's egg donor. If Erika really her best friend, she would not do something that one day would be Clementine' burden and regret.

Talking about marriage, since the barbeque happened, which is always be regretful by marriage couple Sam and Clementine. They blamed each other to what happened to Ruby, even before knowing Holly is the one who push her sister, mother in law also blamed Clementine because she is not paid much attention to her daughters. Eventually they forgived each other and continue their marriage instead of end it.

I also get friendship rivalry between Erika and Clementine. Tough they claimed to be best friends. But still, sometimes Erika did not want to admit that Clementine do better. I can feel Erika jealous to her best friend, Clementine. Until she did not care about Clementine' feeling and beg her to be her egg donor, because she also wanted a family with kids like Clementine had. This book exposed the ugliness behind each character. There is jealousy between marriage couple too. Like when Tiffany caught her husband Vid staring at Clementine, she felt jealous. Even we all know Clementine is mother of two daughters and wife to Sam.

This book makes me realize that peoples are complicated tough they wants to be displayed as simple by others. There always be ugliness in every people, because human is not perfect. Guilty is not the solution, it is the begining to regretful life. Try to forgive people and let it go like Clementine did eventually. If you liked Big Little Lies or you like very detailed characteristic book, This book definitely should be in your shelf. This book is complicated but hard to be put down.

Rating: 4/5 

Best regards,


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Game Review : The Confines of the Crown

Dear All, 

I just finished my next game which is The Confines of the Crown. Maybe from the images, you can guess that this is OELVN. What is OELVN ? OELVN is the short for Original English Language Visual Novel which mean it was not translated from Japanese Visual Novel. Some people may prefer Japanese Visual Novel but for me I like both of them. They have their own style. I buy this game recently from Steam Halloween Sale. 

The game is quite simple but not that simple. I mean you can only know the whole truth after you play all routes. In this game, you are Madeleine Valois, prince Oscar from Gweinor country. Your role is like butler. Basically you take care Oscar needs and prepare him to become future king by marrying princess from other countries. You can guess that Oscar loved us and want to marry us. But the situation was complicated. Don't worry though, we have other princes as choices. They are prince Callum, prince Nazagi, and prince Gaston. Depend on your choice, it will affect your ending whether good, bad, or normal. From my experience, prince Oscar and Callum happy ending is the most satisfying and proper one. The others are meh. 

There are nothing special with the graphic or sound. More likely that you will be disappointed if that's what you after. The story is quite short and you will have no trouble finishing all route. There are skip button to help you fast forward the same scene again and again. Overall, I find the story quite unbelievable but hey.. who play visual novel or any games for realism. Anyway, I recommend this game for people looking for light and simple visual novels. And get this game only on sale. It's not worth its full price. 

Rating : 6 of 10 stars


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Film Review: THe Big Sick (2017)


Kumail Nanjani is a Pakistani stand up comedian. One day he met Emily and both of them start their romance. Regardless their cultural and race difference and the sickness of Emily, they try to survive their love story.


I like this film a lot. I did not expect this film will rock my heart and emotion. I cried and laugh a lot. The stand up comedy itself are good, makes me laugh. The relationship between Kumail and Emily also good, it feels natural and sweet. This film really caught me to keep watching this film and I did enjoy it.

I cried when Kumail gave bad performance during Montreal audition because he admit his feeling to Emily' sickness. I like how Kumail choose to chase his dream to be stand up comedian. He is really talented.

I really recommend this film if you like stand up comedy, romance or sweet drama. This film will absolutely caught your emotion like it did to me.

Rating: 8.3/10

Best regards,


Film review: The Lost city of Z (2016)


British explorer named Percy Fawcett journey to Amazon to find the lost city of Z.


The story of this film is simple, it is about the ambition of British explorer named Percy Fawcett to Amazon to find the lost city of Z. In his journey, he lost friends, see friend died because of Piranha and meet ancient Indian in Amazon. He even mingle with them.

Later He brought his son with him to find the city Z but has never come back. Some claim Fawcett already find the city Z. Who really knows what exactly happens to him because the ending is bias and unclear.

This film is entertaining. Only I don't like the unfinished ending, I am curious what city Z looks like. Percy Fawcett devoted his life to find Z, even he sacrifice his family, to be apart a long time with his wife, in order to go his journey to Amazon. It is a big sacrifice to something that is not really exactly known whether its exist or not.

If you like adventurous film, you can try to watch this film. It is a good cast and plot too.

Rating: 7/10

Best regards,


Monday, October 30, 2017

Film Review: Baywatch (2017)


Baywatch team leaded by Mitch find out there is drug under the yacth. They work together to solve this case.


This is the comedy action drama. Brody is newly lifeguard of Baywatch team. Eventually he can work with Mitch. Mitch suspected Leeds is secretly doing drugs business. Later during Mitch hiatus, Brody doing his investigation and find out the drugs under below part of the yacht. He is being captured by Leeds and eventually Mitch come to save him.

The story is pretty simple but surrounded with jokes. Some dirty jokes and others no so really funny jokes. I don't find anything meaningful from this film, it is just comedy film to me.

When I was teenager, I watch couple of baywatch series episodes and sometimes I like how they save peoples' live. This film is not what I've expected from Baywatch' film.

If you really like comedy film, maybe this film might suit you.

Rating: 6/10.

Best regards,


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Film Review: Rememory (2017)


Gordon Dunn suddenly died in his office. Sam Bloom determined to find out what behind his death using his memory machine.


This film is about the memory machine which can save anyone' memories developed by scientific pioneered Gordon Dunn. Suddenly he died and Sam Bloom as the person who ever meet with Gordon  and has his bad memory about past accident recorded in Gordon' memory machine.

Sam talked with each person that has the memory fragment in Gordon' machine. This film is pretty slow. Each character has their own story about Gordon and their disklike and deceitfulness. I find this film takes long time before finally reach the answer what caused Gordon' death.

Some people has memory they want to erased from their mind. Something they don't want to remember for the rest of their life. Its our own choice and it should not be determined by the memory machine.

Although this film is slow and a bit boring, its still entertaining film if you really like scientific drama film or you like peter dinklage' acting.

Rating: 7/10

Best regards,


Game Review : Lucid9 Inciting Incident

Dear All, 

Now I would like to review another good visual novel. It was called Lucid9 Inciting Incident. Don't ask me why Lucid9. I thought it was explained somewhere in Steam thread discussion but I kind of forget it. Lucid9 Inciting Incident is just part one. It was like common route before you have to choose one of the girls to become your main character romance partner. Currently there's no voice acting but developers (Fallen Snow Studios) are trying to make the voice acting besides creating the continuation. Well let's get on with the story

At first Lucid9 is look like your ordinary high school slice of life story. But don't get fooled. From the prologue, you can see some grotesque murder scenes. Well not graphically of course. But when you see it, you will understand what I mean. The story takes place in Isamu, metropolis fictional town in "Japan". It was revolved around rich students at prestigious boarding school (I am sorry but I forget the school name). The main character is Yama Ishimoto. He is third year and quite "unmotivated and depressed" student. He doesn't really like to study and lack of ambition. Despite that, he has some friends that really care for him. You can say that he is very lucky for people with his nature. Another character is Yahiko Ikari, son of Lemniscate BOD conglomerate group, Misaki Kazehaya, model, Masato, workaholic and smart student, and last but not least Rui Hayata, his childhood friend. Of course, there are other characters but I won't name all of them. You don't want me to spoil the story, do you ?! ^^

Well, for a while, it was quite peace in the school until there are several missing students that turn out to be death. It looks like there are serial killers that targeting the students. Somehow, one day you were asked to assist with the investigation and the story goes on from there. Like I said in the beginning, you should not get fooled with the humor and bright scene. Actually it's gonna become darker and darker from here. But, if you can ignore some violent scenes (not graphic of course), it was very great visual novels. I have to warned though most people don't like the ending. Personally for me, it was quite interesting and twisted. Surprisingly, I find that I care with all characters except the bad guys at the end, especially our character Yama Ishimoto. His monologue is very sad. Maybe I can see some similarity between myself and him. Both of us live an unhappy life for the sake of living. Both of us have lost our innocence. Maybe if we took the other path, things will be different. But of course, there's no maybe in this life. 

Back to the ending, depend on the second part, the game could become more amazing. Of course the writers have to tread carefully with the way it ended in Lucid9 Inciting Incident. Anyway, the music is not really that great but quite good. But the music at the end is very fitting and beautiful. The graphic is quite good too. I can feel the staffs love for this project, especially considering this is free. Anyway, I really recommend this game for visual novel lovers. It was quite refreshing from my other "heavy" visual novel games. It is light but not ordinary. I find that I have special place for this game.

I really like this monologue Simple Words

Rating : 8.5 of 10 stars 


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Film review: The Circle (2017)


Mae Holland get the job at The Circle from her friend, Annie. Mae works as Customer experiences. Later Mae feels that The Circle controlling her life and she starts to feel lost of privacy of her life, especially after the death of her best friend, Mercer.


This film is intense, in my opinion. The music in this film makes the film more thriller. Mae is getting a permanent job after perviously work as temp staff. She is happy when her friend Anne get her job as Customer Experiences at The Circle, the big company you ever imagine.

I like the high-tech environment of The Circle. You will be amaze too when you see how big and modern The Circle is. One day Mae attend Tom presentation, SeeChange, which one of The circle product which is uses small camera anywhere to make real time video.

Later Mae go kayaking and be saved by cops who can see her through SeeChange app. At one SeeChange presentation, after capture one prisoner using SeeChange, folks asked her to find Mercer using SeeChange and while they are chasing Mercer, Mercer trapped to car accident which cause his death.

Mae feels remose of his death and she really feels she does not have privacy in her life.

I really can't say I enjoy this film. The acting is good and the music and plot are fine. I recommend this film if you are thriller/sci-fi thriller seekers. This one might suits you.

Rating:  7/10.

Kind regards,


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Game Review : Root Double Before Crimes After Day Xtend edition

Dear All,

It's been long time since I last review visual novel games. I have just finished my last game which is Root Double Before Crimes After Days. I don't know how to explain the games. It just wonderful. I mean after playing many visual novel games, you kind of expecting more and more. And I can say with confidence that Root Double Before Crimes really deliver what I want. It was just that great. Well, the game itself is quite unique. I mean basically there are 2 protagonists. The first one is Watase Kasasagi, Elite Rescue Squad Captain and the second one is BC junior high school Natsuhiko Tenkawa. They don't know each other but their path crossed when the event in the game happened. The story is about what truly happened at LABO when there are many explosions. Is it nuclear meltdown ? terrorist ? sabotage ? or something else. The truth is darker than what have been told. Everyone have their own mystery and secrets. 

You can only find the truth after you finish all the routes. Basically there are 4 routes. The first route is what's happening at the moment. It was told from Watase perspective. The second routes tell story several days before it happened from Natsuhiko perspective. The third routes tell about the first route from Natsuhiko perspective. And the last route (maybe ???) is everyone working together to solve the problem. Why I said maybe ?? Because until I make this post, I still haven't finished the true ending. Why ?? I try to get the true ending but it was quite confusing. There are so many options (in the name of sense sympathy) that you have to make. One mistake and you were strayed from the path of true ending. I doubt people can get true ending without walk through. But from what I read about true ending, it really worth it. Hopefully I can get the true ending soon. The game itself is quite long. I mean even after playing for about 35 hours, I still haven't managed to get true ending and playing xtend episodes. 

The graphic and the music is really memorable. I mean the mood of the game really amplifies because of the music. I doubt the experience will be that great without the music. Another great aspect is voice acting. The developer (Yesti, Regista) really spare no expense for the voice acting. I applaud the seiyus for giving great performance. This is one hell of great visual novel. I can imagine the staffs pour all their efforts to make this awesome game. 

Of course despite all great points about this game, I still have some criticism. First, it was quite difficult. I don't mean difficult in sense of moving forward. More like difficult in terms to get true ending. You kind have to replay it again and again. Fortunately there's skip and jump. Still it feels like an unnecessary obstacle. Second, some people may not like the story. and ending. How to say this, it feels quite naive and yet provocative at the same time. But I cannot explain it clearly. I may not being rational here. Overall, I really recommend this amazing and unique visual novel. Cannot wait for another game from this developer. 

Rating : 9.5 of 10 stars


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Game Review : World End Economica

                                             World End Economica Episode 1 Opening

                                            World End Economica Episode 2 Opening

                                             World End Economica Episode 3 Opening

Dear All,

I am back. Currently I am quite busy with my job so I cannot post review as often as before. But still I hope to post routinely. Now I would like to review this great visual novel games. Maybe from the tittle, you can guess that this game have something to do with economics. You guess right, this game is not your ordinary visual novel game. But in this game, you learn many things about economy and stocks. Stock ? Yes that stocks.

In this game, we play as young immigrant boy from earth nick name Hal. This game take setting in the moon. Many companies and wealthy individuals have move into the moon to improve their life. Well, who don't want to leave crowded earth after all ^^. Well, the truth is moon have their own problems. There are many poor people and the gap between the elite rich and poor are very big. The story is about the journey of our protagonist using stock to improve his life and people close to him and fulfill his dream.

This game is divided on 3 episodes. The timeline is about 8 years with 4 years in between episodes. There aren't voice actings but the graphic, sound, and story make up for it. I really like it. It was quite unpredictable and twisted. You can feel the pain and sorrow of the characters. It was quite slow at the beginning but after that it really going on. I like that they changed the appearance for the characters between episodes. It makes things refreshing. The ending itself is quite sweet (after so many tenses). I really like it even though you may or may not agree with some element in the story. Anyway, I really recommend this game for people who like visual novel games and the economy is a bonus. You don't have to worry that the economy will overwhelm you. It was explained in simple way that easy to be understand.

Rating : 9 of 10 stars



Thursday, September 28, 2017

Film Review: A Family Man (2016)


Dane Jensen work as headhunter in company. He need to reach the target or he could lost his job. He worked very hard to keep the target given by his boss. He even doesn't have time for his family. One day, his son is diagnosed with cancer. He starts to spent much time with his family and begin to prioritize what is important in his life.


The idea of this film is good to remind hard working man to spent more time with his family before it is really taken away from him. This film is really dominated by the acting of Gerard Butler, he really gives his best in this film.

I enjoyed this film, how Dane and his wife, Elise fight over what is important to be prioritized. They often caught fight of who makes more money and who covers for the family. Elise spent her time as a full time three kids mom, while Dane has career as succesful headhunter. While Dane is pretty arogant when fight over who makes more money, Dane himself is a good headhunter, he never give up to help Lou, a 59 years old who always get rejected worked in anywhere because of his age.

Dane spent much time with his son Ryan, after he is diagnosed with cancer and because of this, his boss ed fire him. After get fired, Dane create his own headhunter company at home and spent his time  for his family.

While the story is pretty good, I really did not feel the climax of this film, I expect some real climax at the ending, but it just ends like that and I pretty dissapointed with the ending. I mean in real life, who does not want to work at home and spent much time with family? While in reality, life can't be that easier. Life expenses keep running like water flowing. Let's say, Dane started new company, with his wife as full time mom and three kids, how long Dane' savings could covered for all of them until his business succeed ? That's why I think the ending is too fairy tale and not really impress me. Yet, I still recommend this film if you like Gerard Butler or you like drama or family melodrama.

Rating: 6.5/10

Thanks for reading.

Kind regards,


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Game Review : Memory's Dogma CODE: 01

Review :

It's been some time since I play this game. I buy this game from Bundle Sekai Project. It's the second game that I play after Fault Milestone Series. I can say that this game doesn't make me fall in love like Fault Milestone Series. They have different theme and style after all. Still it was a good and interesting game in its own way. The story is about memory and supernatural related science fiction. The setting was Japan in the future where you can store the memory and "communicate" with deceased person up to 5 days. Personally, after playing Fault, I can see that the graphic is quite average (not bad) and the sound is nothing memorable. Basically this is great visual novel but nothing unique. But I have to point out though that the voice actor is amazing.

One thing I have to warned is that there are some violent scenes. It's not graphic but ... I find it quite disturbing for my own self. Well I have low tolerance for violent scene after all. The characters are quite bland. I don't know how to express it but I don't really care for them or maybe I am just too tired to care about them after playing amazing Fault series game. The story itself is quite good and unpredictable but a little boring. Maybe some of you guys can guess that this is part one. So it means that the ending is open ending. But I like this kind of ending as long as it's not leave a bad taste.

I recommend this game for people who like to dwell with science fiction story.

Review : 7 of 10 stars


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

MSC Indonesia: ... and the winner is...

Mobile Legends Southeast Championship that held in Taman Anggrek mal, Jakarta, Indonesia from 1-3rd September 2017.

I did not come to Taman Anggrek because I am not live in Jakarta at the moment, yet I watch it live from youtube. I even did not realized there is MSC border event because I am too intense watching these matches and I got something else to do in my real life.

My favorite from the start is I Do Not Sleep (INDS) from Thailand. I like their teamwork and their playing skills. Yet I also really hope Saint Indo can go through big 3.

Saint Indo lost the first match against Impunity from Singapore and then win from E8 from indonesia but lost again to Solid Gaming Alpha from Philipines.

I do not sleep squad also lost 1 time from salty salad but at the grand final, they can beat Salty Salad and become 1st winner. I personally liked how they can learnt from enemy strategy by using estes as support and beat their rafaela strategy. The bad side using Estes/Rafaela is the other team members need to protect estes/rafaela from enemies, because either estes/rafaela will be 1st prey because they really support and give life to other members. Therefore, other teammate need to show their teamwork and protect each other, especially estes/rafaela.

I think the winner is not the one who never lost, but the one who can get up from their lost and do another strategy to win.

Congratulation I Do Not Sleep !!

Kind regards,


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Book Review: Ten tiny breaths series by K.A. Tucker (2012)

Book 1: Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker


This is the love story between Kacey and Trent. Kacey has lost her parents and bestfriend and her boyfriend during car accident many years ago. It turtn that Trent is in the car of someone who crush Kacey' car. Dr Stayner as Kacey and Trent' shrink help them to forgive each other and start their romance.

Rating: 4/5

Book 2: One Tiny Lie by K.A. Tucker


Livie as Kacey' sister always plan for her life. She wants to live the life that her parents might be proud of her. She wants to enter Princeton and be pediatrician. After she met Ashton, she fall in love with him while she still in relationship with Connor, Ashton' roomate and Livie' life was about to change after she had first night with Asthon. Dr Stayner help Kacey get through when her life is about to fall.

I feel like Dr. Stayner role in Livie' life is really unnecessary. What Livie been through as a college student is realy normal in my opinion.

Rating: 3/5

Book 3: Four seconds to lose by K.A. Tucker


At first, this story was interesting but the ending I think its pretty rush or just not really as I was expected. Cain in love with Charlie because she remind him of his first love, Penny. She later leave cain, because of his stepfather, Sam keep put her life to danger with his drug business. Later when Cain investigate Charlie, it is known that Charlie is only 18 years old girl and she still accept her and it is unknown her real name beside we know her as Charlie, her fake identity.

Honestly, the idea of story is pretty interesting but the detail is lost here and there.

Rating: 3.5/5

I hope this helps when you want to read K.A. Tucker books. I still read the book 4, Five ways to fall, I will update later when I finish that book.

Note: I slightly read the 0.5 book, title In her wake, I just saw that book in a glimpse, that book is telling about how Trent recover from his traumatic with Dr. Stayner' help. He changed his real name because he can't stand to live as old him and show his struggle to pass his traumatic after cause Kacey lost his family, bestfriends and boyfriend, also him losing his bestfriends. The story is pretty boring for me. But if you really curious what behind Trent' background, I should say you should read this book.

Thanks for reading.



Sunday, August 27, 2017

Film Review : Gundam 00 Awakening Of The Trailblazer

Dear All,

Now I would like to review Gundam 00 movie called Gundam 00 : Awakening of the Trailblazer. Well, this is an old movie but at that time, anime movie was still not broadcasted in my country until CGV. I am grateful for CGV for the subsequent anime movie broadcasted after that. This movie is the continuation from anime Gundam 00 second season. It was set 2 years later with Sherman Descartes as the second innovater after Setsuna F. Seiei (the protagonist). Now after 2 years, there are many progress for Earth Federation side with them being able to replicate most Celestial Being technology. But with that, comes along new enemy and they have to fight for humanity suvival.

I say that the first half of the movie is quite slow. For people who want action, they have to wait until second half. I understand that they try to create backstory but it was too long. They can replace most of the scene and nothing will change. But when it's going, it's really going. The action is top notch. I really like the battle. It was very tense. You can feel the hope, struggle, and the spirit. Besides, there are several deaths for our beloved characters. It was quite sad. Well, I have spoiled enough. They say the rest is history.

The main characters are still the same. They use the same voice actors. I don't know why but I feel little different in their voices. It feels like they tone down their voice. I prefer the original voice. The plot itself is quite not Gundam. I mean this is the first time Gundam involving alient in their fight for peace. But I like that. Keep using the same formula will be boring after all. And don't ask me about the alient because I am not alient expert. LOL. Overall, the animation, music, and style is the same with Gundam 00 TV series. So, people who love Gundam 00 will love this one if they can get pass it into second half. I like the addition of epilogue. It really close the story well. Of course, they can always make another story. It was full of potential after all.

Rating : 7 of 10 stars


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Film Review : K Missing Kings

Dear All, 

Now I would like to review about movie tittle K Missing Kings. This movie is an old one from 2014 (if I am not wrong). But I decide to review it now because I just watch it. For some reason, I cannot watch it at that time. So, I am very grateful to be able to watch it now. This movie is continuation from anime tittle K. I quite like the anime even though it was quite short. In this movie, we have the same characters (even dead characters came back via dream ^^). Besides, there's also new antagonist characters. 

The movie tell story about Mihasihara Tower assault. On rainy night, certain group attack Mihasihara Tower (it was in Gold Clan territory). Because of this, Blue clan was called to help but unfortunately they cannot do anything except doing blockade (they don't want to violate other clan territory). It was revealed that this group is after certain thing that have been guarded for a long time. When the good guys think that bad guys gonna win, certain new King appear and the rest is history. 

Let say that I really like this movie but of course things could have been better. I really like the bad guys. I don't know how to describe it but characters are the strong points from K and K Missing Kings and its subsequent sequel K Return of Kings, after the animation. They really make every characters unique. You care about all of them. Unfortunately the story is quite pale. I mean it have interesting promise, but the execution are short of expectation. Let's not talk about the ending. They clearly make it with the sequel in mind because of cliff hanger. Overall, this is top notch anime movie. The production team clearly spare no expense for the animation, graphic, sound, and voice actors. They use many famous voice actors for his movie after all, like Mamoru Miyano, Tomokazu Sugita, Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Ono, Masakaya Matsukaze, Kenji Tsuda, Kaori Nazuka, Yui Horie, etc

Anyway, I really recommend this movie for K lovers or anime lovers or people who just want to watch action anime.

Rating : 8 of 10.  


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Game Review: Mobile Legends


This is not so new game moba 5 vs. 5. This game is booming right now and getting bigger and bigger. They will conduct the grand final southeast asia at Mal Taman Anggrek 1-3rd September. They already have qualification later in each country to have total 8 teams. The total prize is $100,000 USD total. Which details as below:

Prize Pool Distribution:

Champion: US$50,000

2nd Place: US$25,000

3rd Place: US $ 10,000

4th Place: US$6,000

5th-6th Place: US$3000 * 2

7th-8th Place: US$1,500 * 2

I thought it should be divided by 5 as each team has 5 members. Lets say US50,000, so each member will earn US$10,000. It is quite a lot for gaming competition.

Last time when elimination contest to select 2 teams in Jakarta, Gandaria. The champion no 1 get IDR40,000,000, so each member can earn IDR8,000,000 (8 million IDR), 50,000 diamonds (to buy skins and stuff in game) and handphone OPPO. It is quite a lot for gaming competititon. This game is absolutely earn a lot that they can give total price USD100,000 in competition.

I played this game since around february and I have to say I enjoyed pretty much. But lately I have burn out to play rank games, because it seems hard for me to continue to raise my star ranks. Especially if I have bad teams or rude teams. Currently I am at Epic rank and I want to take rest, because no matter how hard I tried to push Legends, I am always stuck at Epic. I am grateful to be at Epic, at least I tried hard to be in Epic :)

This game is pretty competitive and need right teammate and strategy. When you lost rank game, you will lose stars too. I recommend this game if you really liked dota. I never played dota but I heard it is similar to dota, the difference that this is mobile, so you could play anywhere you feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, though this game is pretty competitive and addicting, the lagging always bother me. I need to stay near to the wifi router everytime I played this game, because this game need really a lot of internet data bandwith. Some friends decide to retire this game because they can't afford to purchase a lot of data internet.

My rating: 8/10.

Best regards,


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Film Review: Everything, Everything


Madeline had immuno-deficiency disease  meaning she can't go out from the house this 17 years because she will die if she affected with virus or bacteria from outside. Later she saw a guy from neighbourhood named Olly, he gives her his number and they begin to contact each other since.


Maddy likes Olly, the boy from neighbourhood who likes to notice her since the first time. He sent the cake to her house and gives her his number. Since then they contacted each other. Olly always convince her that although she sick, she still can experiences what healthy people experienced, love.
they're kissed and they texting each other.

Oneday, Maddy said to Olly that she wanted to see the ocean. Later, Olly decorated her room with all of oceans wallpapers. Maddy run from house to Olly and they both go to Hawaii. Maddy became sick in Hawaii and have to go hospital, later she come back home. Maddy received call from hospital from Hawaii and she found out that she never really had STID the autoimmune deficiency disease, it is just her mother scenario that she sicked and she need to be always at home. Her mother become protective of her because she did not want to lose Maddy again after losing her father and sibling. Later Maddy come to New York to reconcile with Olly.

I thought this story is too impossible to be true. I mean what kind of mother to treat her daughter that way, her daughter not even can have proper school. I don't think Maddy' mother really care the future of her daughter. This is the teenager love story, this is still good love story, with good actor and actress, this is entertaining love story. I recommend any teenager who likes love story to watch this film.

Rating: 7/10

Best Regards,