Thursday, November 2, 2017

Film Review: THe Big Sick (2017)


Kumail Nanjani is a Pakistani stand up comedian. One day he met Emily and both of them start their romance. Regardless their cultural and race difference and the sickness of Emily, they try to survive their love story.


I like this film a lot. I did not expect this film will rock my heart and emotion. I cried and laugh a lot. The stand up comedy itself are good, makes me laugh. The relationship between Kumail and Emily also good, it feels natural and sweet. This film really caught me to keep watching this film and I did enjoy it.

I cried when Kumail gave bad performance during Montreal audition because he admit his feeling to Emily' sickness. I like how Kumail choose to chase his dream to be stand up comedian. He is really talented.

I really recommend this film if you like stand up comedy, romance or sweet drama. This film will absolutely caught your emotion like it did to me.

Rating: 8.3/10

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