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Book Review: Truly Madly Guilty (2016)


Six peoples at barbeque, threee kids and one big event at barbeque that changed their life.


I was intrigue to read this book because I like tv series Big Little Lies so much. I actually never read the Big Little Lies book. I have to say that Liane Moriarty has good writing skill and good story line, it is smooth and makes you wants to keep reading. The thing that I did not enjoy is that the plot pretty slow and some unnecessary detail character description that I want to skip until I find important points to read.

I have to admit this book really provoke much thoughts and little feelings. The characters are so strong and they are very likely described in this book. I can see Liane is good character observant and she is very detail.

Over one hundred plus page, you still can not find what happens in the barbeque. But the writting makes you want to go with the flow until you find what truly happens in the barbeque. Tiffany, Vid and their kid named Dakota, Clementine and her husband Sam bring their kids Ruby and Holly and Oliver and Erika. One moment, When all adults talking. They shock to find Clementine daughter Ruby was drowning in the fountain. Yet she is saved by CPR by Oliver, Erika and Clementine. Ambulance arrived. Apparently, Holy is the one who push her sister because Ruby stole something belong to Holly. When that happens, There is neighbour who watch the barbeque from afar named Harry. Harry tried to shout to them yet, Erika wasn't aware and freeze in shock. Harry can't let Ruby drowning, so he ran very fast unfortunately he bumped to something and fall to death.

This book talks a lot about marriage, parenting, kids, sex and friendship. Like I said, this book provokes thoughts. Like when Erika, Clementine best friend asked her to help her do IVF, to be egg donor. Clementine agreed to be egg donor for Erika, tough inside her heart, she feel like heavy burden because biologically Erika' child will be her biological kid. Yet, she fill guilty if she did not help erika to be her egg donor, tough inside her heart she feel big dilemma. I personally think, Clementine should not force herself if she is not sure to be Erika's egg donor. If Erika really her best friend, she would not do something that one day would be Clementine' burden and regret.

Talking about marriage, since the barbeque happened, which is always be regretful by marriage couple Sam and Clementine. They blamed each other to what happened to Ruby, even before knowing Holly is the one who push her sister, mother in law also blamed Clementine because she is not paid much attention to her daughters. Eventually they forgived each other and continue their marriage instead of end it.

I also get friendship rivalry between Erika and Clementine. Tough they claimed to be best friends. But still, sometimes Erika did not want to admit that Clementine do better. I can feel Erika jealous to her best friend, Clementine. Until she did not care about Clementine' feeling and beg her to be her egg donor, because she also wanted a family with kids like Clementine had. This book exposed the ugliness behind each character. There is jealousy between marriage couple too. Like when Tiffany caught her husband Vid staring at Clementine, she felt jealous. Even we all know Clementine is mother of two daughters and wife to Sam.

This book makes me realize that peoples are complicated tough they wants to be displayed as simple by others. There always be ugliness in every people, because human is not perfect. Guilty is not the solution, it is the begining to regretful life. Try to forgive people and let it go like Clementine did eventually. If you liked Big Little Lies or you like very detailed characteristic book, This book definitely should be in your shelf. This book is complicated but hard to be put down.

Rating: 4/5 

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