Thursday, November 2, 2017

Film review: The Lost city of Z (2016)


British explorer named Percy Fawcett journey to Amazon to find the lost city of Z.


The story of this film is simple, it is about the ambition of British explorer named Percy Fawcett to Amazon to find the lost city of Z. In his journey, he lost friends, see friend died because of Piranha and meet ancient Indian in Amazon. He even mingle with them.

Later He brought his son with him to find the city Z but has never come back. Some claim Fawcett already find the city Z. Who really knows what exactly happens to him because the ending is bias and unclear.

This film is entertaining. Only I don't like the unfinished ending, I am curious what city Z looks like. Percy Fawcett devoted his life to find Z, even he sacrifice his family, to be apart a long time with his wife, in order to go his journey to Amazon. It is a big sacrifice to something that is not really exactly known whether its exist or not.

If you like adventurous film, you can try to watch this film. It is a good cast and plot too.

Rating: 7/10

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