Saturday, November 11, 2017

Book Review: Without Merit (2017)


Merit Voss believe she had abnormal family. Cancer mother who lived in basement, a father who married her mother' nurse, gay brother, jealousy sister until one day she accidentaly want to suicide and that moment leads her to the truth about everything she never known before.


Collen Hoover is one of my favorite author. However, this book is different from her previous books. Seems like she wants to write something out from her usual zone. This books talks about a lot of things, atheism, Syria war, Syria refugee, gay, mental illness, depression and Jesus statue.

Merit fall in love at the first sight from Sagan, but Sagan seemed to be 'boyfriend' of her identical sister, Honor. Actually I feel this book is less romance and more to family issues and reality issues of whats world's had going on at the moment. I think that this book really want to talk a lot of things until it loses the focus of its story.

I can feel when the family start to amend whatever wrong and apologize each other and given hug. Yet other than that, I can't really see the point issue of the story. It is just Merit attempt to suicide because she can't handle the ugly truth of the family.

I did really enjoy Coho' romance book like Ugly Love, but this book really does not meet my expectation as romance book. It is more like family drama book.

Rating: 3.5/5

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