Saturday, November 4, 2017

Game Review : The Confines of the Crown

Dear All, 

I just finished my next game which is The Confines of the Crown. Maybe from the images, you can guess that this is OELVN. What is OELVN ? OELVN is the short for Original English Language Visual Novel which mean it was not translated from Japanese Visual Novel. Some people may prefer Japanese Visual Novel but for me I like both of them. They have their own style. I buy this game recently from Steam Halloween Sale. 

The game is quite simple but not that simple. I mean you can only know the whole truth after you play all routes. In this game, you are Madeleine Valois, prince Oscar from Gweinor country. Your role is like butler. Basically you take care Oscar needs and prepare him to become future king by marrying princess from other countries. You can guess that Oscar loved us and want to marry us. But the situation was complicated. Don't worry though, we have other princes as choices. They are prince Callum, prince Nazagi, and prince Gaston. Depend on your choice, it will affect your ending whether good, bad, or normal. From my experience, prince Oscar and Callum happy ending is the most satisfying and proper one. The others are meh. 

There are nothing special with the graphic or sound. More likely that you will be disappointed if that's what you after. The story is quite short and you will have no trouble finishing all route. There are skip button to help you fast forward the same scene again and again. Overall, I find the story quite unbelievable but hey.. who play visual novel or any games for realism. Anyway, I recommend this game for people looking for light and simple visual novels. And get this game only on sale. It's not worth its full price. 

Rating : 6 of 10 stars


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