Thursday, October 13, 2016

Skin Care : Lip Ice Butter Ice Cream Matcha

Dear Guys, 

Now I want to share about my new lip butter which is Lip Ice Butter Ice Cream Matcha from ROHTO. I know I know that it is very unusual for me to share about my skin care products. But still I want to share about it because I am not someone whom like to buy skin care or cosmetic or fashion products. I used to do it but have stopped since then because I realized my skin is quite sensitive so I cannot buy cosmetic or skin care like before. I have to choose the products very carefully. 

My skin is very prone to acne. So after trial and error, applying varying cosmetic and skin care product. I choose the ones whom contained Matcha, green tea, aloe vera, bamboo, and etc. Normally, I don't really care about lip butter. But when I see it on Carrefour, I quickly get it because this is the first time I find lip butter matcha. I really love Matcha. Please don't ask me why because I don't know it myself. After I went home, I try to apply the lip butter. It was not what I expected. Instead of Matcha, it was more like Green Tea. For people who don't know even though Matcha is also one form of Green Tea, it was different. I am quite disappointed because it was not cheap. Still I like it because it feels very special. 

I can proudly say that I am Matcha lover ^^. Anyway, the texture itself is very soft. It was quite smooth on the lips. It was not too heavy but also not too light. My lip is quite dry. So I supposed I really need one and it really helps my appearance. He he. But maybe I wont't purchase it again because it was quite expensive compare to its peers ^^.

Have a nice day everyone. See you next time ^^


nb : Once again sorry for my incorrect grammar. I try to do my best. But if I care about grammar too much, I feel like I won't post my next post because my English are very bad. 


  1. Your English is just fine.

    You can also make your own lip butter. It's pretty easy. I make all my own lotions now (although I have not made the lip butter because I rarely use it.) I have made it once using cocoa butter. Now, that smelled very nice! :>)

  2. Wow you must be really great. I mean it never occurs to me to really make my own skin care. I always want to do it. But in my country it was quite difficult to find the ingredients. Even if you can find it, it was quite expensive. So, it was cheaper just to buy it ^^

  3. Not great at all. It is cheaper to make my own!


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