Sunday, October 30, 2016

Book Review : The Wager by Allen Kent

Dear guys, 

At last, I finished this book. It have been a long time since I get this book after it was selected from Kindle Scout. At first I have little problem with downloading it from Kindle Scout but managed to get it solved and read it. Now I am ready for my review. 

Synopsis : 

While investigating an extortion scheme involving high-priced call girls and some of America's most powerful politicians, special agent Adam Zak becomes embroiled in a deadly plot to manipulate the election of the next president of the United States.

During the run-up to the primaries, Zak, with the help of his former girlfriend and systems analyst Dreu Sason, must disentangle a web of murder, blackmail, and political intrigue. With the fate of the nation hanging in the balance, can they answer the all-important questions of "Who can we trust?" and "How can we know?" before it’s too late?
Review : 

To be honest, this story is not what I expected. I hope I don't give any spoiler but you can never be sure. Read at your own risk. I quite like the main character because he is not preaching about justice or moral but just doing his job. He do what he have to do. And more importantly he is not perfect. The other characters are also very great but I believe it was a little too many. Because of that I feel they lack backbone. And for the story it was good, but a little strange. I mean with many bombings, you expect there would be chaos especially near the election, but no, in fact nothing happen. Make you think FBI, Home Security, and other teams are sleeping. 

Despite all of that, I feel the author are quite toning down his story compare to other thrillers author that have their own "vision". It was not something bad, in fact I love it. I don't like to read story with hidden agenda. Still some questions were left unanswered. Anyway, I love his style with many different perspective from different characters. It could have been better but over all I feel satisfied with this story. I recommend this for people who want to read light thriller story. 

My ratings : 4 of 5



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