Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Does It Matter ? Should You Care ?

Dear guys,

It have been sometime since I last write regarding my thoughts about things that happen in my life. I was not born in rich family. In fact I feel that I am not lucky in my life. Still I feel the need to be grateful with everything that have happened in my life including bad things. Recently I ask question on Quora whether you want to go back to change your past mistakes. Surprisingly most people answered that they don't want to change their past because it what makes them, the way they are. Only one person answer he wants to change their haunted past mistakes. All of us makes mistakes. Even when you think that you have learned the lesson, you still make the same mistakes. Like gambler, drug addict, drunker, liar, cheater, etc. They keep making the same mistakes again and again despite the consequences.

Despite all of that, some people choose to embrace and move on. Some people choose not to care about it. Some people choose to withdrawn. Each people made their own choice. Some choice lead to best ending. Some lead to good ending. And some lead to bad ending. We often heard that people who make good choice have a happy ending in their life. And vice versa. But what about people who made good choice and still have bad ending ? What about people who work hard all their life only have to be cheated and betrayed ? How about people who  have more than their own share of bad luck ? Should they keep going on ? Should they just give up ? Should they still care about their choice ?  Should they just shrug it off ? 

I think no one can give definite answer what is the best choice, what is the right path, what should they do at their cross path in their life. It was a pity that life is not fair. That's why there's saying that no good deed goes unpunished. What makes sense for someone, doesn't mean it make sense for other people. What works for one person, doesn't mean it works for others. So, once again should we follow other people decision despite it might not working for us ? Should we apply other people logic, even though it might not lead to happiness ? Should we follow our motivator ? 

The biggest question is should we care about our own choice despite everything ? Some people will say yes, and some people will say no. Who to say who's right and who's wrong. I think care or not care are meaningless because at the end of the day, we can only do what we believe, regret what we do, and regret what we do not do. Still we should not care about it so much because what we do shape us the way we are for better or worse and there's no turning back. Like people said, the only time we have is now and that's the only thing that matter. 

Have a good day everyone ^^

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