Sunday, November 6, 2016

Book Review : The Term Sheet by Lucas Carlson

Synopsis : 

David Alexander, a young programmer in Portland, Oregon, loathed his job. Computer programming had always come naturally, but being an employee never suited him. So he tried entrepreneurship instead. 

After making a series of embarrassing blunders, David finally hit on a startup idea that stuck: encrypted chat. Sure there were alternatives, but as Edward Snowden has shown us, most of them (willingly or unwillingly) have backdoors for spies and bad guys. 

A new approach made David’s app one of the most secure options out there, which caught the attention of many people, including Shawn Douglas from the Secret Service. 

Shawn Douglas worked with eight different presidents, preventing twenty assassination attempts, forty-three terrorist plots and two bullets. When he was promoted to a desk job overseeing and organizing travel, he picked up on a cryptic email thread that hinted at a threat to the President’s life. 

In a race to unravel the conspiracy, Shawn and David both have to make some difficult decisions. 

Will Shawn stop the terrorists in time? Will David be able to navigate his startup out of a crisis and keep his entrepreneurial dream alive? Or will fate deal them both a crushing hand? Read the book to find out.

Review : 

To be honest I never thought that I will read this book. I mean I never saw it from Goodreads, Amazon, or any ebook deal promotion list. In fact I saw it suddenly from the authors website profile from twitter. I don't know what makes me check the website. I just check the website and subscribe and get this free book. I am really glad that I check it out because it turn out to be one good story.

According to the author, this book was written based on his personal experience and I can see that. Usually I don't pay attention to how many page the book has. But recently I read book with quite some pages. So it was refreshing to read book with fewer pages. I feel sorry for the main characters in this book. David Alexander and Andrew has difficulty regarding money. So, they try their best to get money but as we know life is unfair. The author doesn't sugarcoat their lifes. It is as real as you can get. Despite that the story lack climax that is important for a novel. I mean it feels like the conflict suddenly was forgotten. I like story with fewer pages but it doesn't justify rushed endings. Still I like this story because it was once again refreshing, simple, and honest. I recommend this book for people who want to read simple and refreshing story.

My actual ratings : 3.5 of 5


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