Sunday, November 13, 2016

SIM : Sara Is Missing

Dear All, 

I just played very interesting game which is SIM : Sara Is Missing. This is Android game but I read from the website, it was also planned for IOS devices. But fear not for people not using Android, this game also ready in Windows and Mac computers. So, there's no reason not to play this game because it was FREE but you can always donate them. I mean who don't want to donate for this amazing team who make amazing game. 

So what is SIM - Sara Is Missing Game all about ? This is an interactive game in which you found mobile phone belong to girl name Sara. And her AI (I.R.I.S) ask your help to find her. It looks like she is in dangerous situation. So, to find her, you have to scroll her text messages, video, gallery, email, etc to find clue where Sara is. 

This game win International Mobile Gaming Awards South East Asia in category Jury's Honorable Mention and Best Upcoming Game. And I certainly can see why. This game have many great features, like : 

* Multiple choice will lead to multiple outcome and endings
* Chat with different people at the same time
* Receive phone calls from NPCs and other mysterious callers
* Hidden sub plots and extra information to unlock
* Receive videos and photos from other NPCs
* Simulated mobile phone helper, providing hints
* Utilizing a similar typing mechanic as popular messaging apps

I won't tell my experience because I've got bad ending. Shame on me. Haha. So I cannot really tell whether we can truly find Sara. But maybe I will try to replay it again. One of the best thing about this game is they are using real people because you can see the picture, the video, and listen to their voices. And it was quite intuitive so you won't have any difficulty to understand your instruction. But I have caution that for people who have epilepsy should be very careful with this game because it use "lights". I really recommend this game for everyone because it really that good, even though it was very short.

Updated : It looks like there's no really good ending because at the end .... (you guys have to play to find it yourself)

You can find further information about this game on their website Sara Is Missing


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