Saturday, November 5, 2016

Book Review : Paris Protection by Brian Devore

Synopsis : 

While President Abigail Clarke attends a summit in Paris, an unknown enemy makes a brazen attempt on her life, inflicting horrific losses on her protection detail. Plunged into a battle beyond anything they could have trained for, Secret Service Agents Rebecca Reid and David Stone must find a way to keep the president alive. The attackers have vast resources and would sacrifice everything for a devastating blow against America. The agents must be willing to do no less. 

Review : 

I love this book the moment I read the synopsis especially since I already know Mr Devore writing style via his book The Aspent Account. It just that I can only read this book now via Prime Reading. First I have to tell that I have soft spot for story in which the main chars are federal agents. It feels like you know the story will be non non sense. 

The main chars in this book is Secret Service David Stone and Rebecca Raid. They are Secret Service who tasked with job to protect the President in her summit in Paris. The story doesn't move too fast nor too slow and it was alternating between the main chars and the bad guys. So even though it focus into the main chars, we can still understand the bad guys motivation and background. Usually I rarely give books 5 stars but for this story I give it 5 stars because it delivered its promise about the story. It does not have complex story, in fact it was quite simple about how Secret Service protect the President from terrorist attack in Paris. The simplicity combined with tense conflict and detail narrative make it one of the most engaging thriller story that I read this year. Reading this make me feel like I am also in Paris exploring Paris. 

The characters itself are believeable and not 2 dimensional. In some way you feel sorry for the bad guys despite them being the bad guys. And the ending really kind of predictable and yet unpredictable at the same time. Make you happy and sad at the same time that it ends. It certainly leave good impressions for me. Anyway I really recommend this book for people who want to read thriller with engaging story but also focus into the characters. Cannot wait to read Mr. Devore other books

My ratings : 5 of 5



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