Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Prose : New Place for Poem, Poetry, and Story

Dear All,

It's been sometime since I write interesting website. Now I would like to talk about the prose.

What is the prose ? Maybe some of you can guess what is the prose based on its name. The prose is place (website) for people to share their prose, poem, poetry, story, and idea. Then why not using Wattpad ?! Wattpad is much more famous right ?! Yes, that's true Wattpad is like the father of place to share your story, etc. I love Wattpad. But Wattpad emphasized itself more on story and fan fiction. And The prose emphasized itself more on prose. Nothing wrong with using both of them. But for me personally, I prefer the prose to share my poem and poetry. Besides I also like their writing prompt challenge. It was very simply and easy to use.  

For me myself, I just try to become active in that website lately. Now I try to join for their 2 challenges. The first one is making poem or poetry with theme "We are Broken". The winner get 100$ and the runner up get 1000 coin (I will explain about that later). And the second is making short chapter about Zombie Apocalypse. They try to gain 15.000 entries within 1 month to break the record. When I was there last, within 3 days, there's already 104 entries. If they can break the record, they will make it into the book. Sounds great. 

Besides as place to share your story and idea, they also function as bookstore. They use coin as their payment system. Personally I never see their bookstore because as far as I see, it was free. But I like the prose and their customer service. When I have question for them, they quickly reply to me. And they also very active in social media. I mean they liked and retweet my post. It was not possible for big company. It looks like close and warm community. Hope they will keep their warm culture even after they become big. 

So, for people who like to make poem, poetry, and story. You can join the and share your feeling. Hope to meet you guys there ^^

Link : the prose


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