Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Film Review : Marauders (2016)

Dear All,
Yesterday, I decide to watch the movie tittled Marauders. To be honest I don't know what film this is. I don't even read the synopsis. It was just a momentary decision. So, I watch it without any expectation. Actually I have conflicting feeling about this film. I mean it's not bad. Actually I really really love it. I just don't really like open ending in this film. This film tell story about robbery case involving Hubert National Bank. It looks like this professional robbers targeted Hubert National Bank not just because of money, but also personal vendetta. This case was investigated by FBI chief (I forgot his exact tittle) named Montgomery. He knows that Hubert (owner of Hubert National Bank) is dirty person. But at the same time, he also doesn't want to justify the robbery and killing to catch Hubert. It was very interesting to see the dilemma that befall Montgomery.

Personally, I really enjoy the story. The phase was quick. Nothing to waste. It was crime action thriller and really deliver on that with a little twist right here and there. Actually not really twist because you know that Hubert is dirty person. I cannot tell the story anymore without spoiling it. The acting also very good. You can feel their emotions. Still I think some plots are just unnecessary. The film should focus into what really matters. Instead of elaborating some things more, we have unnecessary scenes. I understand that some people will find it quite difficult to really grasp what's going on if they don't pay attention to the details. The irony is some things lack certain details about who, why, and how. You just have to make it up with your mind to complete the picture.
Anyway, the cast say there's Bruce Willis. But for people who don't really pay attention, will find it difficult at first to find Bruce Willis. I mean some people will keep associating Bruce Willis with good guy when in fact he played as bad guy in this story. And now we get to the ending. The ending itself was not adequated at all. I really mean it. It was an open ending. Some people will feel cheated with this kind of ending. It likes they don't know what to do with the ending. Wonder why the film makers choose to make this ending. It certainly a negative in my mind. But on the positive side, it was not the worst open ending story that I've ever seen. I recommend this story for people who want to watch crime thriller story without any expectation bad or good. It is what it is.  
My ratings : 6 of 10

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