Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Review TV Series: The Fall


Paul Spector is a serial killer who commit to kill several woman with the same method. Detective Stella Gibson is assigned to capture Paul Spector. Gibson hunted each evidences until it is enough to charge Spector. Gibson has to act faster to avoid more victim coming. Rose Stagg gone missing and Gibson has to move quickly to save Rose' live from Spector.

My review: 

As we know, Gillian Anderson is good actress in X-files and she's done well in this series. We really moving with the plot and see Gillian as Stella Gibson, the role just suits her well.
Jamie Dornan also gives the best out of him in this series. If you only know Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, when you see this series, you will see different side of Dornan. He's done really well too. They are pretty good pair in this series. They played like cat and mouse. running and chasing.
I think they attract to each other in a weird way.

I believe in yin and yang symbol, which means the very bad person has a good side too. I see Spector is a good daddy. Even Stella confirmed this at his daughter interview, saying his daughter is protecting her daddy at all cost and teardrop appeared on her cheek. I was crying when I saw Spector hug his daughter saying he won't be home for a while, he means farewell.

I just finish watched Season 2, going to watch season 3 soon. I can say this series is pretty good. It gives curiosity at end of every episode. the plot is smooth and easy to follow. Somehow I can see it is a bit slower. Like if I skip one episode and jump to next episode, I will not missed that much, because the story is about running and chasing. The excellent acts of both Gibson and Spector keeps us going and watching.

My rating: 4/5

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