Sunday, November 6, 2016

Book review: Tangled


Typical bastard guy like Drew Evans finally lay his heart to Kate Brooks. Kate finally break up with her more than 10 years fiancee prior to her attraction to Drew Evans.


The story is pretty simple in my opinion. Drew Evans, the multimillionaire son finally left his bastard playboy life behind and fall in love with Kate Brooks. Tangled is series stories, i just started with book 1# Tangled. The book is written as from Drew POV. This is romantic comedy, the words from this book is funny and makes me keep going to read the book until its finish. Although the ending is pretty predictable. I would say this I am not curious and interest enough to read the sequels series.

Usually the romances that I could not let go easily makes me love the main character of the story. Yet, I don't love Drew Evans or have sympathy for him. I still feel all his gentleman acts just mostly fakes, including his feelings for Kate Brooks. Talking about Kate Brooks, she breaks up with her more than 10 years fiancee just because Drew Evans, this also not so real story that we could get from a fine lady like Kate Brooks. I still thinking that Kate attracted to Drew because of his popularity and his money.

I understand maybe its not easy to write book from a guy POV. Yet, I still expect it would be much better and in a way that we could fell for the main character. Complicated secrets about past time are okay as long it makes us know completely about the main characters and have sympathy for what he is and/or he's been through.

If you are looking for deep romance with lots of dark secrets and feelings, I do not recommend this book. Yet, if you really like simple romantic comedy, this book is for you. The story is simple and Drew Evans is all the simple guy you can asked for.

My rate: 3/5

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