Thursday, October 20, 2016

Book Review : Fuelling The Fire by Rolland Ladley

Dear Guys, 

Now I want to try to put my book review in this blog. I should have done this for a long time. Wonder why I don't do it already. Maybe because I am still not sure whether I can be good book review. Now I want to try to do it. I don't have any experience with reviewing book seriously before. My review may not coincide with your taste or style. Any good feedback was appreciated. 

This is my first book review that I put in this blog. I know about this book from Kindle Scout program from Amazon. I got this book for free via Amazon because this book was chosen by Amazon to be published as part of Kindle Scout winners. 

Disclaimer : I don't have any relationship with the author nor I get any benefit when someone purchase the book via my link. I just want to help the authors. 

Fuelling The Fire by Roland Ladley

Synopsis : 

"Why are so many planes falling from the sky? Why are two ex-CIA agents training terrorists in the Yemeni desert? Why is a religious cult transferring millions of dollars to bank accounts around the world? Are these events connected? If they are, is this the mother of all conspiracies? Can MI6 analyst Sam Green, desperate to establish why her only surviving relative died in the latest plane crash, put aside her grief and make sense of it all? Or is the clock ticking just too quickly even for her?"

Review :

I remember when first I nominate this book on Kindle Scout. I like the cover and synopsis. It have been quite some time before I can read and review this. The story involve many characters.But the focus on the story is Sam Green, troubled analyst from M16. The story have great potential with interesting characters. Unfortunately many characters are only two dimensional despite the story was quite unnecessary long. I find myself bored after read just 20% despite strong opening. Despite that, I forced myself to finish it. There are too many unnecessary narative that I find myself cannot remember who do what. It was not engaging at all and quite anti climax. You cannot find the crisis at all. Somehow you have a feeling that the author tell the story just for sake of telling story. The ending itself is a disappointment. I find I have more questions than before. Some questions were not answered. I feel like "hey I patiently read the story until the end to know why, but it seems the author forgot about it". Despite my disapppointment, I still give this 3 stars because I can see the authors effort to make the story and I believe some will like the author writing style. Overall, it was quite a story but not an engaging one for me.

You can buy it from Amazon or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited. 

Fuelling The Fire by Roland Ladley

My ratings : 3 of 5


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