Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Online Book Club : Professional Reviewer

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Dear Guys,

Now I want to talk about joining online book club that have very original name which is Online Book Club. There are so many online book club. Now what is special with this Online Book Club ?

It is because it was quite big. I mean it have many active participant both authors and readers. Now there's another feature in this forum that I think quite unique which is the ability to request to join review team and download book for free in exchange for honest review. Where did I hear about that before ? Mostly the authors request readers to review their books in exchange for honest review. In essence authors interact with readers directly. But in this forum to avoid authors influencing readers, there's no direct contact between authors and readers. In fact it was prohibited to maintain "honest" and "neutral" review. And if you have accumulated good points, you can also given payment for your reviews. This is a good perk for readers who want to get additional money. Still you cannot do it if you don't love what you are doing ^^

As readers, I love to read many books and review it on Amazon or Goodreads. It was called consumer review. But in this review, you were asked to become professional reviewer in which there are guidelines that you have to adhere in order for your review to be published on the forum. It was not easy especially for first timer "professional reviewer" like me. Still there's always the first time for everything. If you never try it, you will never know ^^

So currently as new member my review score is 0.2 of 100. It was quite pathetic. ha ha. But I intend to change that. You can do that by doing your "task". It was that simple. So for anyone who want to try to become professional reviewer, this is a good opportunity to learn. Why not just trying to post it on the blog yourself. I mean isn't it tempting to do your own professional review without strict guidelines ??? Yes of course you can do that. But in this forum, you were given feedback and you can test your skill. Anyway, cannot wait to review my first book professionally. Hopefully I can do it not too bad. But maybe it will be quite sometime because I have many books that I get for free in exchange for my review. Despite knowing that ARC have bad reputation, I still feel the need to do it because I believe not every authors are lucky enough to get their books reviewed professionally or get Amazon Vine Reviews for whatever reason. So I really want to help them. He He

Have a nice day. See you next time ^^

nb : this is my first time posting on blog using English. Please forgive my incorrect grammar. And I don't mind good feedback ^^

Warm Regards,


  1. Good luck with your first review! I found your site by looking at your sig line on kboards. Good luck with your blog and reading! I understood your post just fine.


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