Sunday, October 29, 2017

Game Review : Lucid9 Inciting Incident

Dear All, 

Now I would like to review another good visual novel. It was called Lucid9 Inciting Incident. Don't ask me why Lucid9. I thought it was explained somewhere in Steam thread discussion but I kind of forget it. Lucid9 Inciting Incident is just part one. It was like common route before you have to choose one of the girls to become your main character romance partner. Currently there's no voice acting but developers (Fallen Snow Studios) are trying to make the voice acting besides creating the continuation. Well let's get on with the story

At first Lucid9 is look like your ordinary high school slice of life story. But don't get fooled. From the prologue, you can see some grotesque murder scenes. Well not graphically of course. But when you see it, you will understand what I mean. The story takes place in Isamu, metropolis fictional town in "Japan". It was revolved around rich students at prestigious boarding school (I am sorry but I forget the school name). The main character is Yama Ishimoto. He is third year and quite "unmotivated and depressed" student. He doesn't really like to study and lack of ambition. Despite that, he has some friends that really care for him. You can say that he is very lucky for people with his nature. Another character is Yahiko Ikari, son of Lemniscate BOD conglomerate group, Misaki Kazehaya, model, Masato, workaholic and smart student, and last but not least Rui Hayata, his childhood friend. Of course, there are other characters but I won't name all of them. You don't want me to spoil the story, do you ?! ^^

Well, for a while, it was quite peace in the school until there are several missing students that turn out to be death. It looks like there are serial killers that targeting the students. Somehow, one day you were asked to assist with the investigation and the story goes on from there. Like I said in the beginning, you should not get fooled with the humor and bright scene. Actually it's gonna become darker and darker from here. But, if you can ignore some violent scenes (not graphic of course), it was very great visual novels. I have to warned though most people don't like the ending. Personally for me, it was quite interesting and twisted. Surprisingly, I find that I care with all characters except the bad guys at the end, especially our character Yama Ishimoto. His monologue is very sad. Maybe I can see some similarity between myself and him. Both of us live an unhappy life for the sake of living. Both of us have lost our innocence. Maybe if we took the other path, things will be different. But of course, there's no maybe in this life. 

Back to the ending, depend on the second part, the game could become more amazing. Of course the writers have to tread carefully with the way it ended in Lucid9 Inciting Incident. Anyway, the music is not really that great but quite good. But the music at the end is very fitting and beautiful. The graphic is quite good too. I can feel the staffs love for this project, especially considering this is free. Anyway, I really recommend this game for visual novel lovers. It was quite refreshing from my other "heavy" visual novel games. It is light but not ordinary. I find that I have special place for this game.

I really like this monologue Simple Words

Rating : 8.5 of 10 stars 


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