Thursday, October 26, 2017

Film review: The Circle (2017)


Mae Holland get the job at The Circle from her friend, Annie. Mae works as Customer experiences. Later Mae feels that The Circle controlling her life and she starts to feel lost of privacy of her life, especially after the death of her best friend, Mercer.


This film is intense, in my opinion. The music in this film makes the film more thriller. Mae is getting a permanent job after perviously work as temp staff. She is happy when her friend Anne get her job as Customer Experiences at The Circle, the big company you ever imagine.

I like the high-tech environment of The Circle. You will be amaze too when you see how big and modern The Circle is. One day Mae attend Tom presentation, SeeChange, which one of The circle product which is uses small camera anywhere to make real time video.

Later Mae go kayaking and be saved by cops who can see her through SeeChange app. At one SeeChange presentation, after capture one prisoner using SeeChange, folks asked her to find Mercer using SeeChange and while they are chasing Mercer, Mercer trapped to car accident which cause his death.

Mae feels remose of his death and she really feels she does not have privacy in her life.

I really can't say I enjoy this film. The acting is good and the music and plot are fine. I recommend this film if you are thriller/sci-fi thriller seekers. This one might suits you.

Rating:  7/10.

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