Saturday, October 7, 2017

Game Review : World End Economica

                                             World End Economica Episode 1 Opening

                                            World End Economica Episode 2 Opening

                                             World End Economica Episode 3 Opening

Dear All,

I am back. Currently I am quite busy with my job so I cannot post review as often as before. But still I hope to post routinely. Now I would like to review this great visual novel games. Maybe from the tittle, you can guess that this game have something to do with economics. You guess right, this game is not your ordinary visual novel game. But in this game, you learn many things about economy and stocks. Stock ? Yes that stocks.

In this game, we play as young immigrant boy from earth nick name Hal. This game take setting in the moon. Many companies and wealthy individuals have move into the moon to improve their life. Well, who don't want to leave crowded earth after all ^^. Well, the truth is moon have their own problems. There are many poor people and the gap between the elite rich and poor are very big. The story is about the journey of our protagonist using stock to improve his life and people close to him and fulfill his dream.

This game is divided on 3 episodes. The timeline is about 8 years with 4 years in between episodes. There aren't voice actings but the graphic, sound, and story make up for it. I really like it. It was quite unpredictable and twisted. You can feel the pain and sorrow of the characters. It was quite slow at the beginning but after that it really going on. I like that they changed the appearance for the characters between episodes. It makes things refreshing. The ending itself is quite sweet (after so many tenses). I really like it even though you may or may not agree with some element in the story. Anyway, I really recommend this game for people who like visual novel games and the economy is a bonus. You don't have to worry that the economy will overwhelm you. It was explained in simple way that easy to be understand.

Rating : 9 of 10 stars



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