Sunday, September 17, 2017

Game Review : Memory's Dogma CODE: 01

Review :

It's been some time since I play this game. I buy this game from Bundle Sekai Project. It's the second game that I play after Fault Milestone Series. I can say that this game doesn't make me fall in love like Fault Milestone Series. They have different theme and style after all. Still it was a good and interesting game in its own way. The story is about memory and supernatural related science fiction. The setting was Japan in the future where you can store the memory and "communicate" with deceased person up to 5 days. Personally, after playing Fault, I can see that the graphic is quite average (not bad) and the sound is nothing memorable. Basically this is great visual novel but nothing unique. But I have to point out though that the voice actor is amazing.

One thing I have to warned is that there are some violent scenes. It's not graphic but ... I find it quite disturbing for my own self. Well I have low tolerance for violent scene after all. The characters are quite bland. I don't know how to express it but I don't really care for them or maybe I am just too tired to care about them after playing amazing Fault series game. The story itself is quite good and unpredictable but a little boring. Maybe some of you guys can guess that this is part one. So it means that the ending is open ending. But I like this kind of ending as long as it's not leave a bad taste.

I recommend this game for people who like to dwell with science fiction story.

Review : 7 of 10 stars


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