Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Game Review : Shadow of Pygmalion

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Dear All, 

I hope you don't get bored with my post. Since I am working from home now, I can play the game while working. What does it mean ??? It means that I can finish my games more quickly this way. Anyway, now I would like to review another game from Propeller. The name is Shadow of Pygmalion. Maybe some of you already know what Pygmalion means. Pygmalion is myth in which sculpture become human. Like Tokyo Babel, this game is very interesting for people who like myth or legend. Anyway unlike Tokyo Babel, this game is Yuri so you have been warned but don't worry it's not graphic. If you can tolerate Fatal Twelve then you can tolerate this one too.

Shadow of Pygmalion is game about doll. Yes you don't read it wrong. It's about doll from the beginning until the end. Of course there are also human in the game. Basically, doll in this world is like God or something like that. They are supposed to be better than human because they are divine. One day, our main protagonist Hajiro Mina stumbled into doll mansion. Unbeknownst to her, her aura resonate with "Eidos" Ruka. She was "forced" to make contract with her to choose the new "God" to rule the world. And then Mina life changed forever. 

Even though Tokyo Babel and Shadow of Pygmalion came from the same developer, it has quite different style and game play. The story itself is quite interesting. If you like Tokyo Babel, I suggest you try this game. For me, I prefer Tokyo Babel for its mystery and deep layer. I am not saying that Shadow of Pygmalion is not deep, it just different. But, I can understand some people will prefer this game because it has its own charm. The structure of the story is quite different too. The story has multiple route and the choice happen near the end, unlike Tokyo Babel where you choose your route in the beginning. 

For the graphic, it is very good. If Tokyo Babel is quite smooth and modern with its graphic, Shadow of Pygmalion is quite artistic and classic. Both are treat for the eyes. The music itself is quite good but nothing outstanding except for the opening and one or two instrumental that I really like. I can see they choose the opening song carefully. Overall, the music is quite average for game with Shadow of Pygmalion calibre. Like Tokyo Babel, Shadow of Pygmalion also use many well known seiyu. Therefore, have no doubt that the voice acting is amazing. No wonder the price is quite expensive but it's worth it. 

Last but not least, the characters, I will be honest, I like characters in Shadow of Pygmalion more than Tokyo Babel. If Tokyo Babel is like one big gun, then Shadow of Pygmalion is like several machine gun. The characters support each other and make its better than if it on its own. Characters that I really like is Yang and Reika. I mean they are more than what I imagined. The others also very good and has its charm. I can relate with them and understand why they did what they did. As much as I like Shadow of Pygmalion, certainly it can be better. Like what I said before, the story is good but unfortunately the ending is quite lacking. It's anti climax. You can say it was predictable. It doesn't help that it lacks "true antagonist". Some questions also were left unanswered. It feels like developer change its mind in the middle of story. 

I recommend this game for people who like Tokyo Babel. It also has yuri and chunige at the same time. An interesting combination I must say. Better than Fatal Twelve yuri combination. 

My rating : 8 of 10 stars


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