Thursday, June 30, 2016


We are victims of life
Like someone being forced to be cupbearer

Some peoples said being rich and wealthy is honorable
Like someone proud of being a cupbearer

Some peoples said living life is easy
Like someone just drink cups as cupbearer

Some peoples said life is very weary
Like Cupbearer who fear about oneself life

Some peoples said you have to sacrifice in your life
Like Cupbearer who works for a king to make his family living

Some peoples said life is full of love
Like Cupbearer who received love from his king

Some peoples said life is dull
Like Cupbearer who bored serving drink

There is nothing wrong about life
Life is what you think and shape
There is always another way to be
Just be a cupbearer that you wanna be
We are supposed to serve in this life, not be served
The thing is what you are gonna serve? serve just water or wine or champagne?


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