Sunday, January 1, 2017

Book Review : R.E.M Effect by JM Lanham

Synopsis : 

It's 2021 and Paul Freeman just landed a job with Asteria Pharmaceuticals, a world leader in revolutionary drug development. Paul knows the company's future is riding on the success of their latest product—a sleeping pill designed to interact with the human genome to deliver the perfect eight-hour sleep cycle.

Just a few blocks from Asteria's Atlanta headquarters, troubled self-help guru Donny Ford is selling a different kind of drug, empowering followers to take control of their lives using a sacred meditation technique skeptics believe may have already taken his mind to a dangerous place.

3,000 miles away, war-hardened journalist Claire Connor sits captive in a top-secret facility hidden deep in the Costa Rican jungle, guilty of two offenses: seeking help for a sleep disorder, and asking too many questions.

When these worlds collide, the three will discover just how far some companies are willing to go to protect the bottom line.

Review : 

I always love science fiction thrillers. So when I find about this book, I know immediately that I will read and review it. Thanks all the authors that enroll their books in Kindle Unlimited. It really helps me satiate my hobbies. 

The R.E.M Effect tell the story about company that making drug that help people to sleep. Unfortunately there are side effects like migraine, headaches, etc. This people then able to develop ability to make dreams into realities. Paul is one of those people even though he doesn't realize it at first. And then you have other characters like Alex, Donny, and Claire. They have their own stories and problems with the side effects. The characters are good. I cannot say they are perfect. It just that I can relate with them. Unfortunately Ryan Tanner fail to act like good antagonist. You expect more from him but he fail to give a good "match" for our own main protagonists. It was quite anti climax. 

Like typical science fiction genre, there's involved a lot disbelieve scenario. But, the beauty of science fiction is you can accept them as long as it was an interesting story. Dream that make reality happen. It was a good premise. I like the story. My problem is there are some questions unanswered. I can see the author try to left hints right here and there. But, some facts are overlapping at best and contradictory at worst. I cannot tell it without spoiling the story. The pace is also quite inconsistent near the end. Certain scenes need to be cut short to make it more the point. Other scenes need more elaborations. I feel the ending was too rushed, as if the author realized it was too long already and need to end it. Anyway, despite all the shortcoming, it was an enjoyable read. I recommend this story for people looking for enjoyable science fiction read. 

Rating : 4 of 5


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