Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Film Review: Why Him?


Ned visit his daughter Stephanie during holiday and he found out Stephanie is in relationship with Laird, a billionaire with crude words every time. Ned find hard to accept Laird as Stephanie' boyfriend. How Laird ensure Stephanie family to accept him as Stephanie future husband, Laird has to work hard to prove it.

My  Review:

The movie is very funny. Bryan Cranston and James Franco is perfect duo for comedy. It works well. Its funny. Bryan Cranston gives expression as overprotective father for Stephanie and James Franco as billionaire boyfriend with lots of crude words.

The movie starts with Ned 55th birthday and he has video camera conversation with his daughter Stephanie and suddenly see Laird inappropriate acts. He starts wondering and asked his colleague advice, and his colleague advise him to go see his daughter and see laird too. When finally he come to visit Stephanie, Stephanie told him that she intents for them to stay at Laird house and there the adventure begins.

Laird liked to prove with tattoos that he loves Stephanie and his family and he has Stephanie family as his tattoo on his back. This shocks Ned. Ned really have negative impression over Laird and can not understand why Stephanie even choose him as boyfriend. Stephanie is a scholar at Stanford and is beautiful too. Ned even more shock when he found Stephanie planned to drop her study and work in Laird' foundation company.

Laird also planned to propose Stephanie. But firstly, he needs Ned permission to do. Eventually when Ned thinks Laird already proposed to his daughter. Yet, he still waiting for Ned' permission and this melts Ned heart. Eventually Stephanie decides to continue her study until graduate before working in Laird foundation company.

This story is entertaining and pretty suitable for holiday or Christmas season. If you really like comedy, this movie is for you. Even Though I feel disturbed when I saw unnecessary violence fight between Laird and his staff, Gusto.

My rating: 3.8/5

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